Tyler is a former Internet Detective and friend of John, Jayckup, and Kevin. He may have been a member of the Lunar Children, but we cannot be certain at this point. After the event of the Fishery on 11/11/11, Tyler lost his memory and is being watched by the Lunar Children. Any attempts to restore his memory have failed, as his amnesia is being enforced by /Patrem\.


Tyler appears throughout every arc of Johnisdead, though during YSHDT, he was an Arg player, and Internet Detective member.

YSHDT / Doug & Mason Arc

Tyler first appeared in the timeline on 3/17/15, when he posted two audio files making fun of /Patrem\. Kevin, Carla, and Patrem were mentioned in the audio, and is also the birthplace of the Ass Observatory meme of the ID's. the two files can be found here and here.

Patrem later refers to Tyler's audio files by suggesting that they felt familiar to his "flesh" in some way.

Tyler is also the last person to talk with Mason during "The great computer fiasco" on 5/6/15. His words were "Nigga wait."

Dead Arc

Tyler appears in the Dead Arc on 5/16/15, when SKM posts on WH a link to /tyler, we also learn about Tyler's youtube channel Silentdork.

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