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Welcome to the John is Dead Wiki

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John is Dead is an ARG based on the Haunted Majora's Mask Cartridge by Alex Hall (also known as BEN DROWNED). It serves as an alternate continuation of the original ARG, with minor changes to the original story. The first arc takes place before the Moon Children Arc of the original ARG, and the next three take place in the present day.

In July 2016, the GMs of John is Dead brought back, a rather important website in the original ARG, while holding to the assertion that, though this is canon to John is Dead, it was not necessary for newcomers to know the history of this ARG in order to enjoy the newly-revived site. With this, a large audience comprised of original ARG players came to play this new recreation of YSHDT. This portion of the ARG has since ended with the dissolution of the Moon Children and Lunar Children taking place minutes into New Year's Day.

More may be on the way soon...


We'd like to encourage everyone to contribute to this wiki, and make it grow into a huge library of information. While contributing, we ask that you avoid posting theories outside of designated sections, and keep posts organized. Please don't vandalize the pages, we'd hate to restrict editing.

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  • Circle Hunter

    YSHDT Aftermath

    January 7, 2017 by Circle Hunter

    The Truth Arc (the portion of the ARG) has come to an end, resulting in the complete dissolution of two cults and the deaths of basically every antagonist we have...and definitely some of our friends.

    Jeremy Jarvis, a.k.a. Jarilo333, was a kind old guy and will be missed dearly following his wipe from existence when we hit the kill switch on Luna's entry.  Hank Hubbard, a.k.a Kelbris, has passed on after expressing his regret at his past actions.  Kevin (Regiminis), Douglas, and Spencer have also been killed by the kill vote.  Ezekiel Thoth is most likely dead, but we have no confirmation.  We have no word on Tyler's status.  Very troubling.

    Along the way, we met some new faces.  Well, voices.  Well, text.

    Initially thought to be th…

    Read more >

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