Lostmemory423 was a YouTube channel used several times throughout the ARG. The videos seem to be memories of Drowned and show us the story of SKM gaining the trust of the Lunar Children.


The earliest video on Silentdork was actually uploaded in 2013, three years before Johnisdead began. This was because the account was originally used for a series of standalone Ben Drowned games known collectively as Remember.exe. The channel was made retroactively canon in 2015 and began tying into Johnisdead.

The overarching story told on the channel is that of Drowned and SKM. A few videos such as Void, 2 (video), and 3 (lostmemory423 video) seem to have been crafted from Drowned's own memories. The rest of the videos tell the story of SKM gaining the trust of the Lunar Children.

Judging by the ciphered descriptions, keywords, and past conversations with SKM, we can begin to formulate the story being told. SKM's goal is to find his younger brother who was taken by the Lunar Children. Drowned soon began helping SKM, providing coordinates for where to find the Lunar Children. SKM made contact with a few members, however before he would be able to meet Matt R. and enter the Fishery, he was tasked with travelling to the Orchard and 'filming the remaining masks'.

SKM completed this task, despite getting lost in the woods several times. Upon returning to the fishery, he finds it completely abandoned. Everyone had left for the Spire in Ohio. However, it is assumed that SKM was allowed access into the Lunar Children, as he is seen as the site admin under the name 'Liquidsaint'.



  • Lostmemory423 predates Johnisdead and was actually used for a series of games known collectively as Remember.exe.
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