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The Moon Children is a cult formed with the main purpose of worshiping the moon goddess Luna. This group is led by a figure known as "The Father", Mr. D, who is actually Tenebris fused with multiple souls. While it is unknown exactly when the Moon Children was formed, the earliest date we have is 1990. By 2010, most of the Moon Children had been killed and the group disbanded. Their former base of operations, the Orchard, has fallen into ruin.


It is unknown when exactly the Moon Children were formed, though it is assumed to be sometime in the late 80's. The earliest written date we have is 1990, the year Hank Hubbard joined the Moon Children, though it is assumed that Mr. D formed the cult long before this.


1998 or before

The Moon Children were founded, most likely by their leader, The Father. Early members did not receive "whispers" from Luna as the more recent members appeared to.

Kelbris was the first to receive whispers from her, which were said to detail how the world would end. However, he was later found dead by electrocution; it was not determined whether his death was ascension or foul play.


Around this time, Ben became involved with either the cult or someone in it. As a result, he became the subject of a failed attempt at ascension on April 23. The method used in the ritual was drowning.

What was left of his consciousness was presumably contained inside of his copy of The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask and left in the care of an old man.


Jadusable acquired haunted cartridge from the old man during his second year of college. After BEN escaped, he dropped hints on Jadusable's YouTube channel that led users to, a newly-acquired website for use by the Moon Children.

The site showed that they intended to move in order to keep one or several former members out for an unknown reason. Among them was Alex, said to be the cult's greatest warrior. The first event users witnessed was the ascension of Nekko, which was unable to be prevented. Over the next few days, users had a hand in attempts to prevent Ifrit's and Rosa's disappearances, both of which failed. Users also began helping Alex to escape, though the success of this attempt was left ambiguous.


By 2011, several missing or dead members of the Moon Children had been trapped inside Wayward Horizon, a hidden forum section on Within Hubris. Later, a series of newspaper clippings implied that Duskworld23 was murdered in his home, explaining his presence on Wayward Horizon.


  • Neither Ben nor Rosa have been confirmed to be a part of the cult.
  • It is possible that Mr. D and DROWNED are the same person.