Ocean here, doing something other than lurking on Skype for the first time in a while. I was starting to miss all this!

Those of you who have bearing with us during the mass vandalism of a significant number of pages, thanks for being patient. All the affected pages have been reverted and protected. Big thanks to Eevui aka wickedlady for adding protections to the unaffected pages too! None of the pages can be edited by new or unregistered users now, which is unfortunate for those of you newcomers who are genuinely interested, but it'll prevent this from repeating itself and thus avert a bad pain in the ass.

I'm thinking about becoming active in this arg again. I've mostly been lurking for a considerable while but between the influx of new people (many of whom have been bugging me on Youtube for information--seriously, guys, if you're reading this and have been doing that please bug me on tumblr, Skype (I'm not going to post my handle here so I don't get spam, viruses, or contact requests en masse, but pm me if you want it), or even Tvtropes, but not Youtube. Unless it's specifically a JiD-related video, I'm just going to hide your comments) and the fact that I came out of hiding over this is starting to revive my interest. The only question is whether I can balance this against school and roleplaying on Tvtropes. We'll see, I guess.

And for those of you new people who still don't grasp what this is or who the Internet Detectives are for whatever reason, this is an alternate reality game based loosely on another alternate reality game that sprang from the famous Ben Drowned creepypasta. The central plot is about a cult known as the Lunar Children, who worship a deity they call Luna (I am aware that it literally means "moon", yes). Also there are ghosts involved, or something. The Internet Detectives are a group of long-time players of this game who were infiltrated by the GMs of the game during the group's inception and who mostly live in the US. Occasionally our Skype group will have characters showing up to impart information, which we do our best to log for future reference. This site and the ID tumblr are our main stores of information and that is another reason we would appreciate no more raids like that in the future.

Do mind, if you attempt to join, that there's a certain person named Mugen who decided to start his own group by the same name, because he hates us. He's behind on everything and has an unsavory reputation. Don't get tripped up.

Anyway, have fun, and thanks for bearing with us through this last raid. Sorry for any inconvenience caused by it. I'll see you around, if you make a stop by the ID group :::;)

Oceanstuck (talk) 20:32, March 25, 2017 (UTC)

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