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While this page is under construction, you can read
the entire Truth Arc on the original google doc

At the same time, there are some unsolved ciphers in the document.
If you can solve them, it could be very useful to us in the future.

July 3, 2016

  • At 12:00pm, was found to be open. Previously, it had gone through a series of title changes while protected by a login page. These changes included; GoChina, and The Moon Children. The site contained the video, again.wmv. Shortly after, the video was set to private by the original poster, fj6rt missing. The page also contained a post by Nekko that hadn't been seen on the original site. It is as follows;
    • "Nekko (mod) O
      Posted: 9/16/10 @ 1:23am
      Subject: update and guestbook
      Hey guys Chris again, it has been a really really REALLY long day. It just feels like today is never going to end. But my complaning aside I have a few things that need to be addressed. I lost our testimonials (I am so sososososo sorry about that) I just don't know how it happened, but we won't be getting that testimonials page up after all. Its ok though, Luna is something that is best ecperianced personally in my opinion (not trying to make excuses or anything though, still really sorry). Also, I see we are already getting more traffic (yaaaaayyy new friends) And I am aware of the problem with the guestbook, but no I still don't know why it is displaying things 6 years in the future (I know I made that future joke before but wow guys did someone get lost in a time machine here, heh). That being said we are trying to work on it. Oh and be sure if you are in the area to stop by Ifrits place on sunday for the big party"
  • Various changes to pages from the original site are noted.
    • Within the guestbook, a cipher from 'Spencer' is found, and was later removed. The cipher and its solution are as follows;
      • "Qexx M xlsyklx csy aivi syv jvmirh"
      • "Matt I thought you were our friend"
    • Drowned's contact page had its title changed to "g4" and contained the following;
      • "This sheep is blind, its eyes to the one below the blue who's consumed beneath the one through ages. It is flesh sans soul, a once living traitor, a servant and nothing more. The man is smiling."
    • Alex's contact page had its title changed to "g2".
    • Ifrit's contact page contained a cipher. It and its solution are as follows;
      • "Mjcx fkf jg fr rq wyqfct?"
      • "What did he do on sunday?"
    • The 'pressroom' had text within its source ("sheep to the slaughter") that linked to jintod.ogg. Within its source it had text ("Radio them and tell them what is happening to ifrit") that, when removed, gave us this audio file.
    • A cipher was found on Ben's contact page, along with a countdown to the "Fourth Day". The cipher and its partial solution is as follows;
  • A few new pages are found via messing with the search function;, and
    • The 'giant' page contains the words 'YOU SHOULDN'T BE HERE' in bright red, along with a picture of Kelbris. Its title was '1', and later changed to 'g1'. The page had reversed audio of the swamp theme from Majora's Mask playing on it.
    • the 'r' page was completely blank, but had the title 'R'.
  • A hidden message is found in Song_of_Healing_Reversed.ogg.
    • "[03:28:04] .:@rem:. I can't believe he would go that far
      [03:34:36] .:@rem:. Are you still there?
      [03:35:18] .:@David:. yeah sorry, I wonder how Rodney is taking it all, I mean I know they were not related by blood, but fuck thats hard to walk in on, and hard to carry out. Luna help him.
      [03:35:59] .:@rem:. He is young, but he is very strong,I am sure he will be fine.
      [03:36:42] .:@rem:. When told blood must be shed for his rite of passage, he did not hessitate, and he knew exactly of our targets who he wanted to choose.
      [03:37:19] .:@David:. But his own family.. I mean I know it was just his adoptive father but
      [03:38:37] .:@rem:. He was a very unfit parent I can assure you, do I need to backtrack to what he did to BYOU SHOULDNT BE READING THIS"
  • Various emails are sent to Ifrit, Alex, and Duskworld. Ifrit and Alex's emails were found on their respective contact pages, whereas Duskworld's was procured through a conversation with Ifrit. Transcripts can be found here. A response from Alex contained a cipher, as did a response from Duskworld. The ciphers and their (partial, in Alex's case) solutions are as follows.
    • ALEX: "Qmwxeoi hoqiae... xvcmrk xs rsacm sqf ...mdmzgbpqvo omb wcb wn kwvbzwt! U st iuft Tqd zai. U st ugrf ftq sekvd ybq! Ftmzw kag Ymff U my rdqq."
    • ALEX: "Mistake vcewos... trying to fgoqa get(?) ...everything get out of control! I(?) gh(am?) with Her now. I(?) gh iuft the(?) gsyjr mpe! Thank you Matt I am free"
    • DUSKWORLD: "[;rsdr dyp[ oy! O vsm’y ntrsyj! Ogtoy upi kidy ;olr upit gsyjrt! Yjod ody"
    • The cipher, when decrypted, said that DuskWorld couldn’t breathe. A Zora Mask was sent and it was asked if that would help. DW began speaking normally afterwards. Image and Image In the first image, at the second Duskworld reply, the It is capitalized, implying an importance in what is holding Duskworld.
  • Emails Summary (by HauntedMaster): “The big news: Ifrit was largely responsible in the death of Kelbris, and that in 2002 (year that Ben died) he made sure Kelbris' body was "never found again". Kelbris is also related to Ifrit; the consensus is adopted father. Keep in mind Ben is Ifrit's brother, although I can't remember the evidence to that, but people seemed confident in that detail. Other then that, the Moon Children are based in the east coast of USA, and are super open to new members (besides a few exceptions). Ifrit doesn't feel like he's in danger. He does not know where Alex is. Ifrit also gave Duskworld's email. When email was sent to him we received a cipher. His subject was g3. We also had two people warn Ifrit about the party, although phrased them like it was bad feelings and were aside to rest of the message they sent along with the warning. A third sent a message that was straight-forwardly "be careful at the party". This was in hopes that three strangers warning mysteriously will spook him enough to be a bit more careful.
  • At 11:09 PM, Ifrit will be dead or in danger at the party, according to a fixed version of This audio.When the text from the beginning is removed via text editor, then amplified it with an audio editing program, the result is this. This audio is from what is presumably the party in two days.

July 4, 2016

  • At , at the Theory page, Luna Prophecy sub-header changed to "Honesty is the best policy."
  • Speculation abounding about the scrambled “skullkid” in Ifrit’s contact page prior to the cipher. Mugen theorized that Matt will be made a puppet of someone who will attack Alex and Spencer at or after the party, resulting in Alex being “freed” and Spencer possibly being killed.
  • The icon on the site was changed; the new one is titled "Day 2 Bookmark Icon," confirming that day 2 has started. Countdown appeared on Ben's page here . The page reads: "You couldn't change anything... whats makes you think you can this time?", the countdown will end on July 5th at midnight, in any time zone, as the counter is based on local system time. Though thanks to Dusk’s latest email, it is most likely EST time as they are based in New York. In-game, it ends September 19, 2010 at midnight EST, presumably when Kelbris shows up at Matt's party and Matt is theorized to attempt to drown DW.
  • At 10:39 PM, The contact page of BEN has changed its title back to "A Sacrifice.", "Honesty is best policy" reverted back to "Luna Prophecy."
  • Source code on Search contains the text "Do you honestly think you can escape from me?" The description meta tag of "giant" is "D" and the description meta tag of "g2" is "Alex
  • "Moon children" text is replaced with "hopeless." Everything on front page is gone; description meta tag says "who is mr. d?", and this file is in the source code of the Home page after all the posts were deleted. Contains this text. when the text its removed from the .ogg, it becomes the Skull Kid's laugh.
    • Rem's final message contains the cipher: Sda nunnas wiq kapajy i kateuk bmp sda weqtmk sdis kuqs fa qnpait. Deq fmppmwat qml qdijj fa i smmj sm fpelc sda bmup ilt mnal sda cisa. Deq fjmmt qml eq sda qirpebera sm ceva Es bmpk el sdeq paijk. Wdy eq da qkejelc?
    • The puppet was merely a medium for the wisdom that must be spread. His borrowed son shall be a tool to bring the four and open the gate. His blood son is the sacrifice to give It form in this realm. Why is he smiling?
  • Ben's contact date updated, EST was added as blacktext under the timer, It still seems to be based on system time though. This confirms that the countdown is based on EST time.
  • At 7:55 PM, Matt sent this email, then Mugen tried to sent a warning email to Matt but it wasn't sent due to an error. Mugen resent it, Matt’s email responded to Mugen, but it appears the message is from Rosa.
  • Spirkiroid emailed Duskworld asking how to join and where to find them, but was given a cipher: bwqtiej. It translates to "newyork" if you shift every letter to the right of its position on a keyboard.
  • At 9:11 PM, Lizard Leliel asked Duskworld who "It" is or was.