Jarilo333 was a user on the Lunar Children forums. A bit of a big mouth, Jarilo often would tell other cult members information that the Elder Children did not want them to hear. He has a son named Hunter who ended up killing him to gain his Elder Status.

Moon Children

Before moving to the Lunar Children with a friend, Jarilo was in the Moon Children. Jarilo had many stories to tell about the Moon Children, though some were deleted when Lunar Children was purged. You can read the deleted ones down below to see the full story.

Jarilo's brother was said to be a "Conduit" for Tenebris in 2010, and interacting with Tenebris caused him to go blind in one eye. This makes it very likely that Jarilo's brother was the Old Man who gave Jadusable the haunted Majora's Mask cartridge which housed BEN/Tenebris.


Jarilo has a son named Hunter who is also a part of the Lunar Children. Jarilo constantly praised his son on the forums, and the Elder Children saw great promise in him as well. Hunter was given the task of killing his father, Jarilo, to become an Elder Child. We witnessed Jarilo's final moments on the Lunar Children as he answered our questions, which can be found in this topic. At this point it is unknown if Jarilo was being held in some strange parallelos before he died, or if he was already dead. Several times he mistook the current date for a few days before, and mentioned all of the clocks in his home being frozen.

When he became aware of what happened to himself, he posted two ciphers in the thread which translate to "Why did you do this to me hunter" and "Your friend is next, I can see him now, young one what was done to me shall be the terrible fate of your link. They have him now, he cannot escape alone."

Purged Posts

All of the deleted posts from the Lunar Children forums can be found in the backup saved by the ID, however here are Jarilo's for quick access.

"Thats my boy! Humble and yet fully aware of his destiny! Well put son, I can't wait for the speech your doing at this weekends revival! Your really gonna knock em dead ha ha ha!"

"I know a bit about them as well seeing as I used to be a member before I followed a friend of mine over here to the truth. But I will need to wait for permission to talk much about it, Im already on thin ice for being such a loud mouth, haha!"

"Ok I have permission to talk about a tiny a bit of what I know. I know Kelbris was the one who discovered the Ceremony of the three elements, also it ain't true that he died in 1998. The man who managed that group liked to spread misinformation at times for what almost seemed like the heck of it, but Ill get into that in a bit, hahaha! I do like how particular he was about the wording though,the misguided leader I mean, "later found electrocuted" hiding the truth in there with that lie, hahaha what a joker that guy was!

Kelbris made his discoveries in 1998 and the misguided initially denounced everything he said until around 2002 oddly enough, the point when he actually died. If I recall he was actually killed in order to silence what they thought was blasphemous talk by an initiate at the time known as Ifrit as part of his initiation. Whatever Ifrit did it triggered ascension and everyone began to realize, some of what Kelbris said may have had some weight to it. I was with them since around the beginning so you can trust that I know this kind of stuff haha! 

Now the leader of the group was a man we refereed to by many names, The Dark Shepard, The Happy Man, The Fuehrer. But the name applied to him the most was Mr.D, who he said was "the one I have consumed", I really never understood what he meant by that. He made us sure to know that he was our Link to Luna and that he was The Father, and that this knowledge was not one of his "games" that he liked to play with us.

As for what happened to him, well heck, I feel like I should not say much more! I have been going on and on and I have probably already said too much, hahahahaha! I will say though that he certainly wasn't a normal human being, and seemed a bit ahead of his time in a few ways."

"That necklace actually looks pretty familiar, if I recall we had a member who was given the name lunaris draco after attaining certain rank. However I also recall her turning her back on us and running away. Not much else to say really, other than the thing being identical from my memory."

"I was about to have my son go on and do one of these as well, so I figured I would do one too even though I am not new, I have been a Lunar Child since around 2003 hahaha! After all, though I am not new, this iteration of the forum is. The most interesting about myself is... well... heck not even about me ha ha. My brother was a conduit for Tenebris link back in 2010 during the first event with the original harbingers link. However the close contact with Tenebris to his physical body, as is with others of the same situation, caused him to go blind in one eye. My son should be around to say hello to you all sometime today as well. So stick around for that everyone!"


"Just a proud dad who has seen a fair share of crazy things in this world Luna made for us (and a couple things from beyond hahahaha)

I am very proud of my son and can't wait for him to come with me to the parallelos beyond and even join me in Lunas majesty."