The Lunar Children is a cult that worships the ancient deity known as Luna. Most of their actions are carried out in secret, requiring training or authorization from high ranking members to even gain access to information involving these activities. They are a very dangerous group, often taking part in sacrificial rituals, manhunts, and orgies. Not to be confused with the Moon Children, a parent cult of which they are an offshoot.

They use the aptly-named Lunarchildren Site as a means of organizing.


It is unknown when exactly the Lunar Children were formed, however their own lore suggests that those who worship Luna have existed since before the cult's creation. The earliest known date we have is sometime in the 1990's, though it's very possible that the cult has been around much longer than that.


The Lunar Children have their own mythos for how our world came to be and how it will end. Several pages detail the Lore of the cult, and a transcribed version exists here.

The Lunar Children worship a deity known as Luna. They believe Luna created our Parallelos all that exists within it in three days. It is also said that on the night of each day Luna bestowed one of three Silver Secrets, though she was unable to speak the final one before her energy depleted. Four humans ran to her aid, and she took them with her to her own Parallelos.

At some point Patrem came into existence. Patrem is the Father of the Lunar Children. Though the Lunar Children have many different Fathers over the years, it appears that Patrem is the one that possesses each of them, pulling the strings. Patrem is usually seen as a God-like figure among cultists.

Some time later, Luna descended into a human form and visited a man. She copulated with this man and gave birth to a great evil, possibly the Tenebris Link. She then granted this man great wisdom, and departed to her realm. This man would eventually become a vessel for The Father/Patrem.

It is believed that someday Luna will descend from her Parallelos and punish the Harbingers and blasphemers, while taking her faithful children into her realm.

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