/Patrem\ is the main antagonist of the ARG, and True Father to the Lunar Children. Patrem does not have a physical body of his own, at least not at this point in time. He is currently using the body of Father Vincent Adams as his host.


Patrem's true origin has yet to be confirmed. The earliest documented account of Patrem is the story that's told on the Lunar Children Legend page.

Before the Lunar Children cult was created, a man was visited by Luna. Luna copulated with this man, creating an evil thought to be the Tenebris Link. After Tenebris was created, Luna bestowed the man with a great deal of knowledge. This man would eventually become a vessel for the True Father. Since the True Father requires a vessel, it is likely that the True Father is actually Patrem, and same thing that happened to this man is currently happening to Father Vincent Adams as well.

Some may think that the man in the story is actually Vincent Adams, however this is impossible. The story specifically states that Luna transformed into her human form "some time prior to the formation of our family," implying this happened before the Lunar Children existed. Vincent cannot be the man in this story, since the earliest known dates for the Lunar Children is the 1990s, and Vincent Adams is only 26 years old.

This proves that Patrem has been around for multiple generations of Lunar Children, and has possessed multiple Fathers.

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