All times below are in EST.

January 22, 2015

·      A user named thelaw joined Within Hubris.  He created a topic called Arg and mentioned a new website,  Soon afterward, he disappeared.


·      Hubris user Sengi found that the site was registered on the 15th.


·      The site’s only page at the time was an image with text saying, “I’m still waiting.  Let’s play again soon.”  The title read, “It’s been too long.”  The source read, “The sky is falling, the people are crying.  Where is your link now?”  In the background, a reversed, music box version of the Game Over theme from the original Legend of Zelda played.


·      Hubris newcomer Oceanstuck auto-leveled the image and revealed an eyeless, Twilight Princess-like version of Link on top of the text.


January 24, 2015

·      At 8:59, Hubris user GreyouTT played the Oath to Order in order to summon a new hero.  In the Moon Children Arc, this song was the most likely cause of Alex’s disappearance, due to its poor timing affecting its otherwise helpful function.


February 13, 2015

· has changed.  New pages have been added: brings you to a .swf that plays the Oath to Order and the Skull Kid’s laugh.  It then redirects you to, which contains one newspaper clipping, involving a “new spiritual discovery.”  Taking the capital letters from this article, you get “linked.”  Going to brings you to a water-themed page that plays a SSTV signal.


·      When decoded, the signal displays the disturbing BEN image with the text, “Game over.  Continue?


·      One user found the page, which displayed a poem, telling us to “go home.”  Later in the day, the page disappeared, leaving a 404.  However, another SSTV signal played after the 404 happened.


·      The image decoded from this signal re-iterates that we have to “go home,” but also adds that we need to help “him.”  It also tells us that we have “four days.”  Assuming day one started that day, that places the deadline on the 17th, which is the day the Hubris Arc began, and Within Hubris was officially opened.  But, who is “he?”  Where is “home?”


February 15, 2015

·      At approximately 2:50 AM, Hubris user KidPichu discovered a new message on “For more information, see /home.”  This leads to a new page:  It contains a .wav named “brats,” which is the main theme for the Internet Detectives Skype group that is also investigating the site.  However, there is a quiet “no” whispered at the end of the file, which was not present in the original.


·      The page also displays a small image of a baseball diamond, with the player between home base and first, and a path highlighted from home to third in the opposite direction.


February 16, 2015

·      At 3:44 AM, Internet Detective member Jayckup found a text file called “warning.txt” in the baseball diamond image via steganography.  It read, “How can you play a game you haven’t even started?”


·      Looking back toward the beginning, Jayckup then found another text file called “oh.txt” in on the News page, via steganography in the newspaper clipping.  It described the feelings of regret due to joining a cult, and ends in a binary code.  When translated, it says that it was written by a “Doug,” possibly Douglas P.


·      At around 11:00 PM, the main page changed.  Instead of playing the Oath to Order, it’s now a .swf of Deku Link being killed.  Afterward, the word “no” is highlighted on the Game Over screen as the words, “Dawn of the Second Day,” “Dawn of the Third Day,” and “Dawn of the Final Day” cycle through.  After that, the image is corrupted.  It then redirects to a blog:


·      The blog is operated by DandP, and it seems to be a recreation of a blog he maintained previously.  He mentioned considering joining his school’s newspaper staff, and later being introduced to a club, later a new religion, by a friend of his.  The latest post of the day mentioned him having sworn an oath of secrecy.  This sounds like the Moon Children.


·      Via the latest post on his blog, titled “The Truth,” Hubris users began asking questions through comments.  We confirmed he is Douglas P., but he said he didn’t write the article on, though that article is from his high school’s newspaper.  Jacob Anthony (jayckup) asked if he could join this religious organization, and Douglas obliged.  When others asked, they were rejected due to “not living close enough.”


·      One of his own comments was posted, but deleted shortly after.  It is unknown what this comment was. 


February 17, 2015

·      At around 1:40 AM, the blog updated with a new post, titled “Deja Vu.”  DandP mentioned having been taken to an old building he recognizes as a fishery.  An hour later, he posted pictures of it.



·      Through comments on the post with the fishery photos, we found out that Douglas had to hide in order to take the photos, for fear that the group would find out he took them.  This leads us to believe the group is violent.


February 18, 2015

·      At 9:29 PM, Hubris user wickedlady4180 found another page:  The page contains only the word “No.”  No text is hidden in the source.


February 19, 2015

·      At 12:12 AM, a new user named /Patrem\ joined Within Hubris.  He posted in the YSHDT topic, saying, “I heard my children cry.”  Sengi asked him who he was, and at 12:35, he replied with a code: “KZDWQ6K2K5KWOYRSLFTWKVZZGFEUORTZLJJUE5LCGNIWOWKYJVTWKVZZGFEUQTTMLJLTAPI


·      The code, as translated by Sengi, reads, “Three of you are not as you seem.”  Upon looking at his profile, his status reads “Vocatique.”  The only references to this word we can find are Biblical.  In both passages found (Exodus 34:31, Esther 3:12), it seems to translate roughly to “dispatches.”  The passages refer to positions of authority (rulers, governors, lieutenants, king).


·      At 12:59, Patrem posted another code, this time in binary.  Sengi translated it to the Latin phrase, “Ego sum vocantem. Ego sum Vocatique,” which then roughly translates to “I am calling.  I am called.”


·      Immediately afterward, he posted in Within Hubris’ Chatango: “Snc Iamin themidstom tavels... must bi you farewel.  Whenvr here iameting partinisretfolow This text is directly taken from the Happy Mask Salesman’s final quote from Majora’s Mask: “Since I am in the midst of my travels…I must bid you farewell. Shouldn’t you be returning home as well? Whenever there is a meeting, a parting is sure to follow. However, that parting need not last forever… Whether a parting be forever or merely for a short time…that is up to you. With that, please excuse me…”  This quote, combined with the Latin translation of his name, confirms that he is or may be impersonating The Father, the leader of the Moon Children.


·      At 1:14 AM, a new post appeared on Douglas’ blog.  He described how his friend had asked a lot of questions when the “new recruit” was mentioned.  He also said that his friend was not pleased and that they hadn’t talked all day.


·      At 1:30, Patrem replied to the topic again, despite saying goodbye 30 minutes prior.  This time, he responded with another cipher: “1a4(gC-jX>2G5f4A7f1,<AREm/Q6R;Bf/t"E&B=C5XK*;96#)P0JG4o<\H7>9-cH5?:Zq1,“



This cipher translates to, “I came to the fishery, and the fools trapped me inside him. Vincent, return to your slumber now. There is no home for you brats.”


·      The fisher has been mentioned, along with someone named Vincent.  Is Patrem trapped “inside” of somebody?  The word “brats” most likely refers to us.


·      At 1:55, Patrem posted again, this time with another type of cipher. It translates to: “iuuq://wpdbspp.dpn/j/t1g55yaZVNE7 He also enjoyed music. o n   urn d. Now he has ascended.”  The first part is a Ceasarian cipher that translates to the following: “”  The sound file is a reversed song and multiple loud noises.


·      At 2:13 AM, another post by Patrem appeared: “Fqjc bqjuu hxd twxf? Rw cqrb crvn R jv jufjhb jfjtn.”  This translates to, “What shall you know? In this time I am always awake.”  He seems to want to answer our questions.


·      At 2:33, Patrem posted a reply to Marina’s question, “Who is Vincent?”  His answer was a cipher we were unable to solve, but afterward Thorin posted the same cipher with the Lens of Truth accompanying it.  This prompted Patrem to post the solved translation, yet in reverse.  When put in order, it reads, “You have damned that boy and I am far beyond caring for his petty scribblings, I am far beyond him now. Vincent however is someone you already knowknewknownknewknowknewknowknewknow.”


·      After posting the Inverted Song of Time prior to Thorin’s Lens of Truth, Mugen asked if Vincent’s last name is Shaw.  Patrem’s reply was another cipher, which translated to, “Not Shaw; I lielaylayed in another; I am the one who honored her first.”  When the cipher was solved, Mugen then asked another cryptic question, hinting at the effectiveness of the Song of Storms.  He was met with the shifted link to (the page that only says, “No”).


·      At 4:53 AM, Patrem replied to us, saying, “Your tricks are but the humorous wrigglings of an insect. What day do you think it is child? Where has your emit gone?”  The fact that time is typed backwards must mean that he is referring to the Inverted Song of Time played earlier.


·      At 5:22 AM, Patrem posted a reply to Mugen’s question, “What is the name of your host?”  His reply was another ciphered link.  When solved, it leads to  We are unsure what this is, but it’s most certainly reversed.  Afterward, he posted again, saying, “Make your final request, I grow tired of your games and your foolish ways.


·      At 5:48 AM, Patrem posted an image ( with the text, “Some children have drowned, others will burn. I am through giving you my pity.”  Then, at 6:09, he posted another cipher.  This one translated to, “Go back child, go back, and try to wet the ashes; Say hello to your composer for me. I already have been.



·      At 11:19 PM, after a vote was taken on Marina’s idea to post the Song of Storms in hopes that it would “wet the ashes,” Mugen posted it to Within Hubris.  


February 20, 2015

·      At 12:33 AM, Douglas updated his blog.  This time, he said that the cult had told him to take time off and “sort things out.”  He also noted that as soon as they told him, it began raining outside.  This means that the Song of Storms played yesterday took effect.


·      At 12:50, another update happened.  Doug said, “It’s raining too hard.”  This was accompanied by a photo of a flooding room.


·      At 1:07, Thorin posted the Song of Storms again, in hopes that it would stop the rain and spare Douglas.


·      At 1:09, Douglas posted again on his blog.  He said that the rain had stopped, and that he was going to head toward the meeting place at the fishery.  We are thinking it would be a good idea to stop him from going.


·      At 1:17, Douglas confirmed that he was heading out to the meeting place with hopes that it wasn’t as flooded as he worried it was.


·      At 1:18, a user named 31071157 356670 joins the group.  His name translates to “Drown.”  The following is his interaction with us:

o  1:19 - Found you

o  1:20 - Just like me

o  1:24 - Got away from him

o  1:25 - Got away from patrem

o  1:26 - No (in response to Wickedlady’s question, “Are you Vincent?”)

o  1:26 - Couldn’t save him

o  1:27 - Doug

o  1:27 - Like me

o  1:28 - I


·    At 1:29, Drown joined the call.  After a pause, he played the Song of Unhealing, accompanied by sounds of drowning.  He left the call at 1:30.

o 1:33 - Who

o 1:33 - You already know


·    At 1:33, Thorin and John discovered changes on  The .swf on the main page now displays the Inverted Song of Time, then shifts to a picture of a window and sounds of heavy breathing.  If you download the .swf and watch it, for long enough, the word, “NO.” appears.  John then found another page via a cipher in the source of the index page, wfokdou, which lead to  On this page are four images: Deku transformation (named Doug.jpg, clicking redirects to his blog), Goron transformation (named 2.png), Zora transformation (named 3.png), and Patrem’s Within Hubris avatar (named him.bmp, clicking redirects to his WH profile).


·    At 1:47, Patrem posted on Within Hubris, “I can see you boy.”

o 1:47 - Im scared


·    At 1:53, Drown joined the call again.

o 1:54 - Excerpt from jadusable.wmv plays, 3:49 to 4:19.

o 1:56 - Song of Unhealing plays

o 1:59 - Drown whispered, “He’s coming,”  then Happy Mask Salesman’s laugh played.

o 2:00 - Drown whispered, “He’s here,”  then 4:21 to 4:58 of jadusable.wmv played.

o 2:01 - Drown whispered, “He’s smiling.”


·    At 2:01, Drown left the call, then the Skype group.


·    At 2:28, Jayckup received an email.  See 3:20 AM.


·    At 3:13, Thorin posted Epona’s Song on Within Hubris.


·    At 3:20, jayckup told us that he received an email from Douglas’ friend at 2:28.  The email read, “Hello.  This is Doug’s friend, Mason.  He’s allowed me to use his E-Mail to contact you, so that you don’t believe it is spam.  Since we’re thinking that we’re going to have an opening in the future, we would gladly accept you into our group.  But first, you must pass a short series of tests to make sure you would be loyal to our cause.  The first, is the official chant for recruits into our order. Please make a video, or record you reading this: I spit on my mother’s womb for it is filth, Luna shall cradle me with her glory.  I strike down my father for he is weak, our Father shall grant me his might.  I shall know that this family is sacred, a meta tribe of masters.  I will heed the cry, of the children in the night, for I am as they are.  I am, have been, and will be as a god. Though we may be of flesh we shall transcend, into the night, our mothers arms and know the euphoria of flying. The glory of ascension.”


·    At 3:27, Patrem posted on Within Hubris, saying, “Now that I have stabilized myself in this plane I can take a moment to explain.  You think yourselves detectives, and yet you fail time and time again at the most simple of tasks. That child only seeks to mislead you. I have been watching you, you frightened sniveling children. You lack patience and you lack courage. Why should I even begin to help you when you can’t even stay on the path laid plain before you?”  This may have been a response to Epona’s Song, which seems to have had the effect of stabilizing Patrem’s presence in his plane of existence.


·    At 3:48, after Thorin asked what child he was referring to, Patrem replied, “Fool, the one who had you all cowering in fear. Mortals are all the same, cowering idiots. If not for our mutual needs I would waste no time with you ignorant children.”  This is uncharacteristically rude of Patrem, considering how formal he had been previously.


·    At 4:35 AM, Patrem replied to Mugen’s re-iteration of our question as to who he’s referring to.  His response was this: “aHR0cDovL3ZvY2Fyb28uY29tL2kvczFPRXZIUEZtdXZr.”  This translates to, which plays the Song of Healing with the distorted words, “You already know,” and a slow, increasingly loud whisper at the end.  The whisper, when amplified, says, “BEN.”  Drown appears to be BEN.


·    At 6:00 AM, in hopes that it will have an effect, Thorin, CircleHunter and Wickedlady4180 posted images of the Triforces of Courage, Wisdom, and Power, respectively.  This was in response to Patrem’s statement that we lack courage, and are ignorant and weak.


·    At 7:03 AM, Jayckup replied to the email he received with the video requested:


·    At 3:30 PM, Douglas’ blog updated.  He told us that he went out to the meeting place, but it wasn’t flooded like everything else, despite being at a lower altitude.  When he was there, the place was deserted, but he felt like he was being watched, and even claimed to have seen someone watching him for a second.


·         At 3:55 PM, a user named The Man joined the Skype chat.  He confirmed that he was running the ARG, and warned us not to take Drown seriously, as he was just a distraction.  He also made note that we are not to accept just “anyone at face value.”


February 21, 2015

·         At 2:46 AM, The Man joined the Skype chat again.  This time, his reason was that we haven’t done a good job of letting the players that weren’t around for his first lecture know what he said, and we should be more effective in delivering such information.  Secondly, he reiterated his statement about Drown.  Finally, he provided us with confirmation that he is indeed the one running things, that confirmation being a new comment on Douglas’ latest blog post, including the phrase “the sun is shining brightly,” as said moments prior in the chat.  


·      At 9:10 PM, Seeker posted a video on Hubris, of Link taking off the Deku Mask and applying the Stone Mask.  The goal of this video was to hide him from the person that seemed to be watching him at the fishery.


February 22, 2015

·    At 12:28 AM, Doug posted an update on his blog.  Titled “Excommed,” it details how he has been ignored by his friends and family, even when he was right in front of them.  The Stone Mask has actually made him invisible to everybody.


·    At 12:45 AM, Jayckup received another email.  See 6:44 AM.


·    At 1:39 AM, Dawn of a New Day posted a video of Link removing the Stone Mask and applying the Mask of Truth, in response to a comment on his latest post about wanting to know the truth.


·    At 2:06 AM, a new blog post appeared.  It is titled “TRUTH,” and contains a cipher translating to, “AGGREGATING LINKS…TIME LINKS AGGREGATED.  WHAT?”  After being asked about it, the next comment read, “DO NOT WASTE MY TIME, FOR IT IS LIMITED.”  This seems a lot like Patrem.  When asked about the time links, he replied, “YOU DO NOT DESERVE TO BE HANDED INFORMATION. YOU MUST TAKE IT.”  When asked if he was Doug, he posted a cipher.  When asked who summoned him, he replied, “THEY,” multiple times, and emphasizing the letters on the last comment as, “T H E Y.”  When further interrogated by Mugen, who called him a “paternal fledgeling,” he replied with, “YOUR CHANCE FOR INFORMATION HAS COME TO AN END.  .MUIDEM SIHT THGUOHT DECNELIS EB LLAHS UOY ,ECNELOSNI RUOY ROF,” and another cipher.


·    At 2:35 AM, KidPichu noticed another comment on Dawn’s question, “/them.”  With it, she found a new page on YSHDT,  On this page are four photos in a single image called getthenotes.png.  In the photos are Dawn, Wickedlady, John, and CircleHunter.  In the background of the page, rainfall is playing.  In the source of the page, a new cipher was found.  On John’s photo, his face has been blurred, and he is bleeding from the eyes.  In Wickedlady’s, her eyes have been taken.  In Dawn’s, BEN’s Elegy statue is in the corner, but cut out.  In CircleHunter’s, a dark blot to the right was added, which was found to be the Zora Elegy statue’s face.


·    At 2;49 AM, Dawn solved the cipher posted in reply to a question as to whether he was Doug: “I WAS ONCE HE.”  In response to Wickedlady’s question as to whether he was the Father, he replied, “SHIFT YOURSELF.”  Marina decoded the cipher posted as a reply to Mugen as, “I AM NOT THE ONE YOU THINK.”  So maybe he’s not Patrem.


·    At 3:35 AM, Doug posted on his blog that he’s feeling a little better than before, and that his friend has finally replied to him and apologized for ignoring him.  It now seems that our communication with the previous entity are over.  As seen in a reply to ARGdov in the comments of this post, Douglas is unable to see the previous post.  Afterward, when asked by CircleHunter if he had heard from Jayckup, Douglas said that the last he heard, he was still being initiated, and that it had taken longer than usual, noting that a long initiation usually only happens for important members.  After that, he commented that he was going to study his notes and go to bed.




·    At 5:04 AM, Mugen added a video to Hubris.  In the video, Link applies the Postman’s Hat and checks a mailbox.  This was done in hopes that we would be able to get Douglas’ notes, as hinted by the name of the image found on /them.


·    At 6:44 AM, Jayckup told us that he received another email from Douglas’ friend.  Here is what it reads: “We have discussed things, and have decided to allow you to join through three more trials.  The first of which will test your courage.  We ask that you spend as long as possible recording yourself staring into a camera, thinking of your deepest fears. Through your facial expression and eye movements, we will be able to see how courageous you are.


·    At 5:44 PM, Wickedlady sent Patrem a personal message on Within Hubris.  It read, “The detectives suspect you are the First to ascend, is this true?”  At 9:57, he replied, “I predate the forerunner.”  Who is the forerunner?


·    At 10:52 PM, a user named Helper posted an image of scattered mail on Within Hubris.  The Postman’s Hat worked; we literally stole Douglas’ mail.  When inspected closely, it showed that the year is in fact 2009.  The receipt hid a specific date: February 22, 2009; this day, six years in the past.  Also on the receipt are two classes he’s taking: Networking Fundamentals, and English IV.  These could be the classes we need to get the notes for.


·    At 10:56, Douglas updated his blog.  He said that people at his school were constantly whispering about him, probably mocking him for some reason.  After school, his family had begun to show him attention, but he had failed to receive his mail.  In the mail, he said, was something important to him.  We didn’t receive a package, though.  When asked what the package was by Wolfcat, he replied, “It was something religious. I can’t really tell you specifically what it was.”  When asked by CircleHunter if he took a networking fundamentals class and if he could share the notes, he said he wouldn’t mind.


February 23, 2015

·    At 12:26 AM, Douglas posted the notes we requested.  Included in the notes is the definition for “link aggregation,” which was mentioned in the Truth blog post, and he noted that the other members of the “group” were using the term in conjunction with time.  On the left is a ciphered code handwritten by Douglas, which translates a corrupted version of, “Man will be betrayed by its minions and I will be brought down from the sky, consuming everything.”  This was part of the prophecy whispered from Luna to Kelbris.


February 24, 2015 

·         At 6:41 PM, The Man entered the Skype chat.  The transcript is in the Canon Conversations document.


March 3, 2015

·      At 7:00 PM, Doug’s blog was updated.  See 8:05 PM.


·      At 7:21 PM, Mugen was added back into the Skype group.


·      At 8:05 PM, Stevey discovered an update on  The main page’s title had changed to a cipher, translated to, “You must act, for you cannot ‘save’ him,” and the flash had changed to the set of photos from  Deku Link’s photo is highlighted, and a No sign was pasted on it.  Then the Zora Link photo was highlighted, selected, and the File Select screen from Majora’s Mask appeared.  The first file’s name is Douglas.  The second, empty file was selected, and we were given the file select screen, and it faded out.  Afterward, it redirected to the blog, a new post simply says, “Help.”


·      At 9:28 PM, Jayckup found  On it, a new page of “notes” is shown, titled “Findings.”  It reads, “If another timeline is created, outcomes are inevitable, and cannot be changed.  If multiples lines are merged, chaos ensues.  She has told me of this happening.  And it is her will.  They seek to stop her.  To cause this merged chaos.  I was a fool to have my doubts.  And that is why she chose me.”  Afterward, a cipher was posted that translates to, “One of these will be your salvation.  A soul for a soul.  An eye for an eye.  Light for dark.  Circles for squares.  Men for women.  Wolves for cats.”  After that, a continuation of the previous thought, “Time is like a network.  And networks can be hacked.”


·      AT 10:48 PM, on, Joan noticed the word “No” appearing increasingly more as you scroll down the page, as well as a new image on the bottom of the page: “No” multiple times, arranged into a sad face.  Through steganography, it contained a text document, Masks.txt.  It reads, “Your mask is everything.  You wear it when you talk to others.  You wear it during rough times.  And during good times.  You wear it to show what you’d like to be outwardly.  And hide what you are inwardly.  A mask protects your identity. It protects your soul.  It protects you from others, and yourself.  Your mask is everything.  Then…What are you, without your mask?


·      At 11:19 PM, Jayckup found another page,  It is just a red dot.  Perhaps it’s a callback to a the single dot on the newspaper from /news, as it was speculated to be important due to it being the sole object of color in the image.  The page’s title is, “r.”


March 4, 2015

·      At 12:07 AM, Wickedlady4180 posted a video to Hubris.  In it, Deku Link is killed by a Deku Baba, then revived by a Fairy.  This is a response to the .swf on the main page of YSHDT, in which Deku Link is assumed to have been killed.


·      At 12:27 AM, Patrem posted a reply to her video, “Attempting to breathe life into the living?  You amuse me children.”


March 5, 2015

·      At 4:10 PM, Wickedlady posted another response to the .swf.  This one is the file select screen, with the name “Vincent” being entered.


March 6, 2015

·      At 12:30 AM, Wickedlady asked Patrem in a message, “What is our next step?”


·      At 1:30 AM, Patrem replied to Wickedlady, “At this moment my child, all we may do is wait. However I have been watching you all, and I see you enjoy playing games. So to amuse myself while I wait, I would like to play a game with the “detectives”. Should you all succeed I will reward you all for your display of wisdom. Tell the children precisely what I have told you now; What is the song that makes mother cry? Speak it then move to the fourth. Wqafi lps bpv npy dfza wyrraamam; You all have 1 hour, and remember, I am watching.


·      At 2:00 AM, Grey solved the cipher in the middle of Patrem’s message, which translated to, “Speak now for you have succeeded.”  It was solved by shifting the cipher by four (“…move to the fourth”) and using the key “Song of Storms” (“…the song that makes mother cry”).


·      At 2:15 AM, she replied with our answer, “Song of Storms; Speak now for you have succeeded.”  Afterward, she posted the same thing in the forum topic at 2:40


·      At 3:02 AM, Patrem posted a cipher: pbbx://xqkwawvo.kwu/26JN/.  This translated to, which is a very corrupt and distorted voice message from Patrem himself.  Wolfcat and Circle worked on decoding it for a bit, and were able to salvage about half of it.


·      At 3:13 AM, Grey suggested posting a picture of the Bunny Hood, in hopes that it would give us a clearer message.  At 3:31, she posted it along with the text, “With these long ears, we can hear the voices that were unclear to us.”


·      At 3:44 AM, Patrem posted another ciphered link, gsso://, which translated to  This one is a slightly clearer version of the first one, but reversed.  After analyzing it, it was hardly any help.


·      At 11:51 AM, Archery and Helix, using Circle’s latest transcript of the audio file, managed to decode most of the remaining message: “Children, I’ve been asked “Who is Vincent?”  You foolish children have spent quite some time to dive into the matter.  However, I shall now unmask what wisdom you may know in time.  At this time (your time) I do not dwell within him.  However, now, I shall (exist) dwell within him.  After you have _____ the rank of Overseer, the chosen must move forward. Some accident is essential/A ceremonial accident is essential. (A sand shift/section/sanction) They will be having an Ascension.  What the fool said about his soul, and my cruel nature [unintelligible roar, groan]; Understand detectives… You’ll find the FATHER. Vincent, I’m afraid, must now carry on his journey.


March 7, 2015

·      At 11:06 AM, Douglas’ blog updated.  Rather than Doug, however, we are now being contacted by someone else going by the name “M.”  He told us that there isn’t much time, but if we have any questions then we’re free to ask them, noting that even if we don’t, we will meet soon anyway.


·      At 8:28 PM, the blog updated again, this time with the title, “Time.”  It was from the same person as last time, and he told us that Doug had been kidnapped, and that he was in danger.  When asked who he is, he confirmed that he is Mason, the friend who emailed Jayckup.  He told us that the group they’re a part of took him to the fishery, and that he doesn’t know what to do.  When asked about Vincent, he said that he’s never heard of him.


·      At 9:00 PM, Thorin posted the New Wave Bossa Nova to Within Hubris, with hope that we would find someone willing to talk to us.  One minute later, Helper posted, asking, “Do you have need of assistance, adventurer?”


·      When asked how we can help Doug, he asked if he had lost his mail.  When told he went missing, and asked if he could find him, he told us that he may be able to, and that it would take a while to do.  During this conversation, he calls Dawn a demon, noting that Dawn’s goals aren’t the same as ours (where we are trying to save Doug, Dawn is trying to kill him).


·      Back in the comments of the last blog post, Mason says that he’s arrived outside the fishery and is out of view, keeping watch over the place.  At 9:17 PM, he said that he saw someone jog past and heard screams afterward.  Then, he threw a rock to try and distract the guards, but it didn’t work.


·      At 9:35, Helper posted on Within Hubris, “I have fouTd wSLt Pou sMPk.  HO LXLRPO.  VJXjdAPjg2kofpXjhZ91LJowBZgsepXjdJXjg291eJTjBpXvLJIngpYxgKYbCALx.”  This has mostly been solved, and translates to, “I have found what you seek.  [HO LXLRPO].  He is where you imagined he would be, adventurer.”


·      At 9:39, he said that he is not a hero, which is not a good sign.


·      At 9:58, he posted a SSTV signal:  When decoded, the image is the worst one we’ve ever received: the Postman’s Hat lying in a large pool of blood.  When asked if Helper was still alive, his account posted, “That insect has been dealt with.”  Helper has been killed.


·      At 11:08 PM, Wickedlady posted a video of Zora Link removing the Zora Mask and applying the Stone Mask, in order to help Mason stay invisible.


·      At 11:36, Grey posted the Goron Lullaby in order to knock out the cultists around the building.  Neither of these videos did what we intended.


·      At 11:47, Mason posted a picture of the forest he’s in, telling us that he alerted the cult to his presence, and then was chased for a while.  He got away, presumably went home, and then went to sleep.


March 8, 2015

·      At 12:31 AM, Helper’s account posted a video of the File Select screen, entering Mason’s name in the empty slot, selecting it, and then spawning as Zora Link.  The title is 02.


·      At 2:32 AM, Wolfcat posted a video on Hubris.  The video is the famous “mmm, whatcha say?” clip from Imogen Heap’s Hide and Seek, on a ten-hour loop.  It was accompanied by the words, “Thank you for all your help, Helper.  You were too innocent for this world.”


·      Almost immediately, at 2:35 AM, Helper posted a single image, the art from the Yu-Gi-Oh! card Soul Release.  Apparently, Imogen Heap’s voice was enough to allow Helper to contact us once more.


·      At 4:00 AM, Helper joined the Skype chat.  The conversation can be found in the Canon Conversations document.


March 11, 2015

·      At about 4:20 PM, we are given the link to a YouTube video, uploaded by a channel called M, which we assumed was short for “messenger.”  The video, titled S, was 14 seconds long, and showed a night time, first-person view of someone walking down a darkened street.


·      Sometime afterward, another video, titled R, was uploaded.  The video was 46 seconds long, and was a continuation of the first video, which featured the same person running down the street toward a building with a large grassy area. The runner stopped, and off in the distance, a large dark figure could be seen. His eyes began to glow, and the video ended.


·      After much discussion, the Internet Detectives determined that whoever possesses the Postman’s Hat is the “Messenger”, and has direct control over the YouTube channel, as well as the WH account. It was then hypothesized that Mason possessed the Postman’s Hat at that time.

o  From this point forward, Helper’s sole contact with us will be through Skype.


·      At 11:31 PM, thinking that Mason was still asleep from his encounter at the fishery, GreyouTT posted the Sonata of Awakening on WH.  The video’s acceptance was never confirmed.


March 12, 2015

·      At 2:14 AM, in response to R, Stevey posted the Song of Soaring with the message, “FLY YOU FOOL,” in an attempt to get Mason out of the path of the creature with glowing eyes.


March 13, 2015

·      At 5:59 AM, Archery discovered that YSHDT had updated.

o  The /index page featured an image of the Deku Mask, a cipher in the title that read, “Cn’m fihyfs ion byly.” (translated: “It’s lonely out here.”), and an audio loop titled “itshardtobreathe.wav”, which sounded like someone struggling to breathe.


o  The /news page was changed to a photo titled “spire.jpg”, along with an audio file titled “mumble.wav,”


o  The /them page was changed to an image of 8 states (Virginia, Washington, North Carolina, Ohio, Florida, California, and New Jersey), along with the flags of England and Venezuela.


o  The /no page was changed to a creepy photo of a screaming baby head, with missing eyes.  The following cipher was hidden in the source code: Eur srdevgly vd vnecvpleryj yvnxrq eo eur yrtrnqd os Pulnt R, eur zjeuvply Zoon Toqqrdd os Vzzocelyvej. Lppocqvnt eo “Yv-Wv”, ln lnpvrne Puvnrdr moox crpocqvnt pfdeozd lnq prcrzonvrd, eur Puvnrdr Rzarcoc duofyq ossrc dlpcvsvprd eo eur dfn vn dacvnt lnq eur zoon vn lfefzn.  The cipher is an excerpt from the Wikipedia article for the Chinese Mooncake Festival. (translated: “The festival is intricately linked to the legends of Chang E, the mythical Moon Goddess of Immortality. According to “Li-Ji”, an ancient Chinese book recording customs and ceremonies, the Chinese Emperor should offer sacrifices to the sun in spring and the moon in autumn.”)


o  The beloved “red dot” on the page /yes, became WAY bigger and the title was changed to “.”


o  The pages /vincent, /help, and /notes have been deleted.


·      At 2:47pm, WH user Rafal posted two Vocaroo links.


o  A sped-up version of mumble.wav (the audio from /news) can be found at  It revealed a voice saying, “Mason, you are a bane on my existence now.  In the past, you were an ally.  In the future, you are my foe. You’ve done great things for us, and also terrible things. It’s time to hunt you down and finish what I started in 2009.”


o  A sped-up version of itshardtobreathe.wav (the audio from /index) can be found at  It simply revealed clearer breathing.


·      At 4:19 PM,  Grey suggested that there are things hidden in the irises of the Deku Mask’s eyes. Grey then posted the Lens of Truth on WH with the words: “Eye spy with my little eye, something that’s in those eyes.  REVEAL THYSELF.”


·      At 8:07 PM, Helper’s account posted on WH, a clearer image of the Deku Mask’s eyes. Within the left iris is the image of the Gray Man from LSD: Dream Emulator, and in the right iris are the words: “Azure Rebirth,” which refers to an old project from Mugen’s past, which he is not fond of.


·      At 11:16 PM, Thorin posted the New Wave Bossa Nova, with hope that Patrem would talk to us.


·      At 11:59, Mugen posted Epona’s Song, with the same intention.


March 15, 2015

·      At 12:39 AM, Sengi and Oceanstuck simultaneously post videos of themselves entering their own save files, Sengi’s from the original Majora’s Mask, and Ocean’s from the 3D version.


·      At 8:35 PM, Patrem responded to the New Wave Bossa Nova/Epona’s Song combo, “I am in the midst of my work child, what is it that you must call on me in such a place?


o  8:39: Spirkiroid asked, “hey dude can we get a selfie?”


o  8:44: Patrem replied, “Do you think you are worthy of my visage, child?


o  9:40: After persuasion (“amusement”), Patrem said, “You have all amused me greatly. So despite requesting in such a childish manner, I may grant you the privilege of a glimpse at my current form. However, this may take time, as capturing and sending a depiction of it from where I currently dwell is a task of great complexity. Just as the method in which I dwell is that of complexity, and often is the cause of disrepair in electrical devices.  All this aside, is there anything you request at this time children, or shall I return to my work?”


o  9:45: Archery asked, “Why do you keep ignoring my PMs? Am I asking the wrong questions?”


o  9:51: Stevey asked, “On what we believe is Helper’s channel “M” on Youtube.. there was a shadow at the end of his latest video, do you know what it is?”


o  10:03: Patrem replied to both, “Shadow’s come in many forms child. Maybe your primitive eyes misinterpreted unimportant information as something of significance.  Also chide me not should I be sans response of your tedious masked requests, I give each deep observation prior to action.  However those that needn’t require said observation to begin with often do not warrant my attention for I am quite busy and time truly is finite, even for one such as I.”  This is an example of his seeming omnipotence, as Stevey had just said the first two sentences in the Internet Detectives Skype.


o  From 10:07 to 10:13, Patrem is asked how he knew what Stevey said, what’s going on at the Fishery, the plans they have for Doug, and for some defining characteristics about demons.


o  At 10:48, Patrem replied, “I am always watching you brats, for it is unwise to leave children unattended. As for the place of worship, my children are simply attempting to better themselves for the coming times. As for Douglas, I have stated before what shall become of him is unchangeable as I have spoken previously and I have no reason to speak of what is currently happening to him, so I shall not.  I know nothing of these ‘Demons’ of which you speak. Why must you pry me of such foolish imaginings, what next? Shall you beseech me of the monsters beneath the place in which you rest?


o  At 11:35, in response to a suggestion (most likely a joke) to capture Patrem, he responded, “I would be delighted if you would speak more of these grandiose propositions. Please, if you honestly believe you carry knowledge not of my own understanding, do enlightened me. For surely you and your fellow ‘Detectives’ are supremely powerful beings that I should not trifle with.”  He also sent a cipher which decoded to a Vocaroo link,


March 16, 2015

·      At 1:05 AM, Grey attempted to use both the Stone and Gibdo’s Masks to make us invisible to Patrem.


·      At 1:38, Patrem replied to both Grey and Spirk’s request for a selfie: “Do you think you have sort of control over me? Do you even understand the power you attempt to wield? Look upon your foe, and kneel.”  With this message, he sent the “photo” of himself, which turned out very distorted.  His explanation was, “My true intent was to show you the form I currently reside in. However the power radiated from my own presence, and the complexity of delivering such a thing to this place resulted in showing nothing more than my essence, and some scrambled remains. Pity, the sight of my form would have sent you all into quite a bit of turmoil.


·      At 4:20 AM, Patrem said, “I will answer but one final question, I have many things I must attend to and have no time for the incessant babbling of children.


·      At 4:26, Archery asked, “How can we can contact Mason ourselves? If we are unable to, could you kindly put us in contact with him?”


·      At 4:35, Patrem replied, “Mason is a foolish child, there is no need for you to contact him. However I shall tell you that he is currently within his own residence. There is more to know of him, but it shall surely come to you in time, you are not infants and I shan’t spoon feed you. Now I shall depart, as this child shall soon awaken and I still have tasks to address.


March 17, 2015

·      At exactly midnight, the blog updated.  A post from Mason, titled, It’s been a while, said, “Sorry I’ve blown you guys off. I’m really out of it now, especially after I couldn’t even see Doug. This week has been crazy, too. I’ve met some new friends, have been waking up earlier than usual, have been finding myself in places that I’ve never seen before, and finally met a really odd person that claimed to be from the future. It’s been a rough week and a half.”


o  When asked about the person from the future, he said, “He was dressed in all grey. I couldn’t make out what he looked like. He came and wanted to trade me for an item. He wanted a hat I’d found at the fishery for a card. He said the card would be very important in the future for me. I didn’t want the hat anyways; it had blood on it. It’s…not a collectible card. It’s just an 8 of clubs. No, there isn’t anything special about the card that I can tell of. I would give you a picture, but my phone/camera is currently dead'.


o  In response to questions about finding himself in weird places, Mason further explained: “I have no idea. One second I’m walking down the street, the next I’m just by some park’s statue… The statue was just some abstract sculpture. Also, I did say I’ve never seen that place before.”


o  By these answers, we determined that the Postman’s Hat is now in the possession of the “Grey Man” and the Song of Soaring we played is what took him to the statue in the park.



·      At 12:25 AM, KidPichu shared a message she received from Patrem as a bedtime story.  It is as follows: “Yes child, sleep is a very important thing for your kind. So I shall tell you the tail of another who also has trouble sleeping. There once was a child who was quite curious, he was surrounded by children and yet, it was not enough for him. So he sought the company of others. Through trials and tribulations he found sanctuary in their communion, however he lost sight of the other children, his own name and even his self. But his new family loved him very much, so his father decided to give him a name. Vincent, and before he knew it he was a very responsible man. He was to oversee all of the children in his father’s home when his father was away. However one night, father saw that one of his children had become quite grand. This child was to come and see his father so that he might be told the secrets that only father may know. But two terrible children, who must not be spoken of, one flying, one simply screaming, had come and interfered. Luckily the grand child had still done what was needed on that night, but their father was displaced. He was hurt, that children would fuss in such a time of glory. But Vincent was a good boy, he gave his father refuge. But the event was much to bare, and Vincent had forgotten once again who his family truly was. This all kept Vincent awake, always awake, and his father can do no work, if Vincent is always awake and crying as though he is still simply another child. Now you must rest, for sleep is a very important thing for your kind. I may be able to go on without such a time wasting practice, but neither you nor Vincent can.


·      At 10:36 PM, Tylep posted a Vocaroo to Within Hubris, a parody of Patrem’s previous ones:


March 18, 2015

·      At 9:39 PM, Patrem posted, “My time is very limited. I am timeless, but my flesh puppet moves on a most cumbersome schedule.  eqqm://slzxoll.zlj/f/p06I2wXbuVKz.”  The cipher is another Vocaroo, which makes use of Tylep’s parody and adds some of Patrem’s own words:


·         At 11:38, Patrem posted in response to why Tylep’s recording was used: “Something about it felt nostalgic, I then quickly realized it was not I who felt it but my flesh.


March 19, 2015

·         At 12:39am, WH user GreyouTT asks Patrem: “Hey Patrem, what are you children at the fishery preparing for exactly?” /Patrem\ Answers: “They are simply playing now, as children do. I however am the one preparing, so that things may be a bit more favorable in that time.”


·         At 2:19am, WH user Mugen Kagamaru asks Patrem if he will let us speak to Vincent (Now confirmed as Patrem’s host)


·         At 2:26am, /Patrem\ posted: “I can feel him awakening so I may have no choice. However before I depart, I wish to clear up a prior confusion that I found most aggravating. Vincent and Douglas are two separate children, also Ibfda fd @<Z-qASu'i” Vincent has now awoken and for the first time, we have contact with him.


·         This is the whole of his communication with us: “What is this? I’m really confused, I don’t know who you are or what this website is. But the last thing I remember is going to sleep in my room, and now it looks like I am in my local park. I am feeling kinda of weird and my head hurts. Who are you people and do you know anything about this? Why should I tell you my name? What the fuck is going on!? A thing for the moon? Thats a shame, there is no moon in the sky tonight. But I don’t know anything about this group. Do you know why I am sitting here with this page open in my night clothes in the middle of my local park at night? Wait… HOW THE FUCK DO YOU KNOW MY NAME!? I have no idea where my phone is, and the lights in the park were all flickering for a few moments when I woke up. I recall having it in my hand before I fell asleep. I have no idea why I would be in the park but I am about to head home, when I leave the park there will be no wifi until I get back to my house. My father is dead, I don’t have any father figures and I have no idea what the fuck you are talking about. I am gonna go before someone steals my shit. Some little kid just walked up to me, like this young kid and just asked me if the “Purple man” is gone now, crying and shit. Fuck this, fuck everything about this, fuck you guys, fuck whoever the purple man is. I am going home now. Fuck this.”


·         At 7:43pm, WH user Mugen Kagemaru jokingly posted a video of Link putting on Kamaro’s Mask and dancing.


·         At 10:00pm Mason updated the blog, the post is titled “Dancing”, and read: “For some reason I feel like dancing. Really badly. I don’t even know how to dance. – M


·         Immediately afterward, Mason posted a photo of clouds, then a photo of a lightning bolt.


·         At 10:20 WH user Stevey posted the Song of Soaring in an attempt to get Mason out of Danger.


·         At 10:34pm, WH user Wickedlady4180 posted Song of Storms in an attempt to stop the storm.


·         At 10:40pm, Mason updated the blog with a post titled “Lightning”, that read: “That was fuking close. For those of you who are going to ask, no, I didn’t dance. I noticed that the clouds were forming outside, then a bolt appeared close to me. I’m a little worried about this.”


·         At 11:23pm “Helper” posted on WH: “You’ve all been very lucky so far. In all the times your members have rushed in and acted without the consensus of others, you haven’t killed anybody yet. Perhaps this will change tonight

March 21, 2015

·         The new Helper posts a video to the “Messenger” youtube channel titled “E”, the video is another first person view, a camera lies on the ground in a forested area and is picked up by someone. The person’s shadow is seen to be wearing a hooded shirt. The person walks a few feet and the video cuts off.


March 23, 2015

·         Mason updated the blog with a post titled “The Next Step”, it read: “Hey guys.
I just got back. One second, I was in my house, protecting myself from the storm.
The next, I was next to that fucking statue again. This is getting ridiculous though. This time it was in a park far, far off from my house. I’m just glad my parents weren’t home for the weekend. But now, I feel like I want to do something. I need to know what happened to Doug. I have no idea how to go about doing something, though. So I want ideas.
I’ll add that it seems like the members of the…I guess I should call it a cult, now…haven’t noticed that I was the man who spied on them that night. They’re sending me messages, and trying to get to me at school, saying that they’re worried and that I can always come back to them if I’m in trouble. I’m thinking about taking them up on their offer, to see if I can find anything


·         Mason updated the blog with a post titled “Decisions”, it read: “I have decided on what I’m going to do. I’m going to go back to the fishery, and make sure to take my blade with me. I won’t be able to take any pictures, or post at all while I’m there because it might arouse suspicion. I need to figure out if Doug is alright.” 


·         Sometime later Mason updated with a post titled “Okay”, it read: “I’m almost there.
It’s really odd. All of a sudden it started to downpour out of nowhere. I wouldn’t be surprised if my basement started flooding


·         At 11:52pm, WH user GreyouTT posted Song of Storms to stop the rain.


·          At 11:56pm, Helper posted a 10 hour version of SoS, with the words: “NO. I won’t let it stop.


March 25, 2015

·         At 12:12am, WH user Adult_Link posted “New Wave Bossa Nova”.


·         Shortly afterwards, Mason begins a series of updates to the blog (following in order):

o   A post titled “Someone”, which read: “There’s a girl just standing there. I have a bad feeling.” (Presumably, this girl was called by NWBN)

o   A post titled “Rain”, which read: “The rain seemed to stop, which is good. Maybe I’ll dry off a little. The girl said she was sent here through the powers that be, to help me. I don’t know what any of that means. I’m going to ask her more now.”

o   A post titled “Girl”, which read: “Alright. So, she told me a bunch of bs about how songs can create powers, and she came because some song was played that calls an ally. Totally crazy, but I’m hearing her out anyways.
She says that if I go now, “many pitfalls will be laid in place on your journey, but you will also gain amazing allies in the coming battle”. I don’t really understand what she means by battle, but I don’t like the sound of this.
She also told me to tell you guys specifically that you should trust her, and asked if you wanted your fortunes to be told. Should I just walk away? This is kinda surreal


o   A post which was not titled, which read: “She says her name is Rosa. She also said she’s only going to give a simple group fortune, to help us or something.
{Rosa: “You will no longer be able to obtain what you originally sought, moving forward. There will be many troubles ahead. Old villains, new ones, and even your own brethren. You have lost some of your powers through interaction with dangerous items and people. Your most powerful weapon has been rendered useless, and it should be obtained once again. That age-old poem will guide you during a dangerous and fateful choice. Use it well. Do not trust them.”}
''I’m really getting weirded out here. I’m feeling a lot of bad vibes from this. I think I’m just going to go, guys.”


o   A post titled “Rain”, which read: “Damn, it started raining much harder this time. I won’t be able to post at all now. Wish me luck. I told the woman thanks, and to keep me in mind. She said she wouldn’t be able not to.




o   A post which was not titled, which read:



This is fḑ̗͇̲̜̦̈́̂̂ͤ̀̾͑̄ͩ̌͋́ͦ͂̅̚͢ǫ͇͕̙̭̞͍̖̥̘̫̙͇̞̰̯̥͕̭̲͂̎ͧ̊ͧ́̀͢ ̶̧̫̱͉̼̩̣͎̊̆̒̉̌n̢͇̝̥̰̜͍̩̤̝̥̟̪͎͚͒͌͒͋ͩ̍̀ͯ̓̉̓̐͂ͥ̀ͦ̉͡ͅͅͅţ̴̳̲̖͉̣̝͕̜̤͚̝̳͚̭̜̯͚̓ͬ̀ͣͣ̅ͭ̍̉̂̏͘͢͠ͅ.
they dil̛̦̹͙̜̬͍̮̬̹̙̻͚̙̹͈̖̉̓ͪͧͣ̿͋ͪ̍͊ͮ̃͒͒ͫͥ͌͡i͑͂̂ͪ̉̔͛ͨ̃ͭ̊ͦ͆̄̐ͯͥͤ͏̝͉̦̻͕̺̹̲̬̝̼͖̪̱̗̤̞̬̳s̶̷̨̞͍̰̱̭̗̘͖̟͒͒̔͛͂̇͑͡t̸̹͙̮̬̖ͫ́̄̑͂ͤͯ̃̇̅ͥ͢ḛ͇̩̤͔͍͑̈̓͐͐ͤ͌̊̃͂̀̈́͆̚̕͘͟n͐ͧ̒̾͗͂̏͗ͣ̓͘͏̛̮̫̰͇̼̺͙̤̣̖̦̀ ̟̝̮̗̯̞ͪ̃̽̑̔̍̎̉̚͝ẗ̵̢̞̙͖̼̙̘̻͉́̍̔ͭͫ͋͆͌̀͊̈́̀͢o̡͕̮̠̙̫͓̤͓͔͔͎͙͈͈͇͛̓̿̆̆ͥͩͬ́̏ͩ͒̏ͩ͗̐́͟ doug
i dont know if i shoulḣ̩̰̭̳̳̲̹͓͕̩̤̬͉̹̰̊͂̆̈͑͑͞ͅͅi̸̵̛̻̭̙̖͍̫̻͉͓ͦͭ̓̂́̕ͅm̷̢̖̼͉̙͖͇͙̤̯̱̼̻ͯ̓ͦͦ̈́͑ͣͣ trust
im just gonna go home.
h̶̡̩̜͓̲͈̖͒́̊ͤͤ̂̉ͮe̜͚͈͎͇̲̱̩ͧ̋́ͣ̆̔͐͘͠ ̞̟͚̎̂͗ͯͦi̛͙̦͙̩̫͙̝̦ͭ̾͌̒̈ͫͣ̽ṡ̡͔̬̝͕̰͇̞̬̋̎͂͑̾̚ ̶̺̲͈̬̜ͯ̓͌ͬ̑̈́́͠t̟̥̠̟͚͖̭̞ͬ͌r̦͇͋̓͆ͬ̀͂ͯ͠y͙̼̪͎͍͖ͦ̐̅̌͆ͨͩ͋͛͘͞i̶͎͕̠̠̩̦̹̮ͫ̔ͦ̊͐ͤ̋͞ͅṅ̸͔̭̣̐͗̐̽ͧ͡g͙̘̜̼̠̯̦͌̑̈̄͘ ̰̻͉̪͈̜̲ͨ̒ͬ̓̀̀͠ť̤̣̗͆ͧ́͒́ͣ̋̚͜o̳̟ͨͨ̐̌̉̾͗̏́ͅ ̝͔̟̜͖̜̥̣̒̐͜l̴̺̪̪͎̯̭̳͚͛ͧ͊̄̉͐ͦ͋͊͡u̝̬̿ͯ́͛̽̔̔́͡r̳̳̳͙͙͚̲͍ͯ͗̆͐͝ë̖̰͇̹͍͚̦́͊̿̋ͯ̍̐̀ͅ ̲͈̦͔͚͂̒y̧̜͙̬̏̈͠ͅo̡̮ͯ͆͢͠ǘ̗̱͙̪̦̖ͪ͒̅͌̏͑́͜ ̷̠̣̳̫̙ͫ͂̈̑͂̋̚̕a̙̣̘̼ͣ̾̈́͑̽̓͆̋́w̛̯̿͌͑̏̒a̶̜̬̬͉͈̥̫̓ͨ͟y̺͚̙̰̠͌̊̀̍ͪ͋͗͑ͯͅ ̵͔ͪ͗́͆̐f̤̲̿̔̄͊ͯ̚r̢̜͒̆̓̓͌͊̎ͮ̂͢ọ̴͚͍̬̤̭̳̋ͯͨ̋̈ͨ̉̎ͭṃ̨͈͔̭̪̌̌͜ ̡̮̱͉̠̦̫̲̖̩̃͊ͯ̽̃ͮͪm̞̖ͬ̈̕͟é̯̤͎̹̰͚̦̣̃͘



(Corrupted text reads: don’t listen to him he’s trying to lure you away from me.)



·         At 1:46am WH user Mugen Kagemaru posted a video titled “HealingDoug.arg”, it was of link playing the Song of Healing and receiving the Gibdo mask.


·         Soon afterward, a new update was posted on the blog titled “Doug”, which read: “Hello, guys. It’s been a while.
Mason’s off running with his tail between his legs. I need your help.
He’s going to try to convince you I am the bad guy. I’m not. I’m just trying to escape. And I need your help.
Mason is kinda getting in the way of it. He’s luring you guys away from me with his lies and wit. I didn’t even know he was capable of this.
Everything is fine with me, they are keeping me captive and questioning me about you guys, but they haven’t done anything else. It’s been kind of harsh, but I guess they would be that way, huh?

I’ve been told of your powers, and it makes sense, considering all the crazy stuff that’s happened to me while I was in contact with you guys. I need you to send Mason far away, and I need you guys to help me again.
I’m sure you will have time to plan things out.


·         At 7:35pm, WH user Sengi posted a video of Link using the couples mask to stop the fighting at the Mayors office.


March 30, 2015

·         The Man signed on to Skype and informed the Internet Detectives that a Save File must be chosen between Doug or Mason. The Man appointed 3 players (and one proxy) to choose the Save File. Those players were: CircleHunter, Mando, Wolfcat, and Proxy:Oceanstuck.


·         After deliberation by the chosen three, the vote was passed to choose Doug’s save file.


·         At (abt) 11:00pm, The Man signed into Skype to confirm the choice of Doug.


·         Immediately afterward, the new Helper posted a video on the “Messenger” youtube channel titled “N”. The video looks like a continuation of “E”, with the cameraman walking through the woods towards a cellphone tower. The video cuts out and at the end gives us a vocaroo audio file link. The audio file was an SSTV image of the playing card 8 of Hearts, with a Major Arcana Taro Card “The Fool” photoshopped over it.


March 31, 2015

·         At 5:10pm, After some players voiced their dislike of 3 users being chosen to make a decision, the new Helper posted on WH: “Some of you seem to be having trouble trusting your peers. This is a quality unsuitable for this type of mission you’re taking on. Perhaps you should learn to give others a chance, regardless of your personal feelings and contempt. If you fight for too long, your chance will slip by and your new friends could die. And after that painful, friendship-threatening vote, you wouldn’t want that, would you?


·         Taking advantage of new Helper’s presence, WH user Wolfcat used the Mask of Scent with the words: “Someone close by has a certain mask of a friend. It might be right under our noses. Let’s try and sniff it out.” (Wolfcat was referring to the Postman’s Hat, as one of our sidequests is to return the Postman’s Hat to the original Messenger/Helper)

April 4, 2015

·         /Patrem\ posted to WH, for the first time since we spoke to Vincent. His posts were as follows:

o   At 4:29pm, “No mortal can go without rest.” 


o   When asked about Vincent, /Patrem\ responded: “He is a fool, and in his time has become a detriment to my plans. He will now know nothing of what has transpired however. Despite his best efforts to keep archive of what he learned.”


o   When asked about Doug, /Patrem\ responded: “Douglas is of significance and that is all I shall say of him.”


o   When asked about Rosa, /Patrem\ responded: “That foolish girl has damned herself, she and her brother started on the wrong path and never attempted to correct this. Her toungue is that of lies and she is a blind whore. Ask me not of her again for she and her kin are nothing but ignorant fools.”


o   When asked about the future, /Patrem\ responded: “There will be a coming time in which a portal shall be opened. This place was forged by the one they call saint, and is governed by the one I call grand. Named a petty insult directed at the terrible fate of one child and the loss of another. Through here you may encounter many things both of your kind, and from times before man. He will seek the burned one, without his puppet he is only half of his potential. He will seek the link of that time, for it is through his death that he believes he will truly become a god.
He is a grand fool, but he is one of my special children. However, this is not of the task at hand. Worry now for what lies before you.
Now I must go, a ceremony shall soon be at hand, blood must be spilled when mother calls for it. My children eagerly await in the holy building


o   When asked about Mason, /Patrem\ responded: “You foolish children, this affair has nothing to do with Mason.”


April 5, 2015

·         At 2:54am, Thinking Doug was going to be sacrificed, WH user CircleHunter posted a video titled “Jailbreak.wmv”. In the video Link wears Kamaro’s Mask and dances, then plays Song of Soaring, transported to Link’s Kokiri Forrest home (OoT), *Link then plays Song of Storms, Link then plays Sun Song turning it to nighttime.


·         At 2:58am, /Patrem\ responded to CircleHunter’s video, he wrote: “There was no plan to spill the blood of the child douglas on this night. You children ran forth blindly and your efforts were thus wasted.”


·         At 3:03am, CircleHunter responded: “Huh. Well, did anything happen? It’s probably good to hear the consequences now rather than later.” (The Internet Detectives were under the impression that the video was not accepted, and had no effect.)


April 7, 2015

·         At 1:14am, Helper joined the Skype group and said the following:

o   I would like to inform you all of a message given to me. I am no longer a messanger, but I will do such tasks as this if the time calls for it


o   “Tt lmhiw eemic elo” Is what I have been sent to say.


o   There may have been more to the message, but I could not hear under the gurgling noises.


o   I am surprised none of you asked whom the sender was.


o   It is Mason who has sent it.


o   He’ll be dead soon if the weather doesn’t change for the better.


o   It is currently downpouring.


o   Mason is stuck inside a storm drain, if any of you were worried about what situation he is in.


o   It seems like an odd place to hang around.


o   Or…drown in.


o   If the weather does change, I am unsure I would like to be outside when it happens.

(The internet Detectives realize that the SoS played in CircleHunter’s video caused it to rain)

·         At 1:37am, WH user Oceanstuck played the Song of Storms to save Mason.


April 10, 2015

·         At 7:52pm, Jayckup noticed that was down.


·         At 11:13pm, The Man joined the Skype chat. Subjects he touched on:

o   Updates were delayed due to issues with his server.


o   Assuring us that all players are equally important.


o   Gave us a hint to the cipher from Helper on 4/7/15 (Tt lmhiw eemic elo”)


·         At  11:33pm, The Man leaves the Skype chat.


·         At 11:42pm, The Man  enters the Skype chat again, and asks a question: “Yes or No”. Wickedlady4180 answers “No”. The Man Says “ok” and leaves the Skype chat. The encounter lasted 16 seconds.


·         At 11:45pm Helper(2) posts to WH: “I’m rather bored at the moment. How is everyone tonight?”  Several players answer, and try to engage conversation.

April 11, 2015

·         At 12:22am, Helper posted on WH again: “Do you have any leads on that cipher?”


·         At 12:26am, Oceanstuck answered: “keyed rot13, the key is 9 letters without repeats
other than that i got nuthin


·         At 12:52am, After being asked how his plans were coming along, /Patrem\ posted to WH:

My aspirations shall never cease to unfold favorably my child.”


·         At 1:13am, /Patrem\ posted again to WH: “The time has passed, my children performed a humorous ceremony in the holy building. They seem to think mother is impressed by the bleeding of their own blood and their carnal motions.”


·         At 1:56am, After being asked if anyone was harmed during the ceremony, /Patrem\ answered: “If they are weak and foolish enough to choose these actions, father shall leave them to their terrible fates. These foolish neophytes have disgraced mother with their petty bleeding and carnal actions before her. BQS?83\N.0De!3rDf77<Df%.A068gM>‘X1=2Jd2,EW


·         At 2:06am, Sengi posted the decoded cipher from /Patrem\, it was a vocaroo link: , it appeared to be a recording of the ceremony, and a weeping person could be heard.


·         Sometime during 2:06am and 9:46am, was updated. Wickedlady4180 discovered the update as follows:

o   The /index page was changed to an image of a storm drain, along with an audio file titled: “rain.mp3”, and has a cipher hidden in the source code:
gur svany frg bs nhgbabzvp ernpgvbaf va gur 20 – 60 frpbaqf orsber fvaxvat haqrejngre, naq gb gur hagenvarq rlr pna ybbx fvzvyne gb pnyz fnsr orunivbe (Translated: “the final set of autonomic reactions in the 20 – 60 seconds before sinking underwater, and to the untrained eye can look similar to calm safe behavior”) This appears to be an excerpt from the Wikipedia page on Drowning.


o   /help is back, and has the same image of the storm drain as on /index.


o   /news changed to a new article clipping. It has four misplaced capital letters that spell COME. That leads to a new page There is also a cipher in the source code: UTK UL ZNKYK VRGIKY (Translated: “ONE OF THESE PLACES”)


o   /yes still has our beloved red dot, an audio/sound file, and Japanese writing that reads:  警告: 工リアへの長期曝露は、死や病気を引きこす可能性があります。保護の使用は、地域におけるニーズがある。まだ何よりもあなたの将来の安全を覚えてください。(Translated: “WARNING: Long-term exposure to rear of factory may cause death or illness. You must wear protective gear in the area. Please remember more than anything else for your future safety. ”)


o   /COME, features 10 states and three flags. Three of the states are circled, and one of the circled states is shown within a darkened corner. There are hands reaching out from the darkened corner, towards the other states.


April 19th, 2015


·         At 5:51pm Wickedlady4180 posted the New Wave Bossa Nova to the forum with the words: “Damn…. we’re lonely around here!


April 22nd, 2015


·         At 6:59pm, Circle Hunter noticed /Patrem\ on WH. He remained online for many hours.


·         At 10:15pm, Wickedlady4180 posted to WH trying to initiate a conversation with /Patrem. The post said: “Welcome Patrem. Hope you’ve been well.” He did not respond.


·         At 10:30pm, Helper(1) joined the Skype group. Mando called him an asshole, so Helper left.


·         At 10:31pm, Helper(1) joined the Skype group again. His messages were: “Anyways, hello adventurers! I am here to deliver a message. As I have lost my hat, and you heroes clearly are not on top of things, this message has been somewhat delayed, by about fourteen days. As it just so happens, you have not gone down the rabbit hole! Or, more precisely, you guys “Missed something fucking big and apparent.” And that “Someone died because of your fuck up.” Not my words, I tell you! This came straight from your questgiver! I just know that finding out what it is should be priority number one.  Well, good day! Try not to kill anyone else. Murderers.“

·         At 10:37pm, Helper(1) left the Skype group. Some people assumed the person killed was Mason.


·         At 10:42pm, The Man joined the Skype group. His message was: “Just came in to mention that I never said Mason was dead. And I never said I was on hiatus, just that updates would be really slow. Alright, bye! And please tell your friends in the other two chats this information. I do not want them to be left out of the loop” When asked if we could have a hint, he responded: “Yes. The hint is: You already found it.”


·         At 10:44pm, The Man left the Skype group.


April 23rd, 2015


·         At 12:19am, The Sun asked if anyone had solved the SSTV signal that was on /yes. A majority of the players were unaware of any unsolved SSTV signal, leading to much confusion.


·         At 5:59pm, a new user named Yuki solved the SSTV signal. The result, was an image of five numbers: 18203. This led us an undiscovered page: The new page featured a small flash animation on that was a still image of a radio tower. There was an audio file named “thisisgroundcontrol.wav”, it played white noise, and if you listen long enough, a numbers station broadcast begins to play. The numbers read, were: 16 12 5 1 19 5 5 13 20 5 13 20 8 5 3 15 4 5 12 15 15 11 15 14 25 15 21 13 14 15 20 5 16 1 7 5 6 15 18 13 15 13 5 9 14 6 15 13 13 1 20 9 15 14. At the end of the broadcast, there’s audio of a record skipping. The numbers were translated to the following: “Please tell me the code look on your note page for more information.” The title of the new page was: “Please respond soon…”. There was a hidden message in the source code: “…Accessing…Accessing…”


·         For some time there was a debate about which notes held the clues, as we had three sets of notes. The Internet Detectives came to the conclusion that the correct set of notes was most likely the Psychology notes given to us by Doug. However, we never decoded the cipher in those notes, and the Rumkin website had been down for a few days. It seemed as though we were stuck, and could not move forward.


·         At 7:42pm, Jayckup suavely suggested that we should try to find more hidden pages on the website. Then suddenly produced a brand new page:  This new page showed an image named: “pnotes.png” and featured writing that read:

PSYCHOLOGY – Introduced operative, bait was taken.  – Infighting leads to loss of ability to solve puzzles and riddles. – Believes too much that they will understand. – Bent on saving, without a single thought. – Too trusting. DEMONS: - Perceptive and deceptive. – Decide to disclude for unknown reason. They are unneeded. “HEROES”: - On top of other notes, are sort of bumbling. – have good hearts, not heads. – Forget all to easily. While needed, will be a pain.“

In the background of the photo was an image of digitized font that read: “File 3”. The title of the page read: “It’s been too long.” This the same title that was on the very first page of


·         At 7:44pm, Spirk found a new page: This page featured 5 links. They were titled “Files: 1, 2, 3, 5, 6” When looked at in the source code, these files were given ciphered names. File 1: “gur”, File 2:” Vg nssrpgf rirelguvat, ohg vf abg erny.rar”, File 3: “prshde   s_notfheN e ns  CoeserefdeTeZ iJ siucie.rar”,  File 5: “”, File 6: ”linkaggregation.txt”.

o   File 1, is a passcode protected .zip file.

o   File 2&3, are passcode protected .rar files.


  • file 4 does not exist*

o   File 5, was an un-passcode protected .zip file, that lead to a picture of a storm drain called 5.png.

o   File 6, was a .txt page that read over and over: “NO WAY BACK”


·         At 8:13pm Jayckup called Mugen, Morgan. The Internet Detectives laughed about this for 4 hours.


April 24th, 2015

·         At 2:08am, Wolfcat posted in the Skype group that he decoded the cipher for File #2. That cipher was a riddle: “It affects everything, but is not real”. The Answer was “Time”. This passcode opened the File 2.rar, it was a black and white image of a figure with glowing eyes.


·         At 2:15am Spirk decoded the cipher for File#1, it was “COlOR” (the L was not capitalized). After trying every color imaginable, Wolfcat suggests that the password maybe a specific HEX CODE.


·         At 2:29am, Wolfcat finds the HEX CODE that opens the file: “FFFCD6” (this was used as the background to the /psychology page.) This .zip lead to the same image as file #2, but without glowing eyes.

At 5:02am, Yuki solved the infamous and previously unsolvable cipher given to us by Helper “Tt lmhiw eemic elo” it read: “The time will come”.


April 28th, 2015

·         At 5:00am, Mesic used a program to crack the password to File 3. The Password was: ASCENSION. The file opened up to a cropped image of The Ascension of Jesus by Benjamin West


April 30th, 2015

·    At 12:56am, The Man joined the Skype chat. His message was: “Hello,  Sorry it is so late/early for all of you.  I would like to inform you all that this week I haven’t been active because my finals were pushed a week early.  So the lack of updates and replies to any e-mails is not because of a lack of figuring things out.  I hope to push out an update by the end of tomorrow.” The man then left the chat.


·    Noticing that no one was around, or even knew that the man had been on, Wickedlady4180 changed the Skype topic to: “Internet Detectives | Update: 04/30 | We hardcore ignored The Man”


·    At 2:20am, The Man joined the Skype group again and said:  I love the new name.” He then changed the topic himself to: “Internet Detectives | Update: 04/30 | Device incoming” He then left again.


May 3rd, 2015

·    At 2:49am Faut noticed a new Blog entry. In it, Doug writes this message: “I’m sorry it’s been so long. Things have been hectic around here, what with all the planning and such. I also had a really bad headache, but something tells me that pain is going to end soon. Very Soon.”

o When asked about his headache, Doug answered: “It’s just a headache I expect to end.”


o When asked about the cult, Doug answered: “I’m still where I live. Don’t you go to my school? I’m not part of any cult. Stop saying things like that.


o When asked about why he’s been so hectic, Doug answered: “It’s the end of the school year. What do you think?


o When asked about the Moon Children, Doug answered: “I am in constant contact with them now.

·    During this time, /index updated, along with the rest of the known pages on the site.

o /index updated to a .swf of a drain cap, and next to the drain cap is a device with three blinking lights. From left to right, the lights blink in this order: “1 321 321 123 123 1”. In the source code was a hidden message: “WHATDIDYOUDO”. The title of the page changed to “NOSAM” which is Mason spelt backwards.


o /networking new features new files, notably the missing “File 4” as well as 7, 9, 10 & 10.5.  There is no File 8.

§ File 7 is a pass protected .rar named: “Vf guvf zl snpr” Faut solved this cipher (shifted by 7) it reads “Is this my face” the password is “mask” and opens up to an untitled .png image of OoT Link with a crudely placed mask over his face.

§ File 9 is a link that leads to the renewed /come (see below).

§ File 10 leads to another password protected .rar file. The title of the file is: ” Jryyf unq pbafvqrerq gur abgvba bs gvzr geniry orsber”, the password is: “timebomb”. The file opens up to a .jpg image of hand-drawn blueprints for a bomb (or similar). The blueprints contain a cipher “Zrffntrf guebhtu gvzr” The cipher solves to “Messages through time” The title of the image is: “20150503_023757 (2)”

§ File 10.5 leads to an image of a distorted smiley face with the words: “I am watching” also distorted.


o /come has been changed to /COME and features an updated image of the various states, this time the black smog and grown, and the word “him” appears in smoke. The title of the page is named “THIS” and the name of the image is titled “GOT HIM”


o /18203 The same light tower is shown, this time, the three flashing red lights have changed to two flashing red, and one flashing green.


·    At 5:12am Dovid posted the blueprints on to Doug’s blog. The following results happened. The blog’s background image changed, the title was renamed “WHERE DID YOU GET THAT”. Then a new blog post was made, it featured a wall of corrupted text that said over and over “Where did you get that”.

o Dovid responded to the post in the comment section, and answered: “A friend showed it to me, he said you would be able to tell us what it is.”  Doug responded to Dovid’s comment with a vocaroo link: . The audio was of some sort of power tool, either a chainsaw or drill.


o Oceanstuck made a comment on the blog post which was deleted by the blog administrator. Doug then replied to her post by saying: “YOUR LINK WILL BE SEVERED”.


·    At 5:48am, Helper(1) joined the Skype group. He wrote: “What did you do.” To which Oceanstuck answered “We fucked up”. Helper responded: “More than that. Fix it.” He then signed off.


·    At 6:08am, The Man Joined the Skype chat. His messages are as follows: “Your link has been severed. You will no longer be able to use the power of Link. Songs will no longer affect the ARG for the time being.” He then left the chat.


May 4th, 2015

·      Around 12:40am, while The Internet Detectives were trying to guess the password to File 4, wickedlady4180 jokingly said “Wouldn’t it be funny if the password was ascended again?


·      At 12:45am, Mando confirmed the password was indeed “Ascended”. This file opened up to a .txt that simply said “MasonFreed”.


·      At 12:50am, Stevey was added on skype by user “Mason xxxxxxxxx”. He was then sent a message: “Transmission will occur under reasonable circumstances.”


·      At 12:54am another message was sent to Stevey: “Currently, there is a storm affecting the area of JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA. Please remain indoors until the storm rests.”


·      At 12:58am, Mando added mason to the ARG Call Group. The conversation can be found here:


Highlights of the conversation are:

o   Wolfcat: Mason where are you? Are you okay?

o   Mason xxxxxxxxx: “In the future. In o”

o   ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: Query: what year is it?

o   Mason xxxxxxxxx: “2015”

o   Evie: Query: Mason, how can we help you?

o   Mason xxxxxxxxx: “It’s complicated.”

o   Wolfcat: Query: What do you remember before being sent to the future?

o   Mason xxxxxxxxx: “I was never sent here.”

o   Oceanstuck: Query: then what happened?

o   Mason xxxxxxxxx: “I lived.”

o   Evie: Query: We have notes that Doug made, can you use them?

o   Mason xxxxxxxxx: “I have all but T.”

o   Mason xxxxxxxxx: Playing message…

o   Mason xxxxxxxxx: “I will contact you soon. Be ready.”

o   Mason xxxxxxxxx: D.O.S. going into standby.


May 6th, 2015

·  At 10:59pm, Mason joined the ARG Call Group and the following happened:

o   Mason xxxxxxxxx: Possible connection modulation event soon.

o   Mason xxxxxxxxx: Time estimation processing.

o   [Gabriel Leonardo]: .root

o   Mason xxxxxxxxx: Process aborted due to user input.

o   Mugen Kagemaru (K♦): Override

o   [Gabriel Leonardo]: Whoops

o   Mugen Kagemaru (K♦): Continue process

o   Mason xxxxxxxxx: You do not have the required rights.

o   Mason xxxxxxxxx: Powering into sleep mode.

o   Tylep the rotaerc: nigga wait


May 14th, 2015

·  At 9:00pm, The Man joined the ARG Call Group and informed the Internet Detectives that his ARG was over. The transcript of his conversation is below:

o   Hello.

o   I guess I will announce this anyways, even though not many members are on.

o   My arg isn’t going to be finished in the foreseeable future.

o   I have decided to stop updating.

o   I will not announce my reasons why.

o   Because I do not want to point fingers.

o   However.

o   A leading cause of this is the group dynamic.

o   Anyways.

o   I have a more happy announcement.

o   My arg.

o   Was actually just an introduction to a bigger one.

o   Another group has been crafting a story for you all.

o   And hopefully a bigger group than this.

o   I will not announce anything about it other than it is a thing.

o   For it is not my story

o   And it is not my place to mention it.

o   My story is not continuing, sadly.

o   You will not see an end to the Doug and mason story.

o   I am sorry.

o   I have a few more things.

o   First, the site has updated.

o   Second, I have made a sign out video.

o   third, I am announcing who I am.

o   (

o   I am law.

o   I will answer any questions concerning my arg in call

o   (

o   That is my outro video

o   -Dawn is the man

o   -Mason vs Doug arc isn’t finishing

o   -New ARG happening

o   -Follow the hints I gave to you

o   -Sorry about this

o   -ARG not finishing because of personal problems and other things

o   -#fuckthefush


This marks the formal end of the Timeline