M was a YouTube channel used primarily throughout the YSHDT Arc. It is assumed that the M stands for 'Messenger', though it is also possible that it is short for 'Mason'.


The actual owner of this channel has been a topic of debate among the community. Currently it is widely accepted that Mason is the one who owns the channel, though whether or not he owns it exclusively is unknown. It is likely whoever owns the currently owns the Postman's Hat and holds the title of Messenger is the one who has control over the account based on some dialogue for Helper. If this is the case then Mason would have had control over the account for a brief period at the very least.

The videos show someone walking through a snowy neighborhood at night before coming across a shadowy figure with glowing eyes. After this we see a few videos of someone walking through the woods before seemingly being chased by an unseen entity. The person filming reaches a radio tower as the series of videos end.


  • 03/07/15 - 02
  • 03/11/15 - S
  • 03/11/15 - R
  • 03/21/15 - E
  • 03/30/15 - N


Below are channel avatars and banners.

((Originally the channel icon was a disturbing image of what appeared to either be a Dead Hand from Ocarina of Time. The banner was also different. Neither of these images were acrhived.))
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