SKM is man from England who once lived in the US. His brother (name unknown) was inducted to the Lunar Children at an early age and is now presumed dead. SKM now seeks revenge on the Father & the cultists.


SKM holds a deep resentment for the Lunar Children and its members. Despite this, SKM remains one of the most jovial characters in the ARG, not afraid to joke around and order pizza during canon conversations. He's not afraid to openly antagonize and taunt the Lunar Children, especially Regiminis and Patrem.

He has some amazing hacking skills, often speaking in 'technobabble', such as calling real life 'meatspace' and calling technology 'drek'. He's also into gaming and music, having a particular interest in an upcoming Cyberpunk game.


Not much is known about SKM's early life. Around 2011, SKM was visiting his family in the USA along with his little brother, who was nine at the time. His brother was an active member of Within Hubris and began talking about a purple man on the site. A month later, he went missing. The only signs of SKM's brother was a camera found in a local park, the images on the camera showing a purple, garbled mess.

Near the beginning of November, 2011, SKM was contacted repeated by an entity claiming to be BEN. SKM ignored it, thinking it to be no one important. On 11/11/11, SKM's computer blew up while he was researching the Moon Children. Through the smoke he was barely able to see the figure of the Link elegy statue from Majora's Mask. He heard some loud screeching before passing out. SKM was awakened by his grandfather. He explained away the explosion as 'faulty wiring', though strangely, his old computer still worked. When he booted it up he found a text file titled 'lostmemory423' that said the following: "you do not realize how much you have helped me, but I shall help you. Father had him taken for the children. Watch 27.718435, -82.429048 they are near there." This led SKM to the fishery, the Lunar Children base of operations.

Drowned, also known as lostmemory423, teamed up with SKM as he took the fight to Patrem. Using espionage and his technical prowess, SKM worked his way into the Lunar Children as an administrator on their website. SKM now had access to more information than ever, though he still wasn't in the core group of the cult.

In May of 2015, he made contact with the players. Conversing with us was a difficult task for him, as Patrem and Regiminis were always interfering. Often times he was forced to put Drowned in danger to keep them away so that we may chat.


SKM spoke to us a few times, giving us some very valuable information. He usually spoke to us through a chatroom hidden on He also made several mod posts on the Lunar Children site under the username 'Liquidsaint'.


Our first contact with SKM. Took place on the Within Hubris forums. He gave us a lot of info, explaining that the 'neophyte' mentioned by Patrem was Regiminis. He confirms that John died on 11/11/11. He tells us that Tyler has lost his memory, while Jacob has gone missing.

SKM: "I can't talk long but I am a friend. This encryption is good but not that good. /tyler"
SKM: "That purple bastard and his "neophyte" regimins can't see what I am saying for now but I have to be fast so you better be taking note. There is a lot going on right now you could not begin to understand, you guys really did it with that time jumping shit (who in the bloody hell gave you control of such dangerous shit?). Those 3 were never there to begin with, have you bothered to listen to the beginning of your "theme". The rabbit hole goes deep my friends. If things go as planned I will be setting up a secure communications point with you all on sometime between the 19th and 20th (yes in 2015 because the purple bastard can never be exact in his reference to time)"
Wolfcat: "Who is this 'neophyte'?"
SKM: "Well you will have to be a bit specific. He has had a handful of neophytes and "grand children". Ha I'm just pissing about. I know you are talking about ol regimipiss. Well all I know about him personally is that he wasn't always called that, regiminis I mean. He was dedicated really strongly to "The path of parallelos" and all the other various teachings of the lunar children. He was ready to die for the purple bastard. Then father vincent over at the fishery compound up and decided the kid was ready for ascension, by decree of the purple bastard himself."
Sengi: "“By those 3... Do you mean John, Tyler and jayckup or Mason, Doug and Vincent?"
SKM: "Tl;dr, the 3 are jayckup, tyler and john.
I can't exactly get to into detail about this but when regiminis hijacked the "portal" as it has been called (the purple bastard is a bit silly with his need to mystify) and called it what he did, it was for a damn petty reason. But it is what it is, john is certainly no longer around and has not been since the accident on 11/11/11.
Tyler is perfectly fine at the moment. However, fuckery from the purple bastard and his children brigade has caused him to forget this whole mess. Worry not, I'll be doing some work soon to make him come out into the open again, just try not to scare the "broskino".
I actually have no intel on this jayckup person other than he was closely associated with tyler and john and vanished some time before the 2011 accident, nor do I have any intel on mason.
Doug is still around, but let us just say that a lot has changed since 2009.
I don't think you ever knew vincent before 2015, but I can't be sure since he wasn't always named vincent either and I have no intel on him before that. But since the 11/11/11 bs he has still been doing the same thing, being blissfully un aware of his role as purple bastard vessel (but a little fun fact I know that no one else does, he can't get the hell out of vincent either, and THAT is bloody hilarious XD )"
SKM: "Times up, I hope you were taking note of this. See you all again soon hopefully."
SKM: "Catch me if you can purple bastard XD"
/Patrem\: "Fool who dares to mock his god, my sight is without limit. While you may have obscured your words, I can sense you. I test you to tread once more in this domain, and I shall show you why those under me would sooner choose to bleed themselves than invoke my wrath."


SKM's first conversation with us on, using the safehaven chatroom. He tells us he never wanted to get involved with the Lunar Children, and has been battling against Patrem for a while now. He also confirms that the Lunar Children and Moon Children are separate entities, explaining a little bit of their past. Drowned keeps Regiminis at bay while we ask questions, though they eventually have to run when Regiminis breaks through.

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<ADULT_LINK>: hello?
<SKM>: About bloody time
<ADULT_LINK>: sorry ._.
<SKM>: Hello there ^^
<Wolf>: Heyy
<SKM>: Glad you could make it
<GreyouTT>: Ey yo what up
<SKM>: Hello hello hello to all XD
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<MugenKagemaru>: Ah, so YOU'RE SKM
<SKM>: That would be me captain edge
<MugenKagemaru>: ...
<MugenKagemaru>: I apologize for not being on hand during your last appearance.
<SKM>: Its fine its fine worry not
<ADULT_LINK>: So uh, whats goin on?
<SKM>: I run on a rather queer schedual
<ADULT_LINK>: Meh, thats fine
<SKM>: Well, a hell of a lot is going on to say the least.
<MugenKagemaru>: Eh, them's the breaks in this line of work
<MugenKagemaru>: Care to share?
<ADULT_LINK>: Ooh i can be green. sweet.
<GreyouTT>: Never heard the term queer used that way before, but whatevs
<SKM>: I have made a bit of progress on getting our old pal Tyler back in action.
<ADULT_LINK>: Oh yay
<MugenKagemaru>: Awright
<MugenKagemaru>: Care to elaborate?
<SKM>: I broke his computer XD
<ADULT_LINK>: :L how and why
<GreyouTT>: That seems...counterproductive
<MugenKagemaru>: And that was necessary because...?
<GreyouTT>: How's he gonna talk to us now?
<SKM>: Domino effect my friends
<ADULT_LINK>: Mugen, i doubt he meant to :L
<SKM>: I have been keeping a very close eye on the ol shazbot, and he has a lot of important drok he doesn't want to lose.
<ADULT_LINK>: drok?
<MugenKagemaru>: Dude, brah, too vague. What happened that made destroying his comp necessary?
<SKM>: drok=things
<ADULT_LINK>: ah, allright
<SKM>: sorry I usually talk with some friends who have a off colour dialect.
<ADULT_LINK>: That's fine. i like it
<MugenKagemaru>: It's cool
<ADULT_LINK>: sounds fun 
<SKM>: He holds no memory of any of you
<SKM>: This is all thanks to the purple bastard
<MugenKagemaru>: Called it
<ADULT_LINK>: Hmm. so we should ease into talking to him again
<MugenKagemaru>: Albeit seconds in advance
<ADULT_LINK>: Don't want to scare the shit out of him
<GreyouTT>: Fuck that, BALLS TO THE WALL
<MugenKagemaru>: No Grey
<ADULT_LINK>: lol pls no
<MugenKagemaru>: We don't want a repeat of Doug
<MugenKagemaru>: Or Vincent
<ADULT_LINK>: doug was a dick tho
<SKM>: Purple bastard knew he would be of an importance
<SKM>: And wanted to keep him docile till he gets drezzed
<GreyouTT>: Doug? Doug went apeshit on his own
<MugenKagemaru>: Of course he did. Clever fuck
<ADULT_LINK>: anyways, i dont want tyler to flip his shit when we all start spamming him with questions
<MugenKagemaru>: Define Drezz plz?
<ADULT_LINK>: if we do that is
<GreyouTT>: Derezzed
<SKM>: killed
<MugenKagemaru>: Heh
<ADULT_LINK>: I like the way you talk
<MugenKagemaru>: BTW we saw your handiwork
<MugenKagemaru>: Nice one
<ADULT_LINK>: what?
<SKM>: Handi work?
<wolfcat22>: Nice hacker skillzzzzz
<MugenKagemaru>: The site
<SKM>: What are you refering to?
<MugenKagemaru>: Lunar Children?
<ADULT_LINK>: moogs yer gonna confuse him jeesus
<SKM>: Oh bloody hell XD
<SKM>: That
<MugenKagemaru>: Yeah
<MugenKagemaru>: We saw that.
<MugenKagemaru>: We approve
<SKM>: I was gonna show you that first
<SKM>: I guess one of those damn moving balls of code got antsy
<MugenKagemaru>: Saves the trouble XD
<ADULT_LINK>: Interesting chat site too
<ADULT_LINK>: i like it
<MugenKagemaru>: It's just Mibbit, Thorin
<ADULT_LINK>: yeah ik
<wolfcat22>: So this regipiss guy
<GreyouTT>: I take it tall dark and purple can't see this?
<SKM>: Ahhh yes the purple bastard XD
<MugenKagemaru>: He'll know soon sadly. Can't trust all of us, I'm sorry to say
<SKM>: Nope he doesn't know about this just yet
<SKM>: And even if he does
<ADULT_LINK>: if he does, fuk'im
<ADULT_LINK>: the sp00k lord aint fucking with me any more
<SKM>: He shant get through my encryption without giving setting off an alarm that will warn me to pack my bloody shit
<ADULT_LINK>: or us rather
<GreyouTT>: Noice
<MugenKagemaru>: ANyway
<MugenKagemaru>: About Regiminis
<SKM>: Right
<SKM>: Him
<SKM>: He is asstrums right hand man atm
<MugenKagemaru>: We figured
<ADULT_LINK>: lol asstrums
<MugenKagemaru>: Later, Thorin
<ADULT_LINK>: what
<MugenKagemaru>: Business before pleasure
<SKM>: any time is good for lels XD
<ADULT_LINK>: ... 
<ADULT_LINK>: whaa?
<wolfcat22>: Hey, what happened on 11/11/11?
<SKM>: Ooooh pleasure
<SKM>: my my my
<MugenKagemaru>: Guys please
<SKM>: >11/11/11
<SKM>: >.>;
<MugenKagemaru>: We can fuck around after the mission
<MugenKagemaru>: But yes please tells us about Nov 11
<GreyouTT>: ( ?o ?? ?o)
<SKM>: Some bloody shit
<SKM>: thats what
<SKM>: To elaborate the best I can
<ADULT_LINK>: bad things?
<MugenKagemaru>: In entirety
<MugenKagemaru>: Hold nothing back
<ADULT_LINK>: dont boss him around
<GreyouTT>: I think they have a cream for that
<MugenKagemaru>: Our efficiency IS determined by how much we know
<SKM>: A ritual was to be performed that day.
<ADULT_LINK>: let the guy type
<ADULT_LINK>: jeesus
<wolfcat22>: Was this big Purple's ticket into Vincent?
<MugenKagemaru>: What ritual, exactly?
<totesnotagamejacker>: lel
<SKM>: Ascension, but not just of anyone. A few years prior to this they had one rather successful go at it.
<totesnotagamejacker>: ur all cacs
<MugenKagemaru>: Chris, AKA Nekko
<totesnotagamejacker>: I am a being
<totesnotagamejacker>: of great pinkness
<MugenKagemaru>: Ignore that one, SKM. You were saying?
<SKM>: I am a being
<SKM>: of great this
--- SKM has banned *!*
*** totesnotagamejacker was kicked by SKM (SKM)
<SKM>: My appologies
<MugenKagemaru>: ... OK, further than necessary but whatever
<MugenKagemaru>: Please do go on
<wolfcat22>: gamejacker got rekt
<SKM>: lels are good but I have little time to piss about now actually ^^;
<MugenKagemaru>: (facepalm) Dammit Thorin don't mess around like that
<SKM>: Appologies friend ^^;
<MugenKagemaru>: It's cool.
<SKM>: bu i am actually now pressed for time
<MugenKagemaru>: Purple bastard knocking?
<SKM>: Potentially 
<MugenKagemaru>: Understood
<MugenKagemaru>: What do you know of a person called "Drown"?
<SKM>: Right
<SKM>: He is a legend that one
<SKM>: I have a bit of a contract with him so to speak
<GreyouTT>: Is his name Ben by chance
<MugenKagemaru>: Even if it was, he no longer recalls, Grey.
<SKM>: Not entirely sure what his name is to be fair.
<SKM>: Aside from some code (oct I think at the moment) that seems to say "Drowned"
<MugenKagemaru>: Is he at least safe? Last we heard, the purple bastard went after him.
SKM>: Me and this boy/creature/ai go way back
<GreyouTT>: AI? 
<MugenKagemaru>: Possibly
<GreyouTT>: It's gotta be Ben then
<wickedlady4180>: 31071157 35667145 310
<SKM>: In my line of work, sentient entity that communicates only through electro drek = ai
<MugenKagemaru>: Don't leap to conclusions Grey
<wolfcat22>: Almost sounds like Mason
<GreyouTT>: Electro Drek?
<wolfcat22>: But we could be guessing all day
<SKM>: Electro drek = electronic shit
<SKM>: Sorry ^^;
<MugenKagemaru>: BTW the Nov 11 Ascension. Whose was it? Chris/Nekko?
<wolfcat22>: Was it not Vincent's?
<MugenKagemaru>: Hang on Wolf let him answer
<GreyouTT>: Nekko? From the original yshdt?
<SKM>: Ah I think he had something to do with the lunar childrens rival group didn't he?
<MugenKagemaru>: Guys
<SKM>: This chris/Nekko man?
<MugenKagemaru>: Nnnnnnooooooo... He was with the purple bastard.
<MugenKagemaru>: The one we weren't able to save
<wolfcat22>: The Moon Children vs The Lunar Children?
<GreyouTT>: Well that blows my mind
<MugenKagemaru>: Anyway
<MugenKagemaru>: If it wasn't Chris, then who was it that was to Ascend on Nov 11?
<SKM>: This grand one purple bastard has been hyping up most recently.
<MugenKagemaru>: Regiminis?
<SKM>: I don't know what he was called before
<SKM>: but yes that is his new name
<MugenKagemaru>: I see
<SKM>: part of some mystical bullshit
<SKM>: they are all buggered honestly
<MugenKagemaru>: Yeah we're familiar. Mostly
<GreyouTT>: So how'd shit get bloody?
<GreyouTT>: Was Regi's body not ready?
<MugenKagemaru>: Probably the decided method of Ascension
<SKM>: >Regi's body not ready
<SKM>: Im fucking screaming man
<SKM>: Good show really
<SKM>: your all legends honestly XD
<wickedlady4180>: SKM, are you a Neophyte?
<MugenKagemaru>: Think that line was referring to Regi
<wolfcat22>: There is always time for memes
<GreyouTT>: Why thank ya
<MugenKagemaru>: Guys stay on task
<MugenKagemaru>: Cripes
<MugenKagemaru>: Also while we have time
<SKM>: >cripes
<GreyouTT>: Link says he's sorry
<MugenKagemaru>: Do you mind elaborating further on what led up to you needing to destroy Tyler's comp
<MugenKagemaru>: And fine
<MugenKagemaru>: I was gonna save it for when we were done with questions
<MugenKagemaru>: But the idiot from earlier was "ADULT_LINK" messing around
<MugenKagemaru>: Wanna unban him?
<SKM>: Ooops
<MugenKagemaru>: It's fine
<MugenKagemaru>: He deserved it TVH
<MugenKagemaru>: TBH*
<MugenKagemaru>: Ohai Ocean
<Oceanstuck>: im here
<Oceanstuck>: hi
<MugenKagemaru>: >Tyler's comp
<Oceanstuck>: thorin wants to be unbanned could you do that mod
<wolfcat22>: did patrem eat him
<SKM>: something has gone a bit fucky atm and I have no time to guess if it is patrem or just my own fault
<MugenKagemaru>: One at a time folks
<SKM>: just send him the logs later
<MugenKagemaru>: We will
<MugenKagemaru>: You can unban him on your way out
<SKM>: >patrem
<SKM>: I mean dicktrum
<Oceanstuck>: ok so we apparently have a log of this chat
<Oceanstuck>: good
<GreyouTT>: Mugen just an fyi when someone's name is red in the user list it means they're typing
<MugenKagemaru>: We know
<GreyouTT>: It seemed like you were getting a bit impatient
<SKM>: What other questions did we have?
<MugenKagemaru>: Tyler's comp
<MugenKagemaru>: What led up to you needing to destroy it?
<SKM>: I only drezzed his hard drives
<SKM>: So that he would not have anywhere to put these videos I saw him talking about
<SKM>: Aside from online
<Oceanstuck>: the satan ones?
<GreyouTT>: videos?
<MugenKagemaru>: Ocean
<MugenKagemaru>: No
<MugenKagemaru>: Bad Ocean
<MugenKagemaru>: SKM: Care to elaborate on the videos?
<SKM>: Oh yes I saw he had some hilarious satan related stuff on his computer
<SKM>: As well as MAX HEADROOM
<Oceanstuck>: called it
<MugenKagemaru>: Someone write that down
<wolfcat22>: I've got it all written down
<MugenKagemaru>: OK so what was so bad about the videos?
<GreyouTT>: no don't write that down
<GreyouTT>: I think that might be a porn video
<Oceanstuck>: well i kinda need the log for the dropbox
<SKM>: Nothing bad about them to my current understanding
<Oceanstuck>: not right now but later
<SKM>: They are just very important to the bloke
<MugenKagemaru>: In what way?
<GreyouTT>: Well Mugen, when a man needs porn
<SKM>: they are all he has left of his friends out in meat space before they went perma afk.
<SKM>: Meat space = irl
<MugenKagemaru>: Makes sense.
<wolfcat22>: You said he was gonna post them online. Do you know if he's done that yet?
<SKM>: not quite yet
<MugenKagemaru>: YouTube?
<SKM>: But he should be doing it soon
<wolfcat22>: Or Pornhub
<MugenKagemaru>: Guys
<MugenKagemaru>: On task
<wickedlady4180>: i wanna know the difference between the moon children, and the lunar children. And of which is Patrem the father of?
<kidpichu>: ^-^ 
<SKM>: "This damn drive is on its least leg, I don't know if I have a virus or a fucking curse but I have no where else to put these videos of john, jacob and kevin."
<SKM>: yep going on youtube soon
<MugenKagemaru>: ... Kevin
<MugenKagemaru>: Oh
<MugenKagemaru>: What channel, so we can have an eye on it?
<wickedlady4180>: did kevin like music? like john?
<SKM>: I like music
<SKM>: who the bloody hell doesnt?
<MugenKagemaru>: ...
<MugenKagemaru>: Are YOU Kevin?
<kidpichu>: I can subscribe
<SKM>: No XD
<GreyouTT>: Mugen he was making a oint
<GreyouTT>: *point
<MugenKagemaru>: Yeah but the context
<Oceanstuck>: heheh
<SKM>: I would tell you my name
<MugenKagemaru>: Not wise
<MugenKagemaru>: Not with a certain someone here
<SKM>: But anonymity is golden in my line of work.
<Oceanstuck>: if this hasnt been asked then whats skm short for? (if it has then ignore me)
<SKM>: ^ right
<MugenKagemaru>: No it's just one of us might report it to the purple bastard
<MugenKagemaru>: And we can't have that
<wolfcat22>:  come on mugen
<SKM>: She
<Oceanstuck>: *eyes eve*
<SKM>: killed
<SKM>: me
<SKM>: lol
<SKM>: Suck
<SKM>: kok
<SKM>: mane
<SKM>: whatever you want it to stand for
<MugenKagemaru>: Spencer
<MugenKagemaru>: Kevin
<MugenKagemaru>: Matt
<Oceanstuck>: suk kok megun
<Oceanstuck>: *shot*
<MugenKagemaru>: Ocnea
<wolfcat22>: Sick Kong Memes
<kidpichu>: everything we name disappears XD 
<MugenKagemaru>: Guys
<MugenKagemaru>: Focus
<MugenKagemaru>: Let's see...
<GreyouTT>: Can we call you Zeke Strahm then?
<GreyouTT>: just so we can cal you something other than letters?
<GreyouTT>: *call
<MugenKagemaru>: Oh, what YouTube Channel are the videos going to be on? We'd like to be able to watch for them.
<Oceanstuck>: im trying to pronounce it as if it were a word and it sounds like "skoom" or smth
<Oceanstuck>: therefore i elect we call him skoom
<SKM>: Amongst my friends I am sometimes called MAX
<GreyouTT>: Alright, Max then
<MugenKagemaru>: Max Hedrum
<MugenKagemaru>: A good a name as any
<SKM>: But thats just because of my social engineering signature
<SKM>: I LOVE that guy
<SKM>: He is a legend to be fair.
<Oceanstuck>: im still using skoom
<Oceanstuck>: also
<Oceanstuck>: thorin wants me to deliver a message
<MugenKagemaru>: A pleasure for the proper introduction, Max.
<MugenKagemaru>: Kaizell, Seeker Of Wisdom, at your service.
<Oceanstuck>: he thinks skm stands for "some kewl mothafucka"
<wolfcat22>: Mugen, stay on focus
<kidpichu>: mugi come back
<MugenKagemaru>: I ain't goin' nowhere, Pichu
<MugenKagemaru>: But yeah let's get back to work
<wolfcat22>: Oh yeah, MadMax do we got a youtube channel to look for?
<GreyouTT>: Kaizell wut
<MugenKagemaru>: ^
<MugenKagemaru>: So we can watch for the videos?
<SKM>: Ah yes my appologies
<Oceanstuck>: *subscribes*
<SKM>: Dealing with something a bit nasty atm
<MugenKagemaru>: Purple bastard?
<wickedlady4180>: Fucking stop calling him that.
<MugenKagemaru>: (subscribes)
<MugenKagemaru>: No
<MugenKagemaru>: It's what he is.
<MugenKagemaru>: Fuck what you think
<wickedlady4180>: fuck you
<SKM>: DO you understand who you sympathize with when you suck up to this creature?
<MugenKagemaru>: And yes, Max, the Wicked Lady is our snitch to him, sadly
<Oceanstuck>: she WUVS him
<wolfcat22>: She's not a snitch
<Oceanstuck>: ???
<MugenKagemaru>: Understatement of the year there Ocean
<SKM>: My apologies really if you have some connection with him
<SKM>: but I have been fighting him since around 2011
<MugenKagemaru>: Got you beat by a year but so have some others at a certain forum
<Oceanstuck>: i couldnt think of anyway to _not_ make it an understatement
<Oceanstuck>: fuck underscore italics dont work
<kidpichu>: bad/evil/ weird can be loved too e-e" 
<MugenKagemaru>: True
<MugenKagemaru>: The term "Draco In Leather Pants" comes to mind
<SKM>: But he is buggered at the moment
<SKM>: I am not worried about him
<MugenKagemaru>: But there is one last question on the list for now
<wolfcat22>: Max, what's with the Path of Paralellos or whatever?
<Oceanstuck>: also if purple bastard ever goes down i vote megun be her next option
<SKM>: Our numbers friend handled him for me.
<MugenKagemaru>: And that was not it
<Oceanstuck>: but thats beside the point
<MugenKagemaru>: He seemed pretty scared of him. What gathered his nerve?
<wickedlady4180>: hes never done anything to warrant being called evil, hes helped un on our path
<Oceanstuck>: yeah sure i guess
<MugenKagemaru>: When it suited him yes
<MugenKagemaru>: Now we're done with him
<Oceanstuck>: *slooooooooow shruuuuug*
<SKM>: Being a "God" sure seems to have fucked him morality though.
<SKM>: Not to mention his history with me
<MugenKagemaru>: He was like that even when we worked with him
<SKM>: He has always been on my bloody shit list
<MugenKagemaru>: You can elaborate on that next
<Oceanstuck>: hes a huge coc
<SKM>: and for damn good reasons
<wickedlady4180>: we dont know anything about you
<MugenKagemaru>: This question still needs answering
<SKM>: but thats not important right now
<MugenKagemaru>: " i wanna know the difference between the moon children, and the lunar children. And of which is Patrem the father of?"
<MugenKagemaru>: From the Wicked Lady earlier
<SKM>: Becuase a certain piss pot is breathing down my neck at the moment
<SKM>: I can't say to much
<SKM>: But a long time ago
<SKM>: I believe it was some time in the 80's
SKM>: There was a split in the initial group known as moon children
<MugenKagemaru>: Another one... Hmm...
<SKM>: They started off as some hippy dippy new thought new age group
<SKM>: but got slowly more and more fucked
<SKM>: when the split happened it was even worse to my understanding
<MugenKagemaru>: Let him finish Grey
<GreyouTT>: I take it the Lunar Children are the worse half that split off
<SKM>: "Followers of the true path, the true honor of her grace, Luna." Was there schtick at start.
<wickedlady4180>: and i take it, patrem lead that?
<MugenKagemaru>: And that was the Lunar Children
<SKM>: Yes and yes
<MugenKagemaru>: Three factions, four if we count that... Hmm...
<Oceanstuck>: i counted two
<GreyouTT>: whoa what where are you pulling all these factions from
<wickedlady4180>: seeing that hes a very old being, id venture to say he was one if the first to follow luna
<MugenKagemaru>: One of the first to lead the schism
<MugenKagemaru>: This one anyway...
<wolfcat22>: Was pisstrem always a god or was he just some dude who got super ascended or something.
<MugenKagemaru>: ib4 neither 
<MugenKagemaru>: inb4*
<wolfcat22>: Like a super saiyan
<SKM>: Hold on a moment
<SKM>: I didn't want to have to do this
<MugenKagemaru>: For the record, we are NOT very lucky. 
<SKM>: Hey kid
<MugenKagemaru>: Kid?
<SKM>: Could you come in here for a moment?
<Oceanstuck>: who be the kid tho
<MugenKagemaru>: Uhh... who's the kid?
<kidpichu>: new person?
<MugenKagemaru>: You asking for Pichu, Max?
<Oceanstuck>: oh yeah that makes sense
<SKM>: Damn laggy when I need him the most DX
<MugenKagemaru>: Wait who are you contacting?
<SKM>: AH bout bloody time
<Oceanstuck>: who dis
<SKM>: I am terribly sorry about this ^^;
<MugenKagemaru>: Purple bastard on your ass?
<kidpichu>: it's a trap? 
<MugenKagemaru>: ?
<MugenKagemaru>: What, Pichu?
<SKM>: But the mean man from before
<SKM>: the red one
<MugenKagemaru>: Whoa, red person? What?
<MugenKagemaru>: Ah! It's him!
<SKM>: He is bullying me again ^^;
<MugenKagemaru>: That one is here. Good. You're safe.
<GreyouTT>: Drown?
<MugenKagemaru>: That's him
<IRZG653OMVSA>:  01001000 01000101 00100000 01010111 01001001 01001100 01001100 00100000 01001000 01010101 01010010 01010100 00100000 01001101 01000101  (HE WILL HURT ME)
<Oceanstuck>: "HE WILL HURT ME"
<SKM>: I know and I am sorry DX
<MugenKagemaru>: We'll protect you
<GreyouTT>: Who? Patrem?
<MugenKagemaru>: Yes Grey
<SKM>: But he seems to be much more attracted to you than me.
<GreyouTT>: Quick! Hide in a Majora's Mask cartridge!
<Oceanstuck>: last time we tried to protect someone we fucked it up majestically
<SKM>: Might have something to do with you both being the same damn thing, whatever the hell that means.
<MugenKagemaru>: Grey
<Oceanstuck>: sooooo
<MugenKagemaru>: stahp
<GreyouTT>: The same thing?
<MugenKagemaru>: Care to elaborate on that, Max?
<SKM>: I explain later
<SKM>: Kid
<SKM>: I need you to do your thing
<SKM>: just one more time
<SKM>: I promise I will try to make sure this is not a reacuring issue
<IRZG653OMVSA>:  01001001 00100000 01110111 01101001 01101100 01101100 00100000 01110100 01110010 01111001 (I will try)
<Oceanstuck>: "I will try"
<SKM>: Your a legend to be fair XD
<MugenKagemaru>: Agreed
<SKM>: Thanks for this
<SKM>: and all the times you have saved my skin.
<MugenKagemaru>: And to be fair we're sorry we ignored you earlier. We didn't know what was going on there.
<SKM>: He has bought us some time ^^
<wickedlady4180>: what exactly is "his thing"?
<SKM>: this place
<SKM>: this site
<Oceanstuck>: site update?
<MugenKagemaru>: Ocean
<SKM>: Is a focal point
<SKM>: For a collective of spirits
<SKM>: I mean
<SKM>: I don't like to say spirits
<SKM>: but
<SKM>: Hell who am I kidding
<SKM>: I lost the ability to comfort myself by saying it is just complex programing a long time ago
<MugenKagemaru>: We've seen similar
<MugenKagemaru>: Does "Wayward Horizon" mean anything to you?
<SKM>: I recall in my studies of these lunar children blokes, them all being in a buzz about it.
<MugenKagemaru>: Yeah, what you described about this site fits the bill as well
<MugenKagemaru>: Not that I think it's relevant but hey
<SKM>: This is apparently going to be "On a MUCH grander scale"
<MugenKagemaru>: Big surprise
<MugenKagemaru>: Well if that's all for that topic, there is still one last question.
<MugenKagemaru>: What's the history between you and the purple bastard?
<SKM>: Ouch my electro drek
<SKM>: He is getting bloody close
<MugenKagemaru>: Understood. The question can wait
<MugenKagemaru>: You stay safe, man.
<Oceanstuck>: wait whos getting close
<SKM>: No no please repeat, its what I am here for.
<SKM>: Regimipiss
<MugenKagemaru>: @Ocean: Patrem
<Oceanstuck>: oh
<MugenKagemaru>: Oh
<MugenKagemaru>: OK
<MugenKagemaru>: Uh, what's the history between you and Patrem?
<SKM>: Can bloody wait though
<SKM>: However
<Oceanstuck>: god dammit
<MugenKagemaru>: Yeah I figured
<MugenKagemaru>: You can start our next chat with it
<SKM>: lets just say that I sure as hell didn't want to have anything to do with him, this cult, any of it.
<SKM>: Nor did anyone I am kin to
<SKM>: But he gets what he wants I suppose.
<SKM>: If he even understand what he wants
<MugenKagemaru>: Typical of him, thinking he's a god
<MugenKagemaru>: Well he ain't, for sure. Else I'd be too and I know I'm not
<Oceanstuck>: kek
<Oceanstuck>: he be a kok
<MugenKagemaru>: Yep
<wolfcat22>: Real quick. Are you still in the flesh? 
<SKM>: Heh if I could go transhuman
<MugenKagemaru>: ?
<SKM>: I would be walking in cyber space
<Oceanstuck>: idgi what does that mean
<SKM>: quicker than you could say welcome to 2077
<MugenKagemaru>: ... 2077
<MugenKagemaru>: Dafuw
<MugenKagemaru>: But yeah please elaborate if you can
<Oceanstuck>: "dafuw"
<MugenKagemaru>: Ocean
<MugenKagemaru>: Not now
<SKM>: Sorry just referencing a game I am HYPED as fuck for.
<SKM>: I mean
<SKM>: Life might be fucking crazy
<SKM>: But I need my games
<Oceanstuck>: ooo what dis
<SKM>: but enough about that
<SKM>: I am in the flesh
<SKM>: I wouldn't mind getting a chance to see how these guys experience things
<SKM>: but
<SKM>: It doesn't look to fun
<SKM>: I feel like they are all doing something wrong
<Oceanstuck>: yeah i dont much wanna try it either
<MugenKagemaru>: With who's running the show right now, yeah I can understand that
<SKM>: I feel like some people had some other questions
<SKM>: andI may have not explained a few things that well
<MugenKagemaru>: For the sake of making the most of what time we still have, let's just get answers to relevant questions
<wickedlady4180>: can you tell us about Jayckup?
<SKM>: All I know is that he is a close friend of tyler
<SKM>: Or was
<MugenKagemaru>: Until the wipe
<SKM>: In the time I have been watching him I have established that he disappeared
<MugenKagemaru>: We think the purple bastard might have him
<SKM>: Just quit talking to him
<Oceanstuck>: will we gain anything from doing so
<MugenKagemaru>: Make no mistake. We're not trusting him over you. Hell I don't fucking trust him at all. But he is a source of information, despite his bullshit
<SKM>: He is not to be "tusted"
<Oceanstuck>: tusted
<Oceanstuck>: *tusted*
<MugenKagemaru>: OCean
<MugenKagemaru>: Fucking stop
<GreyouTT>: wait Jayckup or Mr. Fabulous?
<MugenKagemaru>: The latter
<Oceanstuck>: is that a reference to eves downvotes
<GreyouTT>: wha?
<SKM>: I have been watching you all a long time as well ^^
<SKM>: By proxy for some time
<SKM>: but still managing
<Oceanstuck>: *unsurprised*
<GreyouTT>: wait
<kidpichu>: ^-^ heehee 
<GreyouTT>: so you've been watching us the whole time
<GreyouTT>: evene when we're alooone?
<MugenKagemaru>: Grey
<wickedlady4180>: are you telling us not to trust jayckup?
<Oceanstuck>: *tust
<SKM>: Until purple bastard caught me and, to the best I can describe it, updated and patched himself.
<GreyouTT>: It's just a joke Mugen
<SKM>: I was able to pull info
<MugenKagemaru>: Save it for later
<SKM>: Directly from him
<GreyouTT>: That doesn't sound safe
<SKM>: Remember
<wolfcat22>: I saw patrem lookin' at the best butt thread once
<SKM>: no matter how scary
<SKM>: He is just a bunch of code and data
<wickedlady4180>: he has the best butt, by popular vote
<wolfcat22>: yes
<Oceanstuck>: yep
<kidpichu>: chu?
<MugenKagemaru>: Tyler forgot, John died, and Jayckup was taken. Bang.
<MugenKagemaru>: Oh that reminds me
<SKM>: Bloody hell
<SKM>: I picked a REALLY
<MugenKagemaru>: We heard John left a message for us. Do you know what it is?
<SKM>: fucking scary time to order pizza XD
<wickedlady4180>: GO ANSWER IT
<wolfcat22>: Are they knocking on your door?
<Oceanstuck>: that *is* pizza right
<MugenKagemaru>: He ordered, not received
<wolfcat22>: Make sure to check first
<kidpichu>: O^O do it for the pizza 
<Oceanstuck>: but first confirm its pizza
<Oceanstuck>: if it isnt then get the hell out of there
<SKM>: I have "Tools" on stand by though so either A): tonight a bastard dies or B): the pizza man thinks I am insane answering the door with a stun gun
<SKM>: He sure is late though XD
<MugenKagemaru>: Mesic's message?
<SKM>: But anyways hold up one moment
<MugenKagemaru>: K
<wickedlady4180>: kekbris is on the other side if that door....
<Oceanstuck>: god dammit eve now im wondering if skoom has read kelbris an anthology
<Oceanstuck>: *shakes head to clear mind of thought*
<wolfcat22>: What kind of pizza is it
<wickedlady4180>: someone please find the pick of kelbris with the pizza hat
<kidpichu>: i wonder what type of pizza it 
<wolfcat22>: This is vital information
<kidpichu>: <3 aww
<kidpichu>: *highfives wolf*
<wickedlady4180>: hes not comming back
<Oceanstuck>: skoom you still there?
<GreyouTT>: It takes a few minutes to pay for pizza
<wolfcat22>: Someone Killed Max
<wickedlady4180>: hes being eaten by creatures
<kidpichu>: Max is a dogs name...
<kidpichu>: I'm sure he's fine 
<kidpichu>: probably
<wolfcat22>: A man needs some privacy with his pizza time
<kidpichu>: maybe 
<Oceanstuck>: i can wait
<kidpichu>: nope...he's doomed 
<wolfcat22>: he's got a shotgun
<wolfcat22>: he's fine
<Oceanstuck>: unless it ends up being 5 fucking hours
<kidpichu>: i thought it was a stun gun
<wickedlady4180>: it is a stun gun
<Oceanstuck>: i told him to confirm it was pizza first
<wolfcat22>: that's much less cool
<wickedlady4180>: that shoots bullets
<kidpichu>: D: 
<ZackyN>: Hmm, yeah guess I closed out of this, where did SKM go anyways??
<kidpichu>: *electric pokemon pride is stabbed*
<Oceanstuck>: to get pizza
<Oceanstuck>: inb4 its actually someone trying to kill him
<Oceanstuck>: disguised as a pizza guy
<wickedlady4180>: he went to answer his door
<ZackyN>: Oh ^-^
<kidpichu>: we need some creepy waiting music
<Oceanstuck>: jeopardy music
<kidpichu>: no XD that always goes through my head 
<wickedlady4180>: i hope patrem in a poppa john outfit, slams a hot cheese pie in his face
<Oceanstuck>: and then kills him?
<Oceanstuck>: or wait
<wickedlady4180>: yes
<wickedlady4180>: lol
<Oceanstuck>: does he kill him *by* slamming a hot cheese pie in his face
<wickedlady4180>: yes, thats how john got burned
<kidpichu>: ugh  want pizza now 
<wickedlady4180>: canon
<wolfcat22>: S.ucking K.elbris's
<wickedlady4180>: hes dying a hideous death
<kidpichu>: so kill me
<Oceanstuck>: man he ded rn aint he
<SKM>: Sorry about that ^^;
<SKM>: I am back
<Oceanstuck>: OH THANK GOD
<Oceanstuck>: i was worried for a bit
<SKM>: Pizza guy thought I was fucking daft
<Oceanstuck>: figures
<SKM>: I couldn't see him
<kidpichu>: what kinda toppings? 
<wickedlady4180>: did you zap him?
<SKM>: so I swung the door open
<SKM>: and stuck the stun gun in his face DX
<Oceanstuck>: did you hide the body
<kidpichu>: it is important to build a trusting bond
<MugenKagemaru>: Mesic's message?
<SKM>: I gave him a very generous tip of  €10
<SKM>: and the toppings were just pepperoni bacon and a light bit of mushrooms
<wickedlady4180>: eww, the queens money
<Oceanstuck>: eve dats racist
<Oceanstuck>: wats stevey gonna say
<SKM>: I suddenly feel like a stupid bastard for specifying that ^^;
<wickedlady4180>: my bloid hails from warwickshire, i can say it
<SKM>: But at least that still gives a damn large radius for my location.
<wolfcat22>: should I emit it from our notes
<Oceanstuck>: how far back is that blood from tho
<SKM>: Feel free to take note of whatever you see fit.
<wickedlady4180>: not very far, early 1900
<MugenKagemaru>: Max what about John Mesic's message?
<Oceanstuck>: also you shouldve gotten pineapple
<Oceanstuck>: from under the sea (me)
<SKM>: What message would that be?
<MugenKagemaru>: We heard John left a message for us
<MugenKagemaru>: Do you know anything about that?
<wolfcat22>: Purpleman may have told us what the message was, it's hard to tell. The guy doesn't give context for anything.
<wolfcat22>: "The one who is dead - Has left words for you - Be aware - The grand one is coming - Regiminis"
<MugenKagemaru>: Thanks a lot Wolfcat. We're never gonna get an answer now
<wolfcat22>: Anytime.
<Oceanstuck>: welp
<Oceanstuck>: well manage
<Oceanstuck>: er
<Oceanstuck>: id like to believe
<MugenKagemaru>: No srsly think your shit through next time
<SKM>: I am confussed
<SKM>: I turn away to take a bite of pizza
<SKM>: and what are you all going on about?
<MugenKagemaru>: John's message
<MugenKagemaru>: We thought you knew something
<MugenKagemaru>: But that no longer matter
<kidpichu>: >w< interesting 
<MugenKagemaru>: Because Wolfcat failed to think his actions through and spilled that our source was the purple bastard
<MugenKagemaru>: So I'm pretty damn sure you're not gonna say anything
<SKM>: Bloody hell
<Oceanstuck>: you cant be sure of that
<Oceanstuck>: skoom
<SKM>: you act like I am a tumblrina
<MugenKagemaru>: Pretty sure I can, Ocean
<Oceanstuck>: spill
<SKM>: He isnt my "Trigger"
<wolfcat22>: Patrem came in and told us that stuff after your bud Drowned was talking to us. He took over Drowned's account or something.
<wolfcat22>: Mugen's making it sound like we're in cahoots with Patrem or something.
<SKM>: Ah yes
<MugenKagemaru>: Of course you'd dramatize it
<Oceanstuck>: coc
<SKM>: I sent drowned to distract pisstrum and friend
<SKM>: I know a few things about how this guy seems to operate
<wolfcat22>: So you don't have any messages from John then?
<SKM>: Ouch
<SKM>: again
<SKM>: No worries though
<SKM>: Is anyone still alive?
<MugenKagemaru>: I'm here
<kidpichu>: yes?
<Oceanstuck>: oh sorry we were arguing in another room
<SKM>: Ah good good
<SKM>: Ah no good ^^;
<Oceanstuck>: so did mesic say anything?
<MugenKagemaru>: The Wicked Lady had some choice words about you and we were scolding her
<Oceanstuck>: and also you thought wolf had fucked everything up
<Oceanstuck>: re:megun
<SKM>: Its fine honestly
<SKM>: You should not be obligated to trust anyone
<SKM>: To be fair
<SKM>: You have no reason to trust me over purple bastard
<SKM>: Beyond my word
<MugenKagemaru>: Honestly, I trust you about as much as I do Mason
<SKM>: Which is all I can give you.
<kidpichu>: hmm
<Oceanstuck>: im inclined to take everyone with a grain of salt
<SKM>: Well well well
<Oceanstuck>: so yeah
<kidpichu>: do you trust  us?
<SKM>: It looks like I shouldn't have to worry about anymore interruptions for now.
<SKM>: Take a look at the front of this site
<SKM>: Our friend has already begun his work
<Oceanstuck>: woah fuck
<MugenKagemaru>: "I have something to show you"
<SKM>: Must be trying to taunt regimipiss
<SKM>: Not entirely sure what any of that stuff means to be honest ^^;
<SKM>: Peculiar though
<SKM>: >Legion
<SKM>: I have heard that title used before
<MugenKagemaru>: That gas mask...
<MugenKagemaru>: As have I but I don't think my thing is relevant so go ahead
<SKM>: Those against the lunar children
<SKM>: have referred to patrem as "The misguided legion"
<MugenKagemaru>: ... Perhaps another taunt?
<MugenKagemaru>: Check the source for that
<Oceanstuck>: icanfinallybreathe.mp3
<GreyouTT>: OH FUCK
<Oceanstuck>: ??
<Oceanstuck>: drown.wav
<GreyouTT>: THE EYES
<GreyouTT>: OH GOD
<wickedlady4180>: He's here
<SKM>: If you are referring to purple bastard
<SKM>: He is out of commission for the time being.
<Oceanstuck>: how so
<SKM>: Not enough dedotated wam
<wickedlady4180>: Is Vincent awake?
<MugenKagemaru>: Source for homepage guys
<Oceanstuck>: wait do you mean the main or lostmemory423
<MugenKagemaru>: Main
<SKM>: What we tricked him into doing left him rather fucked
<Oceanstuck>: i didnt see anything
<Oceanstuck>: or did it get changed again
<MugenKagemaru>: Nah
<MugenKagemaru>: Just saw something else of interest in the source
<MugenKagemaru>: Hmm? Who's the new one?
<mib_yej7ys>: I just kinda stumbled here.
<Oceanstuck>: uh
<MugenKagemaru>: Skype?
<Oceanstuck>: do you know what this is
<SKM>: Identify yourself or get drezzed
<Oceanstuck>: skoom dont scare the anon
<SKM>: sorry ^^;
<mib_yej7ys>: Nope, no clue. Besides the fact that I saw the Unfiction post about JohnIsDead...
<SKM>: A bit on edge
<MugenKagemaru>: Might be an actual newcomer
<MugenKagemaru>: Ah
<MugenKagemaru>: Wow I was right
<Oceanstuck>: unfiction post?
<mib_yej7ys>: Lol.
<MugenKagemaru>: You have a lot to catch up on
<Oceanstuck>: havent heard of an unfiction post
<MugenKagemaru>: Do you have Skype?
<Oceanstuck>: link pls
<mib_yej7ys>: Nah, I don't use it.
<GreyouTT>: It's finally made it to Unfiction?
<MugenKagemaru>: Well we are based in a Skype room... 
<mib_yej7ys>: I was actually looking up stuff on Ascend, and found my way here.
<MugenKagemaru>: ...?
<Oceanstuck>: ok so
<Oceanstuck>: wait
<Oceanstuck>: lemme try and guess this
<MugenKagemaru>: Care to elaborate on that?
<mib_yej7ys>: Okay.
<Oceanstuck>: you read that kanyequest thing i remember mando brought up
<Oceanstuck>: and looked up stuff on ascend
<Oceanstuck>: and found the site
<mib_yej7ys>: Yes.
<mib_yej7ys>: Exactly.
<Oceanstuck>: and ended up here
<MugenKagemaru>: OK
<GreyouTT>: funny thing, we know the guy who found the Ascend stuff
<Oceanstuck>: small internet
<mib_yej7ys>: The morse code thing intrigued me, so i figured it out.
<mib_yej7ys>: Sorry to kinda barge in here.
<MugenKagemaru>: But yeah we're called the "Internet Detectives" if that means anything
<MugenKagemaru>: It's cool, the latest shit is going down right here
<GreyouTT>: I have no idea where that name came from
<GreyouTT>: I was gone for two weeks
<Oceanstuck>: internet detectives
<SKM>: And my apologies for being so distant with all of you
<Oceanstuck>: from the remember.exe skype group
<SKM>: I would join the group but that may be a bit dangerous for me ^^;
<MugenKagemaru>: It's cool. Gotta stay ahead of the Purple Bastard
<Oceanstuck>: cmon sing the jingle
<mib_yej7ys>: Nope, never heard of any of it. Haha.
<Oceanstuck>: internet detectives
<MugenKagemaru>: Ocean
<MugenKagemaru>: Later
<Oceanstuck>: okok rerailing
<MugenKagemaru>: But yeah Max we'll keep a slot open for ya
<SKM>: When things cool down
<GreyouTT>: So to get you up to speed new guy, SKM here is up against some purple dude called Patrem
<SKM>: I may join temporarily
<SKM>: You all seem like a fun lot
<SKM>: But I have a lot to focus on.
<MugenKagemaru>: If you need a hand with it I'm "the_endless_warlock"
<Oceanstuck>: msamiclassified
<Oceanstuck>: it was an old thing if anyone asks
<wickedlady4180>: @new guy everything you need to know is there
<GreyouTT>: Patrem is some kind of spectral entity who is currently using some dude named Vincent as his meat puppet
<MugenKagemaru>: Let the tumblr catch him up brah
<GreyouTT>: aight
<Oceanstuck>: yeah just check the timeline
<Oceanstuck>: though do note its split into two args that exist in the same continuity
<Oceanstuck>: the first one is about two guys named doug and mason
<GreyouTT>: Yeah we kinda fucked up with that
<Oceanstuck>: the second is the current one (its section is much shorter since it just started)
<Oceanstuck>: we did
<Oceanstuck>: we fucking got baited into running right for the worst ending
<Oceanstuck>: but then dawn had to cut it off early so i guess those two assholes are alive for now
<Oceanstuck>: so anyway new guy
<MugenKagemaru>: Ocean
<Oceanstuck>: need anything else?
<mib_yej7ys>: Lol, I don't think so. This is quite intense, especially when the last ARG I took part in was ilovebees, haha.
<wickedlady4180>: is he typing, or....
<SKM>: My appologies ^^;
<GreyouTT>: ilovebees, now that takes me back
<Oceanstuck>: we should probably stay on topic
<MugenKagemaru>: Agreed
<SKM>: I need to get my bloody priorities strait
<SKM>: But this pizza is so damn good XD
<Oceanstuck>: yeah us too
<SKM>: Are there any other question I can answer?
<SKM>: I know much about the lunar children groul
<SKM>: Sorry for the terrible typing
<MugenKagemaru>: It's cool
<SKM>: eating and typing atm
MugenKagemaru>: Uhh... Other than Patrem leading them and how they split off from Kelbris' Moon Children...
<Oceanstuck>: yeah i dont like typing and eating at the same time either. im afraid to get my keyboard dirty so i always type with one hand and its really annoying
<Oceanstuck>: but enough of me
<wickedlady4180>: So, what now?
<MugenKagemaru>: Is there anything else you think we should know, Max?
<wickedlady4180>: woah, the lost memory page, thats jayckup, isnt it?
<Oceanstuck>: wait huh?
<MugenKagemaru>: That's Drown, I think
<wolfcat22>: 'lostmemory423' is also the name of a youtube channel
<wickedlady4180>: or wait, tyler
<GreyouTT>: wait what
<MugenKagemaru>: It's Drown
<SKM>: For now the most important things to know, is that Tyler will be coming back to you soon. This I can promise. He has forgotten everything so try to fill him in. Also that other website that something (and when I say something I mean I have no idea which one of these "Spirits" chose to spill the beans) linked you to. Keep and eye on it.
<SKM>: That is the "Archive" that may have been mentioned before.
<SKM>: As well as a place they communicate with each other.
<MugenKagemaru>: Drown once said to us "Free our god," who was he referring too?
<MugenKagemaru>: Sorry, pasted that as soon as you finished
<SKM>: I bloody saw that you all thought that before, thanks for reminding me.
<SKM>: I was keeping a wire on what was being said.
<Oceanstuck>: ??
<Oceanstuck>: wait nvm
<Oceanstuck>: sry ninjad
<MugenKagemaru>: Uh, OK?
<SKM>: You misheard him ^^;
<SKM>: Its fine
<SKM>: So do I sometimes >.>;
<SKM>: A strange thing this "Drowned" is.
<MugenKagemaru>: So what did he say?
<SKM>: "Three are gone" I believe.
<MugenKagemaru>: Ah
<MugenKagemaru>: OK
<MugenKagemaru>: Phew
<MugenKagemaru>: Sorry was there more after the "communicate" line
<MugenKagemaru>: ?*
<wickedlady4180>: im lost
<MugenKagemaru>: I accidentally interrupted him and hoping to get it back on track
<wickedlady4180>: no really, this chat glitched on me
<MugenKagemaru>: Best I got for ya
<MugenKagemaru>: Max you wanna continue that original line of thought before I interrupted?
<MugenKagemaru>: Sorry about that BTW
<SKM>: Technical difficulties please standby.
<SKM>: This is not good
<MugenKagemaru>: Well that doesn't sound good
<Oceanstuck>: oh no
<Oceanstuck>: what is it
<wickedlady4180>: whats not good?
<Oceanstuck>: skoom? you there?
<SKM>: I might need to have that kid jack out soon.
<Oceanstuck>: why
<SKM>: Things are getting a little crazy.
<MugenKagemaru>: Should we clear off as well?
<Oceanstuck>: crazy how
<Oceanstuck>: whats happening on your end
<SKM>: Well for starters my shit is running on a generator and I am down a hall and bloody bathroom light due to the bastards popping.
<SKM>: My drok is going to get broken in a sec if I don't unplug it, I should not have skipped on the bloody surge protector ^^;
<MugenKagemaru>: So you're clearing off?
<SKM>: Any last question before I pull the kid out and leave?
<wolfcat22>: What 'other website' did you say had something for us?
<MugenKagemaru>: Lunar Children site, wasn't it?
<wolfcat22>: " Also that other website that something (and when I say something I mean I have no idea which one of these "Spirits" chose to spill the beans) linked you to. Keep and eye on it."
<Oceanstuck>: yeah i think it was lunarchildren
<MugenKagemaru>: Well? Are we right?
<SKM>: Yes
<MugenKagemaru>: K
<MugenKagemaru>: This isn't a question, but a gift. I know you have other allies on your end, and share this with them:
<SKM>: Any thing else?
<SKM>: OH fucking drezz me
<SKM>: the kid
<SKM>: hold on
<MugenKagemaru>: Stay safe man. We'll do what we can from here.
<SKM>: I am doing my bloody best to pull him out
<Oceanstuck>: seeya skoom, best of luck out there, watch yourself, etc
<Oceanstuck>: *waves goodbye*
<MugenKagemaru>: Anything we can do to help?
<SKM>: ./lostmemory423
<wickedlady4180>: dont wear him out
<wickedlady4180>: will you contact us again?
<SKM>: Hold on
<SKM>: ./lostmemory423 is not fucking looking ok
<wickedlady4180>: it changed
<SKM>: Bloody hell I am trying my damndest here but I can only dl so fast
<MugenKagemaru>: There a way we can help?
<kidpichu>: O^O" 
<wickedlady4180>: what happened?
<kidpichu>: >^<" eep 
<Oceanstuck>: grey theyre miles away in another continent we cant
<SKM>: 70% fucking drezz me
<MugenKagemaru>: MAx
<MugenKagemaru>: How can we help?
<kidpichu>: please work 
<SKM>: All you can do is watch
<SKM>: I am doing all I can
<Oceanstuck>: i had a feeling
<Oceanstuck>: god damn it
<MugenKagemaru>: Changed
<Oceanstuck>: changed again, words are gone
<SKM>: Christ the fucking kid please
<SKM>: 95%
<SKM>: please
<wickedlady4180>: changed again, no title
<wickedlady4180>: what does this mean?
<GreyouTT>: wait a second
<GreyouTT>: song of healing
<Oceanstuck>: what about it
<wickedlady4180>: nooooo
<SKM>: The fucking kid
<GreyouTT>: He's dying so heal him
<SKM>: wait
<Oceanstuck>: you dont know that
<SKM>: 01001001 00100000 01100001 01101101 00100000 01110011 01100011 01100001 01110010 01100101 01100100 ("I am scared")
<MugenKagemaru>: "I am scared"
<GreyouTT>: Well we could always elegy and leave a decoy
<Oceanstuck>: lets not
<SKM>: 01010100 01101000 01100101 00100000 01110010 01100101 01100100 00100000 01101101 01100001 01101110 00100000 01101001 01110011 00100000 01100011 01101111 01101101 01101001 01101110 01100111 (The red man is coming)
<wickedlady4180>: why not bust out you famous oath to order
<MugenKagemaru>: "The red man is coming
<Oceanstuck>: "The red man is coming"
<Oceanstuck>: ninjad
<MugenKagemaru>: Who is the red man, though?
<SKM>: I know
<SKM>: We are about to jack out
<MugenKagemaru>: New guy, now would be a good time to set up a Skype... account...
<MugenKagemaru>: Tch... Gone already...
<GreyouTT>: He's not here
<wickedlady4180>: who is the red man?
<Oceanstuck>: i think that was arg
<GreyouTT>: He's been gone
<ARGdov>: Hello
<GreyouTT>: also i'm getting lag all over the god damn palce
<Oceanstuck>: sup
<ARGdov>: Same, as before, I guess
<MugenKagemaru>: Sorry Dov you're getting the tail end of it. SKM's pulling out because of crap
<ARGdov>: I take it I missed everything?
<SKM>: To anyone who isn't sure
<wickedlady4180>: SKM, who is the red man?
<Oceanstuck>: yeah
<MugenKagemaru>: Maybe. I dunno
<SKM>: I have him
<MugenKagemaru>: SKM: He's safe?
<SKM>: 01001001 01101101 00100000 01101000 01100101 01110010 01100101 ("Im here")
<ARGdov>: All right. I'm sorry to be rude, but could you be a little clearer next time?
<MugenKagemaru>: "Im here"
<MugenKagemaru>: Kid: But are you safe?
<GreyouTT>: One would assume that if he's there, then e's safe
<MugenKagemaru>: Grey
<MugenKagemaru>: Stop
<SKM>: 01001000 01100101 01101001 01110011 01100001 01101100 01101101 01101111 01110011 01110100 01101000 01100101 01110010 01100101 01101000 01100001 01110110 01100101 01110100 01101111 01100111 01100101 01110100 01101111 01110101 01110100 01101000 01110101 01110010 01110010 01110010 01111001 01110000 01101100 01100101 01100001 01110011 01100101 ("Heisalmostherehavetogetouthurrryplease")
<Oceanstuck>: "Heisalmostherehavetogetouthurrryplease"
<SKM>: Calm down kid its fine
<MugenKagemaru>: But who is he?
<SKM>: My appologies for all of this.
<Oceanstuck>: im sorry are we slowing you down
<SKM>: I am still trying to classify all of this shit but I am pretty sure "red man" is neophyte regimipiss.
<wickedlady4180>: ah... so HE'S the neophyte.... GOT IT!
<GreyouTT>: First purple guys with god complexes, and now a red men who might be deadmen
<wickedlady4180>: thank you skm, you just solved a mystery
<GreyouTT>: wat?
<ARGdov>: Yes, thanks you
<Oceanstuck>: thanks
<GreyouTT>: Okay I missed something
<GreyouTT>: What mystery?
<SKM>: When he calls him a neophyte I think he may be saying he is new to ascension or something, or new to trying to reach pisstrems level of ascension.
<MugenKagemaru>: Makes sense
<MugenKagemaru>: You set to go?
<SKM>: 01001000 01010101 01010010 01010010 01011001 00100000 01010000 01001100 01000101 01000001 01010011 01000101 (HURRY PLEASE)
<GreyouTT>: So Patrem was a semi-normal human once too huh?
<Oceanstuck>: "HURRY PLEASE"
<SKM>: Fuck
<MugenKagemaru>: Calm down kid we're sorting it out
<SKM>: ./lostmemory423
<MugenKagemaru>: Someone record the source of that
<SKM>: We gotta jack out
<Oceanstuck>: got it already
<Oceanstuck>: SKOOM JUST GO
<kidpichu>: go
<MugenKagemaru>: Damn. Hoped the fool would have stuck around


Another series of posts on Within Hubris. SKM tells us to be on the look out for new videos on Silentdork before directing us to

SKM: "I only have a thin window to talk. Tyler is about to upload those videos seeing as connection with him was drezzed, meaning he probably replaced his hard drive. Be on the look out."
SKM: "He is coming say no more"
/Patrem\: "You thought you could hide from me child? I knew I would draw you out. Now Let us see what it is you truly are!"
/Patrem\: "I AM GOING TO"
SKM: "Oh come off it purple bastard, do you think you can drezz me right now while you are still booting back up? I didn't bloody think you would try me in the condition your in but whatever, your funeral shazbot! XD"
SKM: "592"
/Patrem\: "áþ­áý´ãžã^x"
/Patrem\: "I am your God"
/Patrem\: "My power is limitless"


SKM's second and final chat using the safehaven chatroom. SKM explains his past with Patrem and how he met Drowned. He talks a bit about Matt R. and a few Lunar Children terms.

<wolfcat>: What's up broskino
<CaptainDesdinova>: I have arrived
<Oceanstuck>: hellos
<Helper>: Hello, adventurers!
  <Helper>: I have decided to follow you.
  <CaptainDesdinova>: Awesome
<SKM>: Well not a whole hell of a lot, but things of importance none the less. The damn shazz bots fixed the domain faster than I thought they would ^^;
<wickedlady4180>: SKM, we were told to contact you
<Oceanstuck>: hey again skoom
<Oceanstuck>: hey again helper
<SKM>: I arranged for you to receive this message yes XD
<wickedlady4180>: The message said you had more information about Tyler
<wolfcat>: Was the kid the one sending us the texts?
<SKM>: You mean our good old numbers friend?
<ADULT_LINK>: Hi! i'm not banned this time 
<SKM>: Oh no
<wolfcat>: not yet
<SKM>: I have no idea what that thing is
<SKM>: Speaking of texting, it is quite good Tylers phone has such a formidable battery as it is my only form of access into his actions in meat space atm.
<wickedlady4180>: Tyler is is trouble
<SKM>: Just a weeeee bit ^^;
<SKM>: His power went out last night
<ADULT_LINK>: he also found a spooky guy
<wickedlady4180>: More than that, he's being watched and followed
<SKM>: I have been keeping up with the goings and doings of the piss children as well, and I am very certain they shan't drezz him just yet.
<SKM>: However
<SKM>: they are not above simply trying to fuck with the mans psyche
<Oceanstuck>: >
<SKM>: and potentially hurt him a bit
<wickedlady4180>: We want to avoid that
<SKM>: But they seem to be waiting for something of significance to happen before acting.
<Oceanstuck>: 'like what
<SKM>: I am honestly not sure
<ADULT_LINK>: Any idea on what we can do to help tyler?
<SKM>: They have been getting MUCH more secretive of what they do. The updates you are seeing on the terminology went through almost 48hrs of debate before getting clearance.
<wickedlady4180>: I have a few questions for you
<SKM>: Yes of course
<SKM>: proceed m'lady
<wickedlady4180>: Are you aware of the note tyler got? What do the symbols mean?
<ADULT_LINK>: M'duck
<SKM>: I saw all that yes
<SKM>: The symbol on the top refers to a part of there beliefs known as "Parallelos" and they put it on shit all over the place. Sometimes I can make connections as to why, and other times I feel it is just used because a "Parallelos" ranked member had something to do with the related action, or just for what appears to be shits and giggles.
<ARGdov>: Sorry, but what exactly is Parallelos? Or was that already sked?
<SKM>: The symbol on the bottom is  known as the "lunarum oculus" and simply means they want to emphasize that "mother" is bearing witness to whatever is unfolding.
<SKM>: Parallelos is a strange idea they have about parallel dimensions, the multiverse, and the various time lines in each one. Some idea that through lunas power certain things can be manifested by borrowing from other "Parallelos" and that when you ascend you are traveling through certain kinds of "Parallelos"
<Oceanstuck>: elaborate on it please
<SKM>: and that luna currently resides in a special kind of "Parallelos"
<ARGdov>: Cool. I had a feeling it was something like that
<ZackyN>: Hai!
<Oceanstuck>: sup
<wickedlady4180>: I still have another question, and then I'll let everyone have a go
<ADULT_LINK>: Parallelos does sound like Parallel
<ADULT_LINK>: i mean
<SKM>: Parallelos parrallelos  parallelos yada yada yada, tbh it felt like a bunch of drek to me.
<ADULT_LINK>: it kinda comes from it
<Oceanstuck>: i wanna know tho
<ARGdov>: What about the stuff on the other side of the note? Is that relevant in any way?
<SKM>: It seems to me like all that is happening
<SKM>: to these people that they kill
<SKM>: is they are somehow becoming digitized afterwards
<SKM>: which is REALLY schway in concept XD
<ARGdov>: Asension?
<ADULT_LINK>: Kinda like BEN from the old creepypasta?
<Oceanstuck>: hnh. ive heard something like that
<SKM>: YES actually that is another thing they go on about A LOT
<ARGdov>: Yeah, exactly
<SKM>: Before I messed up there shit the first time
<ADULT_LINK>: what'd ya do?
<wickedlady4180>: SKM, I wanna ask about Kevin. Tyler is searching for Kevin, and we think that we know where he is.
<SKM>: They had a collection of explanatory pages and videos
<wickedlady4180>: Or rather, who he is now
<SKM>: I actually got nothing on Tylers friend Kevin ^^;
<SKM>: I am pretty in the dark about this guy actually
<wickedlady4180>: I see, ok.
<SKM>: hell more in the dark then usual now that I think about it
<ARGdov>: Allrighty, then
<ADULT_LINK>: he never told us about him before he got the minor amnesia about us
<wickedlady4180>: What did you do to patrem?
<SKM>: But that is probably my own fault due to lack of further observation on my own behalf ^^;
<ARGdov>: By any chance do you know who "MattR" is? 
<Oceanstuck>: speaking of patrem
<ADULT_LINK>: Yo zack, you have any questions bout stuff? this'd be your time to ask bro :3
<Oceanstuck>: i remember someone asked you what relation you had with that guy last time we spoke
<Oceanstuck>: you said it could wait until next time
<Oceanstuck>: and its next time now
<Oceanstuck>: so
<SKM>: woah nelly slow down kids
<SKM>: which question first ^^;
<Oceanstuck>: whats the relation between you and patrem
<ARGdov>: Didn't something happen to him? Matt, I mean.
<ARGdov>: Ocean can go first
<SKM>: Me and pisstrum
<Oceanstuck>: ye
<Oceanstuck>: whats the relation between you two
<SKM>: About 4 years back I was visiting family in america
<SKM>: they had recently moved to florida and planned to live out the rest of their retirement there.
<SKM>: I had a younger brother, about 9 at the time who was quite active on the internet. And introduced me to a place known as "Within Hubris"
<ADULT_LINK>: we know hubris ;3
<SKM>: Yes... I know... ^^;
<Oceanstuck>: hubris?
<ARGdov>: Yep. don't we know it well
<SKM>: I payed no mind to it at the time
<Oceanstuck>: weve all been
<SKM>: However that would prove to be a costly mistake on my own behalf
<ADULT_LINK>: (you can answer this later, but have you read Weenie Licked yet? its glorious)
<ARGdov>: What could be so bad?
<SKM>: My brother told me of a character he met in his actions on the website
<SKM>: He called him "The purple man"
<ARGdov>: Well, that could be any number of-... oh
<SKM>: I was under the assumption he was talking about a bloody teletubby or something
<SKM>: and payed it no mind
<SKM>: About a month later he went missing
<SKM>: He was last seen playing with his camera in the local park.
<ADULT_LINK>: wait, your bro went missing or patrem
<SKM>: My brother
<ADULT_LINK>: oh shit
<ARGdov>: Wow.
<ARGdov>: Im sorry to hear that
<ADULT_LINK>: that sucks D:
<SKM>: On his camera there was nothing but garbled purple mess in each photograph
<Oceanstuck>: ;_;
<ARGdov>: That's awful.
<wickedlady4180>: So, what you assume happened?
<SKM>: I felt at the time he may have been abducted by someone he met in his online games.
<ADULT_LINK>: probably not somone from hubris (mugen is a possibility, hes a creep) but still that sucks
<Oceanstuck>: lel
<SKM>: So I made I began to pay close attention to the website he spoke of most. "This place where ben is always being really scary and I talk to the purple man, who tells me he will show me how to fly."
<ARGdov>: BENs not been on there for awhile, though
<Oceanstuck>: tbf its not the same hubris now that it was 4yrs ago
<ARGdov>: Yeah, I just realized my mistake.
<Oceanstuck>: derp
<SKM>: At the begining of november I was contacted by a strange character that was calling itself BEN
<SKM>: It was telling me all sorts of gibberish code and nonsense so I ignored this as well.
<SKM>: until around november 11th
<SKM>: I don't remember a whole lot about that day, but I know that was the day it happened.
<SKM>: I was minding my own business
<SKM>: analyzing everything from the information on the previous cults website, and the various other groups that seemed to be interested in all of this, hoping for some chance to discover anything regarding my brother.
<SKM>: My techno drek lost its fucking mind all of a sudden.
<CaptainDesdinova>: I feel pretty good about maintaining the wiki now
<SKM>: The screen literally blew out in my face
<SKM>: I thought the computer would fully catch on fire as I watched bits of steam come out of it, but as I went to pull the plug I noticed something.
<SKM>: My vision was a bit blurred, but I saw this... thing at my doorway.
<SKM>: About  up to my neck in height it seemed and looked to be dressed in green with its hands at its sides.
<SKM>: But it didn't look right
<Oceanstuck>: (an elegy?)
<SKM>: I heard a loud screeching and I passed out.
<ARGdov>: Then what?
<ARGdov>: Also, you ever play Majoras Mask?
<SKM>: I awoke and my grandfather was asking me what had happened, I was bloody disturbed he had not called paramedics seeing as I had cuts all over my face from the pieces of computer screen. But I did not want to come off as a fucking mad man so I explained "I may have been experiencing some EXTREAMLY" faulty wiring issue.
<Oceanstuck>: arg
<Oceanstuck>: focus
<ARGdov>: Sorry. I was just wondering if he recognized the statue and scream
<SKM>: I eventually got a new computer screen and discovered my computer (Very strangely) still worked just fine.
<ARGdov>: Weird
<ADULT_LINK>: well i mean
<ADULT_LINK>: if only the screen was damaged
<ADULT_LINK>: then it makes sence that it'd work
<SKM>: But there were a text file on my computer titled lostmemory423 with some binary in it
<SKM>: stating
<ZackyN>: Stating what!?
<SKM>: "you do not realize how much you have helped me, but I shall help you. Father had him taken for the children. Watch 27.718435, -82.429048 they are near there."
<SKM>: Sorry had to go find the file ^^;
<Oceanstuck>: k
<ZackyN>: Sorry, just impatient -,-
<ZackyN>: But thank you!
<ARGdov>: You ever check that place out?
<ADULT_LINK>: why are "the children" near Ruskin florida
<SKM>: The current main base of operations, and a bloody sad one at that, "The fishery" is there.
<SKM>: for the lunar children
<SKM>: Father
<SKM>: is that fucking purple bastard
<ARGdov>: Patrem?
<wolfcat>: No, the other purple bastard
<ADULT_LINK>: other?
<ARGdov>: Who?
<Oceanstuck>: megun?
<ADULT_LINK>: what?
<wolfcat>: ..
<SKM>: Thats the "Holy title" they call "Father" by
<ADULT_LINK>: oh wait mugen said that
<ADULT_LINK>: patrem is the father?
<Oceanstuck>: i thought we already knew that
<Oceanstuck>: anyway skoom go on
<SKM>: Its what they call him
<ZackyN>: What did you actually do to patrem?
<SKM>: Ahhhhhh yessss
<ADULT_LINK>: Hey SKM, eve wants to know where patrem is Right now, but you can answer zack first
<SKM>: He is in pain most likely ^^
<SKM>: if whatever he is can feel it
<SKM>: But sadly he will be at large again soon.
<SKM>: He came at me at a horrible time when he did.
<SKM>: The time shift had just happened, as well as the trick I had the kid pull on him to use up his resources trying to make it into your skype room.
<SKM>: for a computer program and/or "god" he sure has a human like ego XD
<SKM>: and was almost unaware of his own strengths 
<SKM>: He was trying to brute force me through my connection to your site he seems to like inhabiting.
<SKM>: So I sent him a little present
<ADULT_LINK>: Lol wow
<ARGdov>: What was it?
<ADULT_LINK>: did you DDoS him?
<SKM>: I overloaded him with more data than he could handle at once at that moment in time.
<Oceanstuck>: >:D
<SKM>: then temporarily dl'd him
<SKM>: and cut and paste him into the 592 directory
<ARGdov>: Smart move
<ARGdov>: You can do that? just move him around like that?
<SKM>: while he was idle yes
<SKM>: but it was rather risky ^^;
<SKM>: and damn the action alone almost blew my rig up
<ARGdov>: Why not just delete him?
<SKM>: I actually tried that tbh ^^;
<SKM>: It did literally nothing
<SKM>: which is rather strange honestly
<SKM>: however
<ARGdov>: Dang.
<SKM>: I still have little understanding of what these things are
<SKM>: So I am sure there is a way to truly "Delete" this bastard
<SKM>: but I am currently not sure how
<ADULT_LINK>: you could probably put him on an external drive and dispose of that
<wolfcat>: then shoot it off into space. on the moon, for poetic justice
<SKM>: I remember trying something similar to this once back in 2013 XD
<SKM>: I got him in a rather similar position as the one he was recently in
<SKM>: But I put him on my old laptop (rip old friend =[ )
<SKM>: I smashed the bloody thing once I was sure he was there
<SKM>: and connected to no internet
<SKM>: and plugged into NOTHING
<SKM>: But somehow
<SKM>: This fucking THING
<SKM>: as I smashed the laptop with a meat tenderizer from my kitchen
<ADULT_LINK>: maybe he somehow has split himself, or made backups?
<SKM>: I was electrocuted
<SKM>: passed out
<wolfcat>: Or some wacky paralellos thing brought him back
<SKM>: and assumed he must have been gone
<ADULT_LINK>: you were electrocuted? damn
<SKM>: until I heard the fucking bloody piss children going on about them as though they had recently made contact with him.
<SKM>: him*
<Oceanstuck>: oof
<SKM>: but enough about my damn shazzbotry
<SKM>: You will probably hear from him again soon enough
<ARGdov>: Allrigjht
<SKM>: but when that happens I hope to have a new plan devised for harming this bastard.
<SKM>: I feel we have plenty more question do we not?
<ARGdov>: I think some of us do. I have non right now at the moment
<wolfcat>: Do you have any suggestions for helping bring back Tyler's memory?
<wolfcat>: Or should we just do it the old fashioned way, dropping hints ect ect
<SKM>: That will be rather tricky
<SKM>: Because I do not understand what they did to even make him lose it to begin with.
<SKM>: On a side note about Tyler
<SKM>: I am currently doing some work to get his power back on
<ADULT_LINK>: he told us it was one when we asked
<ADULT_LINK>: he said something like "if my power was off how could i be on my computer with the lights on" or something
<ADULT_LINK>: *on not one
<SKM>: Near the beginning of this conversation I thought I said it went back off again ^^;
<SKM>: But you might have missed that so my appologies
<Oceanstuck>: oh yeah you did i just checked
<SKM>: I was taking note of his chat with you all last night
<SKM>: and then my feed went black
<SKM>: so I switched over to his cell phone
<ADULT_LINK>: oh oops sorry
<SKM>: and eventually established he lost power again
<ADULT_LINK>: oh lol i must have missed that
<ZackyN>: So, why is this lostmemory423 in the chat?
<ZackyN>: and admin at that
<SKM>: Well after the last escapade when I damn near lost the kid do to my own shazzbotry
<Oceanstuck>: (i still remember when regipimpiss popped in and i was like FUCKIN RUN BITCH. hehe)
<SKM>: I had to download him directly onto my computer for a brief moment, which has not happened in a bloody long time.
<SKM>: Which was why for a moment he was talking through me as you may recall
<Oceanstuck>: i think i remember that
<SKM>: I call him kid for a reason
<SKM>: In the time I have spent working with this thing
<SKM>: He sure as hell feels like a kid XD
<wolfcat>: The Lunar Children sure seem touchy about this 'Deuro' thing
<SKM>: So touchy actually that I am just barely hearing of the term actually
<SKM>: They just made it "Public" so to speak about 2 weeks ago.
<wolfcat>: They still haven't uploaded what exactly a 'Eulogy' is yet
<Oceanstuck>: it seems to be a taboo subject, barring really dire circumstances
<SKM>: Still not sure what this "Deuro" thing is to them.
<SKM>: however "Eulogy"
<SKM>: its funny you should mention that XD
<CaptainDesdinova>: Eulogy?
<SKM>: I actually just jacked in and got that drok off of the site admin while he was not paying attention to his network XD
<SKM>: fucking shazzbots run this bloody site
<wolfcat>: You mean MattR?
<SKM>: YESSS that bloody fool lel
<wolfcat>: It's weird, he's got a name really similar to someone from the Moon Children. 
<SKM>: I have a small handful of intel on him.
<Oceanstuck>: matt r and matt h
<SKM>: but he doesn't come off as too important
<wolfcat>: Even more, Matt H's alias was Rodney R, hence the R
<SKM>: What I do know about him
<SKM>: is that he is fairly new
<SKM>: but managed to quickly prove his worth and attain "Parallelos" rank
<SKM>: His mask, like other parallelos members, bares the parallelos symbol.
<SKM>: His mask is a skull, and I have never seen him without it.
<SKM>: Also did anyone want that drok I got off him?
<Oceanstuck>: ok
<Oceanstuck>: sure
<SKM>: Its a draft of the "Eulogy" info page
<Oceanstuck>: aight
<Oceanstuck>: give it here
<SKM>: Eulogy  A eulogy is defined by its capabilities as an ascended child. One who has simply Ascended may communicate to this realm by some means, however one who has more capabilities (such as minor manipulation of this reality, minor physical manifestation ect...) is to be seen as a eulogy capable of even greater power.
<SKM>: But more often than not, a eulogy will remain a capable as it is upon awakening in its asended form.
<SKM>: couldn't fit it all in one post ^^;
<ARGdov>: Allright, thanks
<wolfcat>: Last time you said those against Patrem call him "The misguided legion". Those against Patrem, are you referring to the Moon Children? Just want to clarify.
<SKM>: The moon children had referred to him as that a few times in some conversations about him I had taken note of.
<SKM>: Any more questions?
<SKM>: I have about 13 minutes before I should be going
<CaptainDesdinova>: Any Tyler advice?
<SKM>: Just wait till tomorrow
<SKM>: and I should have him online
<SKM>: I just remembered XD
<SKM>: Do tell him
<SKM>: stop talking to the police
<Oceanstuck>: why tho
<SKM>: they are not his friends in that town
<Oceanstuck>: wait so the lc has a hold on the police?
<lostmemory423>: What's wrong with the police?
<wolfcat>: It does sound like a shady place, what with the drug dealers and killer cults
<SKM>: good question kid XD
<SKM>: Glad to see your awake now
<SKM>: surprised me there 
<Oceanstuck>: hello lm423
<Oceanstuck>: can i call you loom
<lostmemory423>: Why?
<Oceanstuck>: wanted to give you a nickname
<lostmemory423>: ...
<Oceanstuck>: oh never mind that we need to get back to business
<Oceanstuck>: sry sry distracted
<SKM>: He has been a little wonky do to everything I had him do before
<SKM>: But the down time has seemed to stabilize him a bit
<SKM>: But the police
<SKM>: A good portion of them are either corrupt and taking bribes from the lunar children
<SKM>: have children in the lunar children
<SKM>: or are actually senior members
<Oceanstuck>: oh
<SKM>: My advice would be do not talk to them anymore
<SKM>: ever
<ARGdov>: Wow. That's gonna br a problrm
<SKM>: seriously XD
<Oceanstuck>: how are we gonna get him to stay away tho
<wolfcat>: Oh also... do you know anyone named George? 
<ARGdov>: Thanks for the heads up
<Oceanstuck>: in a normal situation talking to law enforcement is the sensible option. how are we gonna convince him to not do that without spooping him half to death
<SKM>: That is actually the hard part ^^;
<SKM>: I don't know how to social engineer my way through that honestly
<SKM>: But
<SKM>: Him showing them the paper
<SKM>: Isn't so bad
<SKM>: chances are they already knew
<Oceanstuck>: ok so were not fucked *yet*
<ARGdov>: Maybe we should tell him theres something up and to be careful. But then he probably wont trust us either
<wolfcat>: Well he already doesn't put much stock in the police
<wolfcat>: Can't be that hard
<wolfcat>: Especially since they didn't do anything after Kevin disappeared
<Oceanstuck>: if we can explain why the turnaround in opinion on going to the feds, then yeah i guess
<Oceanstuck>: we just need to figure out how to explain the turnaround in opinion on going to the feds
<SKM>: Annnnnd the alarm has gone off 
<SKM>: That is my que to leave
<ARGdov>: You better get out
<Oceanstuck>: bye skoom
<SKM>: to anyone taking note
<ARGdov>: Thnaks for the info!
<wolfcat>: Alright, thanks for all the help man
<Oceanstuck>: bye loom
<SKM>: hurry up
<SKM>: good bye for now friends


SKM says that he's being watched at all times now. He says that once we reenter the Lunar Children forums that we'll have access to our ocarina powers. He also confirms the he is Liquidsaint, an administrator on

 <SKM>: get in here now
<PatremsBitch>: SKM! Ma nigga
<Amo>: what’s up
<SKM>: I am very short on time
<SKM>: there are cameras everywhere
<SKM>: they watch everything I do
<PatremsBitch>: fuck that’s terrible
<SKM>: they see me using the bloody bathroom XD
<SKM>: but I have no time for banter
<SKM>: I had to essentially steal their irc and lock everyone out to make this work
<SKM>: I couldn’t even jack into the special page I made for this
<SKM>: not that it matters
<Faut>: skm whats up
<SKM>: the damn ai’s ( funny I can still convince myself to call them that) have basically hijacked it
<SKM>: this is a very unstable place though
<PatremsBitch>: Shit nigga, say what you need quick
<SKM>: I lied to you all
<Faut>: how much time do we have
<Amo>: about what?
<Faut>: skm…
<Faut>: are you ls
<SKM>: I have been in that group since long before you knew of me
<Faut>: then why
<Faut>: why did you lie to them as well
<SKM>: this is a very long story
<Amo>: we’re listening
<SKM>: I do not have time to explain
<Amo>: oh
<Faut>: short version
<SKM>: However I can get you back into those forums
<Faut>: summarize it in 20 words or less
<SKM>: I do not know how the shit works
<SKM>: but they have a power
<SKM>: the same one you all had before
<SKM>: that broken thing gave it to them
<SKM>: like he could just move it around
<SKM>: like it was his all along and he was just letting them have it now
<Faut>: he was playing us like a fiddle?
<SKM>: I will get you all back in
<SKM>: you will have access to that and nothing more
<Amo>: what do you suggest we do once we get back in?
<SKM>: be careful
<SKM>: its not a bloody toy
<SKM>: that is my suggestion
<Amo>: got it
<Faut>: okay what do we NOT do
<SKM>: something very strange is going on there
<PatremsBitch>: I assume we NOT get in there and play every song we know
<SKM>: things beyond my control
<SKM>: users coming in beyond my control and weird shit like that
<PatremsBitch>: SKM, are you LiquidSaint?
<Faut>: ^
<Faut>: the real question
<SKM>: yes
<SKM>: goodbye
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