Silentdork is the main YouTube channel used for the Johnisdead ARG. The account was created by Tyler acting as an archive of videos of him and his friends. He now uses the channel like a vlog, documenting the strange happenings in his life. Occasionally, strange forces will upload new videos or edit preexisting ones without his knowledge.


The earliest video on Silentdork was actually uploaded in 2013, three years before Johnisdead began. This video was unlisted until 11/11/17. The next few videos were simple videos Tyler hanging out with his friends John, Kevin, and Jacob. Tyler was forced to upload these videos after SKM destroyed his hard drives. This was a successful attempt to get Tyler online so that players may contact him.

Tyler began uploading more videos surrounding his life and the strange things that had begun happening to him. Players began contacting him in comments and successfully invited him to a large group of players, the Internet Detectives. However, Tyler got angry and upset whenever players tried explaining the situation to him. Whenever players mentioned the Lunar Children or he either didn't believe them or the proof was being censored by Patrem. Tyler became less talkative in comments after this.

Tyler continued to upload videos documenting his strange life for the next few years. Occasionally videos would appear on the channel that Tyler himself did not upload, such as Regiminis (video). Thumbnails, descriptions, and tags would all change without his knowledge as well. Tyler has also stated that he has tried changing his channel icon only for it to change back immediately afterwards. He has little control over his own channel.



Below are channel avatars and banners.


  • 'The weird guy', was canonically taken down after the local police asked Tyler to do so. Ironically, 'going to kevins' was actually flagged and taken down, possibly for graphic content.
  • Silentdork recieved a large boost in views and subscribers after several popular YouTubers such as Jordi Wild and BersGamer investigated the channel.

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