Jarilo333 was a user on the Lunar Children forums. A bit of a big mouth, Jarilo often would tell other cult members information that the Elder Children did not want them to hear. He has a son named Hunter who ended up killing him to gain his Elder Status.

The Moon Children

It's unknown when exactly Jeremy joined the Moon Children, only that it was sometime in the 90's. Jeremy says he met his wife in the Moon Children who gave birth to Hunter in 1998. This was the same year his brother joined the Moon Children.

Hank, later known by his cult name 'Kelbris', began speaking of what many Moon Children saw as blasphemy. This sparked a movement as Hank's words managed to inspire various members of the cult. Hank left after this, causing Jeremy to follow.

The Lunar Children

Hank was killed in 2002 by his adopted son, Ifrit. Though this was done to silence his blasphemous talk, Ifrit inadvertently proved much of what Hank said to be true when Hank ascended in death. One year later in 2003, Jeremy followed a friend over to the Lunar Children, bringing Hunter along with him.


Jarilo has a son named Hunter who is also a part of the Lunar Children. Jarilo constantly praised his son on the forums, and the Elder Children saw great promise in him as well. Hunter was given the task of killing his father, Jarilo, to become an Elder Child. We witnessed Jarilo's final moments on the Lunar Children as he answered our questions, which can be found in this topic. At this point it is unknown if Jarilo was being held in some strange parallelos before he died, or if he was already dead. Several times he mistook the current date for a few days before, and mentioned all of the clocks in his home being frozen.

When he became aware of what happened to himself, he posted two ciphers in the thread which translate to "Why did you do this to me hunter" and "Your friend is next, I can see him now, young one what was done to me shall be the terrible fate of your link. They have him now, he cannot escape alone."


11/5/15 - (User Bio)

Jeremy describes himself as proud dad who loves the Lunar Children.

Jarilo333: "Just a proud dad who has seen a fair share of crazy things in this world Luna made for us (and a couple things from beyond hahahaha) I am very proud of my son and can't wait for him to come with me to the parallelos beyond and even join me in Lunas majesty."

11/5/15 - Hello from an old geezer

Jeremy says that he had been in the Lunar Children since 2003. He says his brother was a conduit for Tenebris back in 2010, causing him to go blind in one eye.

Jarilo333: "I was about to have my son go on and do one of these as well, so I figured I would do one too even though I am not new, I have been a Lunar Child since around 2003 hahaha! After all, though I am not new, this iteration of the forum is. The most interesting about myself is... well... heck not even about me ha ha. My brother was a conduit for Tenebris link back in 2010 during the first event with the original harbingers link. However the close contact with Tenebris to his physical body, as is with others of the same situation, caused him to go blind in one eye. My son should be around to say hello to you all sometime today as well. So stick around for that everyone!"
Jie_Lin_HunterL: "I had always wished I could have known uncle a little better. But oh well, we will probably get to meet after the holy descent."
kuu_32: "Good to see you online Jar. I hope you will be attending the meeting next week."
1_Tsukuyomi_1: "Who is Tenebris? I know there is a bit of info on it on the front page, but I was hoping I could learn more."
_jinn_: "Risky subject for new moons, Im an elder though so pm me if you want to know a bit more. But in depth discussion is best kept for meetings."

11/5/15 - Hello everyone

Jeremy gives his son Hunter praise in his introduction thread.

Jie_Lin_HunterL: "I can't really think of much to say about myself, but hi everyone. I have been a Lunar child since I was born and it has always been really good for me. It always reminds me that I am part of the elite, and no matter what happens, no matter what anyone says, I am part of the liberation of humanity and will be part of those laughing last in the end. I have never felt much like I am anything special, but then I think of Luna and Father and how I might serve them, and I understand that my purpose is divine and that I am very special much like the rest of my fellow children.'May Luna shine on us all, and may father bring us his secrets and blessings."
_jinn_: "Very well put Hunter. As one would expect to hear from a gibbous like yourself! Keep up with your teachings and soon you will be full, from there I am thinking an elder spot might be open for you."
Jarilo333: "Thats my boy! Humble and yet fully aware of his destiny! Well put son, I can't wait for the speech your doing at this weekends revival! Your really gonna knock em dead ha ha ha!"
Jie_Lin_HunterL: "Thanks dad"

11/5/15 - I found this this thing

Jeremy claims that Tyler's necklace looks identical to one that used to belong to a former Lunar Child named Lunarus Draco. He is then warned by Thoth to stop speaking about taboo subjects.

Hina616: "I was forced to go out of state to visit with some family recently. While I was in the area, I went to the place I was told about that the blood moon ritual was performed in. I was hoping maybe I could use some of the power there, left over from the ceremony to make contact with someone from beyond this parallelos and gain knowlege. I think I failed -_-;'But I did find this cool necklace, I was wondering if it belonged to anyone who was here for the ritual?"
HarryM1: "That is a pretty obnoxiously big image, but yeah looks pretty cool. Nice find, but wasn't that place meant to be off limits?"
Jarilo333: "That necklace actually looks pretty familiar, if I recall we had a member who was given the name lunaris draco after attaining certain rank. However I also recall her turning her back on us and running away. Not much else to say really, other than the thing being identical from my memory."
 Hina616: "oopsies ^^;'well if it was I never got any notice then, it certainly wasn't mentioned at any meetings anyways."
 Ezekiel_thoth333: "Two things right now, how did you find that location on your own, and how did you find that necklace? Also this is being reported to the elders as we speak, you may or may not be reprimanded."
 Igaluk123: "I honestly can't remember the last meaningful thing I did outside the holy building, so congratulations I suppose."
 _jinn_: "All children please disregard Jarilos words as he does not know what he is speaking of, we have never had a member by the name of lunaris draco''and she was never in possession of any necklace. You should cease speaking out of turn Jarilo, you are a very old member but your loud and misguided ways are beginning to lead to your undoing." 

11/5/15 - Who were the misguided?

Jeremy gives some information on the Moon Children, also known as the misguided. Jeremy claims to have been a member before leaving for the Lunar Children. Jarilo says Kelbris was the one who discovered the The Ceremony of the Three Elements and a lot of information about Ascension. He says Kelbris's discoveries weren't taken seriously until he ascended after being killed by Ifrit around 2002. He says the leader of the Moon Children was known as Mr. D. The final post in this thread is by someone else using Jeremy's account, saying he talks too much.

Alignak: "I have been trying to consult the library about them but so much of the information seems to be lost or unavailable, all I really know is that they seemed to lie about a couple members living in california and that they had a meeting ground in what was known as the orchard."
HarryM1: "They were a group that thought that they knew luna, there really isn't much more to say."
sin_yarikh: "There was also an individual known as Kelbris,but information about him even amongst what was stolen from them during the time Regiminis infiltrated the ranks for us is basically zilch. I do know for a fact he was said to hold some affiliation with our father, the founder of our current group,based off what a elder said in a meeting last month."
Jarilo333: "I know a bit about them as well seeing as I used to be a member before I followed a friend of mine over here to the truth. But I will need to wait for permission to talk much about it, Im already on thin ice for being such a loud mouth, haha!"
HarryM1: "huh I guess maybe I am a bit ignorant, I had no idea kelbris was of direct relation to them! If I recall from my studies, a good portion of our current parallelos knowledge and the knowledge of transcendence is based off what Regiminis discovered about him back in 2010. Its a shame he died in what I believe was 1998, he could have truly seen glory had he walked our path."
Jarilo333: "Ok I have permission to talk about a tiny a bit of what I know. I know Kelbris was the one who discovered the Ceremony of the three elements, also it ain't true that he died in 1998. The man who managed that group liked to spread misinformation at times for what almost seemed like the heck of it, but Ill get into that in a bit, hahaha! I do like how particular he was about the wording though,the misguided leader I mean, "later found electrocuted" hiding the truth in there with that lie, hahaha what a joker that guy was! Kelbris made his discoveries in 1998 and the misguided initially denounced everything he said until around 2002 oddly enough, the point when he actually died. If I recall he was actually killed in order to silence what they thought was blasphemous talk by an initiate at the time known as Ifrit as part of his initiation. Whatever Ifrit did it triggered ascension and everyone began to realize, some of what Kelbris said may have had some weight to it. I was with them since around the beginning so you can trust that I know this kind of stuff haha!"
Jarilo333: "Now the leader of the group was a man we refereed to by many names, The Dark Shepard, The Happy Man, The Fuehrer. But the name applied to him the most was Mr.D, who he said was "the one I have consumed", I really never understood what he meant by that. He made us sure to know that he was our Link to Luna and that he was The Father, and that this knowledge was not one of his "games" that he liked to play with us."
Jarilo333: "As for what happened to him, well heck, I feel like I should not say much more! I have been going on and on and I have probably already said too much, hahahahaha! I will say though that he certainly wasn't a normal human being, and seemed a bit ahead of his time in a few ways." 
Alignak: "Wow thanks for all the information Jarilo, why aren't you an elder member anyways?"
Jarilo333: "He talks too much"

7/11/16 - Testimonial

Jeremy claims that he found his wife in the Moon Children and that his son will also be a member. He mentions his brother joining and describing him as a 'crazy old man'. This canonically happened in 1998.

Jeremy “J”(1998): "Hahaha, well what can I say, this group has honestly changed my life for the better in so many ways. It has given me a sense of purpose and adventure. I have both a family of the Moon and a family by the dictionary definition now thanks to The Moon Children hahahaha! When my son is born next month, I can't wait for him to learn the ways of Her along with his dad! Thank you everyone hahahahaha! My brother has even come around as well (the crazy old man hahaha) so get ready for one more. Hope you are ready for the boys to finally get back together Hanky ol pal, hahahahaha!"


 Jeremy: “Glad you could make it hahaha”
Jeremy: "This is hard to pull off but It is not the only one who can do these kinds of things"
Jeremy: "But I gotta keep this hidden, on the down low you might want to say hahahahaha."
Jeremy: "Who am I? Just some old man, but not a crazy one, he is just dead sad to say. Nope I ain't my brother."
Jeremy: "Time has not been good to me, I have been in this game for a lot of it."
Jeremy: "But I probably should have just stuck around with ol Mr.Drowned. At least then I might be resting hahahahaha"
Jeremy: "Not my brother, my brother is just dead sad to say. Strange though, you would think after all he got mixed up in he would be somewhere in here." 
Jeremy: "Divine coincidence is strange like that hahahaha ."
Jeremy: "If you have anything to ask a dirty old traitor then ask away. Not long till It sees what I am doing here."
Player: "You call yourself a traitor, but what exactly did you do?" 
Jeremy: "Hahahahaha no no no boy I am not the traitor. They call me that, or they did I think. Back then when I left with hank to follow his words.”
Player: "Jeremy, what happened at the party?" 
Jeremy: "You oughta be calling me sir boy, I'm old enough to be your grandpa hahahaha. I can't be sure if you mean anything past 1998 I left with hank when he started speaking what they called "insanity" at first."
Jeremy: "They sure changed their tune when they saw the kind of power his words could display but they didn't quite wanna say the full truth."
Jeremy: "It's hidden between the lines though, they wanna pretend he died in 1998 but they did not go right out and say it either."
Jeremy: "Make it snappy, being like this will never compare to when I had skin and bones, but it beats what comes when It get on to you."
Jeremy: "I wanna get my patooty out of here before it catches on hahahaha!"
Jeremy: “4 more question and I am out of here.”
Player: "Why did they claim Hank died in 1998?"
Jeremy: "It was something they wanted to get behind them and try to cover up the movement he had started." 
Jeremy: "They wanted to take credit for his work without pointing anyone else to where that work led on to."
Player: "Sir, how can we get to The Truth?"
Jeremy: "Now that's right polite of you. But I can't really be sure how. But I can say something bad is on the other side." 
Jeremy: "Real REAL bad for all of us, and in some ways even for It. If you manage to get in there you better choose really carefully what you do next."
Jeremy: "The power I sense behind that wall is not nothin I would want sittin by my bed side hahahaha"
Player: "Jeremy what was the name of the old website for the Moon Children? The one from 1998?"
Jeremy: "It was an old BBS I done went and forgot the name of. This gas masked fella was the one who threw it together." 
Jeremy: "Mr.Drowned he liked to call himself. I never knew why he did though." 
Jeremy: "He said 'A trophy name for my victory in the future.' and some stuff about stealing the flesh of those yet born." 
Jeremy: "But I see someone has been playing around with time in what little ways they could and this time around ol Mr.Drowned lost his body, but I guess he still managed to work things out without one."
Player: "Wait how did Jeremy get on this site like he is?"
Jeremy: "Well I was stuck somewhere else for a while, another place where time kept looping, these things seem to happen with the not so dead who just didn't like how they went off, and I suppose you could say I among many am guilty of that hahahaha."
Jeremy: "I just hope my son is ok after all of this. To be sure he is I try to keep up with these unfolding events and maybe change how they turn out. That my boy is the 'why' hahahaha!"
Jeremy: "If you manage to see him again"
Jeremy: “please say hello to my son for me”
Jeremy: “let him know his dad forgives him”
Jeremy: “And I still love him even after what he did”
Jeremy: “his name is h”

7/19/16 - Skype 1

Player: "Hello?"
Jeremy: "Hahahahaha"
Jeremy: "Glad you figured that one out"
Player: "Yeah."
Player: "Just a simple search, but thank you!"
Player: "Either way, I'm sure more then one person is talking to you."
Player: "Want me to add you to a group?"
Jeremy: "Really nasty place you pulled me out of, at the cost of feeding it a bit more."
Jeremy: "But that creature is just shy of a foul punch to the rear at this point so whats one more level hahaha"
Jeremy: "Please do take me to the others"
Player: "Sure!"
Player: "Hold on, Skype's bugging out, it says you haven't accepted my contact request"
Player: "Truly this is embarassing!"
Player: "We can't add you to any of our groups."
Player: "Try this ((A link to a Skype group chat was posted))
Player: "If only the blast mask can help you break through this brick wall, althrough perhaps at too much cost."
Player: "Sorry, I have a humour streak."
Player: "Maybe even to my cargrin, but I'm still serious deep down."
Player: "I'll leave you to your other friends for the best, though."
Player: "They're keeping everyone else update."
Player: "Oh, sir, don't you have a brother?"
Jeremy: "Ahhh I wanted to be a comedian myself"
Jeremy: "Humor is always good"
Jeremy: "But my brother nor my son thought so
Jeremy: "'Oh shut up ya ol fuddie duddie'"
Jeremy: "My brother was a very odd man however"
Jeremy: "Much like myself hahaha"
Jeremy: "After I left to join the path Hank made"
Jeremy: "Hank did something"
Jeremy: "hahahaha"
Jeremy: "Something very very strange"
Jeremy: "Not like him at all"
Jeremy: "After he did"
Jeremy: "Luna seemed to have chosen my brother to hold on to that small plastic kids game holding his sins."
Jeremy: "The result of Hanks hubris as I heard it."
Jeremy: "Something nasty was moved into that thing"
Jeremy: "Nothing holy about it"
Jeremy: "But she knew where Hank was heading next hahahahaha"
Jeremy: "Someone had to hold it"
Jeremy: "Makes sense, we were all close friends us three. My brother, Hank, and I"
Jeremy: "That thing was so dark it took one of his eyes."
Jeremy: "Our overseers made up terminology for it to call it normal. 'Sacred' they said it was."
Jeremy: "Damn stupid kids hahahaha"
Player: "We're aware of that cartridge. I'm not too sure of the whole history of it, but it wounded up in the hands of someone named 'Jadusable', perhaps also known as 'Alex'."
Player: "He caught video footage of him 'playing' it, and whatever is moved onto it seemed fancy calling itself 'BEN'."
Player: "We're chatting here now because of those videos sparking our curiosity, and we've been digging about it ever since."
Player: "I can't quite remember where I heard this, but I think your brother was the one who gave it to this Alex?"
Player: "They say its lost, however."
Jeremy: "I heard he found one Luna chose"
Jeremy: "'Devine coincidence'"

7/19/16 - Skype 2

Player: "Thank you for being our Ally."
Player: "((Another player's name)) is not as ignorant as you assume. He is young."
Jeremy: "It was not me he was speaking with deary."
Player: "Interesting."
Jeremy: "This kevin individual"
Jeremy: "In some ways like that ol Mr Drowned"
Player: "Mr Drowned doesn't scare you?"
Jeremy: "Seems to be quite ahead of his time"
Jeremy: "Back in my day he was just a very strange but interesting man hahaha"
Jeremy: "Times have changed"
Jeremy: "Many things are not what you expect or want them to be"
Jeremy: "The sooner you learn to handle this"
Jeremy: "The sooner you will all be truly ready when you can reach The Truth"

7/27/16 - Call with Spanosa

The following is a call Jeremy had with a player. Since it was a call, it was difficult for the entire conversation to be archived, so many points are merely summarized. Jeremy says that Hank went insane after his wife Diana died, and began thinking that Luna herself was Diana. Jeremy also says that Luna will give players a choice between allowing her to continue, or stopping her, with her thinking players will let her continue for some reason. Jeremy implies that Alex doesn't seem like himself, and that timeline splitting might be the reason why.

Jeremy: “A prominent figure in those who stand against IT. You may ask 3 things”
((The player asks about Hank.))
Jeremy: "After the death of Ana he began to delve more into madness. That's what he saw, back when he had skin."
Jeremy: "He began to hear things. I thought he was losing his mind... No."
Jeremy: "He was hearing things from the other side. From her. That creature."
Jeremy: "She taught him things. Bringing back the dead... but that was a lie. What he did was not bring back the dead, but a clever illusion."
Jeremy: "But nonetheless, the Moon Children did not want to believe that this traitor had such power after the display he showed."
((Jeremy expresses his dislike for Kevin and his fondness of Rosa.))
((Jeremy ponders why the players wish to stop It and Luna.))
Jeremy: "They are thinking we will choose not to stop It."
Jeremy: "It is always one stop ahead."
((The player asks about what's beyond The Truth.))
((Jeremy says players will have two options - Stop It, or let It continue.))
((Due to some sort of rules, It must allow us to make this choice, like in a game.))
((For some reason It is thinking we will let it continue.))
Jeremy: "It truly makes me wonder what they know that I don't."
Jeremy: "Strange how this place works... I can see him from here where I'm standing." 
Jeremy: "Your Link in that small room, windows covered... hiding. Makes me wonder, is this really your great hero?"
Jeremy: "Then I understand how it all works. Various splitting time. This just isn't quite the same man."
Jeremy: "Sometimes the rules just aren't quite fair. Take it form me, I'm in a horrible position (laughs)."
((The player asks about where Jeremy is.))
Jeremy: "There are many partitions of this place. The most simplistic thing to call it would be limbo..."
Jeremy: "But it's gone by many names - too many to remember. Some come here with different degrees of control of themselves."
Jeremy: "I myself, my whole life, have been fearing for the time in which I would pass... for fear that I would be somewhere like this."
Jeremy: "The only reason that I have what some may call a self is that others take a shortcut method."
Jeremy: "I'm sure you want to know what the shortcut method is, boy. I'll tell you. Ascension."
Jeremy: "Through Ascension it is believed you can achieve many degrees of power, but it has been implied that that power is false... merely and extension of that creature."
Jeremy: "Luna, they call her. Or, we call her It, I suppose. Nowhere is it taught that you can get where you are by will alone."
Jeremy: "It's much better than being an organ of that mass... a cog in her machine."
Jeremy: "He- Hank, went insade after ana died. He thought initially that she was gone forever... that she had not ascended."
Jeremy: "Through the beliefs of the Moon Children you are not gone forever like in traditional death."
Jeremy: "I was right about the time he went insane... at least that's what it seemed like he showed these displays of power."
Jeremy: "I thought he was insane when he claimed Ana was Luna in the flesh and he was The Father."
Jeremy: "I think that I believe now that that was false. A lie to tell himself."
Jeremy: "I know now as well that she isn't necessarily gone - That if you don't do it like old Jeremy, you might disappear for good."
Jeremy: "Then again, maybe that's for the best... or maybe it's not. Things are very confusing here. Very painful."
Jeremy: "Is that all you wish to know? I certainly hope so, I have to keep moving."
Jeremy: "Have you spoken to Velvet? What a wonderful child... reminds me of my son. Very headstrong, very sure of themself."
((Velvet is a fellow player who spoke to Jeremy before.))
((Jeremy says that Kevin doesn't like people who talk.))
Jeremy: "I hope you hear from my son Hunter. If you hear from him, please..."
((Jeremy sits in silence for a minute before ending the call.))

7/27/16 - Call with Greth

The following is another call from Jeremy. Though this call was not archived, a summary of all that was discussed is below:

((Jeremy says that he needed a 'Circle of Three' players to choose to call on this date.))
((The three players chosen were Spanosa, Greth, and Velvet.))
((Jeremy, for some reason, says to not trust Rosa.))
((A pond was apparently found with Jeremy there.))
((He continues, saying we cannot help the dead.))
((He claims the only Moon Child who hasn't died is Kevin.))
((Jeremy says Kevin is only pretending to be stuck in a time loop.))
((Jeremy says the 'Circle of Three' has to work with Kevin.))
((Kevin is going to ask players to do something, and everyone has to agree or it won't work.))
((Jeremy says that we can trust Kevin for now, but once Kevin gets SilentDT, we can no longer trust him.))
((It has apparently changed the rules of the game, and only brand new videos can be submitted in the guestbook.))
((Every time a video is submitted It grows stronger.))
((When asked for a sacrifice earlier, Jeremy was the one who posted a video.))
((There was apparently a man at the pond with a Skull Mask.))
((Players apparently need to get past something called 'The Wall'.))
((Someone called The Governor is coming.))

7/27/16 - Call with Avia

This was an unexpected call from Jeremy. Jeremy says that Rosa can be trusted, and that she is actually the source of a lot of Jeremy's information.

((The player presumably asks Jeremy how he is doing.))
Jeremy: “Gaping hole in chest, no flesh... Just a whisper, in a manner of speaking, quite an abstract situation, how I'm doing (Laughs)"
Jeremy: "...Hmm... I suppose it's easier to say just fine after hearing a pretty young voice like yours, young lady."
Jeremy: "I have already spoken to the three, going around the world as I can see... Spansoa, Greth, Velvet."
Jeremy: "I heard someone didn't want to be Peon... (Laughs)"
((This was a reference to something Avia had said in another chat.))
Jeremy: "I can say to you something that is important to you - There is no reason to distrust Rosa. In fact, she is where I'm getting most of what I know from." 
Jeremy: "I may be an old man and I am perfectly not wise - she is wise beyond on her years... We make it to the next step, the final cycle, soon, child." 
Jeremy: "No more need to worry about the rogues, she has changed the rules. She is fair to some people, not like myself." 
Jeremy: "I feel she is as... It is very important for us to not arrive there. There is one more that I need to speak to. My day job was just a postman."
Jeremy: "Jeremy seems to still be important. Have a safe night, Kimberly. Have a safe night.”

7/27/16 - Call with Orion and Ry

Jeremy: “One moment I'm standing by the house in the lake, the next I'm standing by where my friend was buried." 
Jeremy: "Something something dogs... Rem was so frightened, he didn't understand what he was getting into."
Jeremy: "He shouldn't have moved into that house. He should've been much more truthful with who he spoke with, but it's not his fault he didn't know who was secretly It in this... game it plays." 
Jeremy: "There he goes, and there goes It, it's a shame he could not... It's a shame I could not speak with Ryan, one of your brightest, one of your brightest..." 
Jeremy: "Fortunate of me as well - I am unable to speak. I will take questions from Ryan though. Three."
Jeremy: "It's a shame those dogs died later... the owner ended up with an animal abuse charge. A shame we didn't know it was ... It”
Player: "How do we contact Tyler?"
Jeremy: “Tyler will be contacting you. Tyler is a very complicated situation... very, very complicated situation." 
Jeremy: "Not quite sure why, but with that creature everything needs to be complicated to work." 
Jeremy: "Tyler will be contacting you, however it won't quite be the same Tyler. But, it will. One that made a different choice."
Jeremy: "Would you like to know a secret, no strings attached I promise."
Player: "Yes."
Jeremy: “Very well then, hahahahaha. It... that amalgamation of the boy, the innocent boy, your Link, and... something else that I suppose we can call The Father..." 
Jeremy: "Hmm, do you think it is 3 things? Prominently it is three things, but there is something else in there - Many, many lesser spirits." 
Jeremy: "It takes them like candy, hahaha, like a child. After all, it is one - a child, and also a man, and also something... something else that's just... been for a very long time." 
Jeremy: "BEN for a very long time, hahahaha. But there is one amongst these lesser spirits that some of us, Ryann perhaps, might remember when the time comes."
Jeremy: "It's not something that drowned, hahahaha... but, uh, the word might ring a bell…"
Jeremy: "I'm following right behind Mr. Rem. Mister Hendricks here was very reliant on contacting Thomas. Thomas already knew was what was happening, but how could he know."
Jeremy: "This is a very disorganized union, both unions, both organized for making sure only those with the intention of making sure the others know what the next step is."
Jeremy: "Over the fence, as they say."
Jeremy: "Oh… Are we sure? No questions at all? I would think from our brightest and best there would be an infinite number of inquiries…"
Jeremy: "No questions whatsoever?"
Jeremy: "And I wish that I could have the opportunity to... wield, I suppose you might say, the power that you have borrowed."
Jeremy: "But not for, uh, this small petty window of time that seems to have become so very important. I do honestly wonder, what if he just waited up...”
((The players ask about the power that they hold.))
((Jeremy asks them to be clearer.))
((The players ask Jeremy what he would do with the power if he had it.))
Jeremy: "If I had this power as I am now, I'd try to find out how I can just... put myself to sleep, hahaha..."
Jeremy: "Not to, uh... sound like one of you silly teenagers but, uh, to be quite frank, I fucking hate this, hahaha..."
Jeremy: "But if I was alive, uh... Well, I'd try to contact as many people like myself as I could, for one..." 
Jeremy: "Even though it's a bit rude, hahaha, for some who do not like to be disturbed... but not old Jeremy."
Jeremy: "I always wanted to be a superstar back when I had skin, hahaha..."
Jeremy: "So, while quite loud, all of this attention is somewhat refreshing in what I'm sure will be infinity from now."
Jeremy: "In short, I really don't have a very useful answer. You've done tricks that have contacted others... Try them again."
Player: "Other than Kevin, who should we be looking to talk to?"
Jeremy: "Hmm... If, somehow, you could find a way to speak with Rem, I'm sure it would be quite rewarding."
Jeremy: "He wasn't very trustworthy of anyone in his final moments, but I'm sure whatever position he's in now has probably loosened his lips."
Jeremy: "Ah, here it is... I just got a call from Eulogy, and this time it  told me to wait up. What if he had just waited up..."
Jeremy: "Oh well, that's probably something that can't be changed... It's amazing. Over the fence, as they say..."
Jeremy: "He proceeds through these woods and... he passes right by their base of operations at the time."
Jeremy: "I'm sure you're going to ask 'whose base of operations', but we already had three questions, didn't we?"
Player: "Whose base of operations?"
Jeremy: "Well, at the time, mine. the traitors. Well, at the time then, that, uh, year..."
Jeremy: "For you, uh... six years ago.... somewhere around there - it's much too complicated for me to keep up with, uh, tick tock nonsense on the other side."
Jeremy: "I'm sure as well as the question has been asked before, you'll ask 'who are they'. The traitors."
Jeremy: "Who are the traitors, and who are the traitors, hahahaha... It's quite the question depending on the way you ask, so..."
Jeremy: "I have enough time to give you one shot at asking."
Player: "Who are the traitors?"
Jeremy: "Well, at least I don't have to say anything that'll get me in trouble now. Me, Hank, everyone you already know."
Jeremy: "...And just to set the record straight, Kevin. Kevin, most definitely. Kevin at that time, this time, the window you were in, that time, and even before then, he was one of the traitors."
Jeremy: "Even then, when we were both flesh and I was not one with no skin and he was ot one who was simply half a creature with flesh, hahaha..."
Jeremy: "I didn't even like him then, way too shifty for me... always seemed like he had ulterior motives, hahaha."
Jeremy: "I didn't consider myself nor did I consider anyone around me traitors, however anyone to be called a traitor it would definitely be Kevin."
Jeremy: "But in the end, no matter how insidious he is, it amounts to nothing for him. As I've been told, his story is about to come to a screeching halt."
Jeremy: "So, sorry to ruin the end of the book there if you were... hahahaha, excited for the big Kevin ending."
Jeremy: "Regardless, though... before that ending comes, you should get out of Kevin what you need, which is him instructing you on how to get this SilentDT character."
Jeremy: "And with that... I'll give you one more."
Player: "Who is SilentDT?"
Jeremy: "Hahahaha, that was exactly what I was expecting. I always told Rosa that I didn't believe psychic powers..." 
Jeremy: "This just ass more fuel to that fire if I can do that which makes her so special... but I supposed, uh, whatever she's doing makes her different."
Jeremy: "But... we better start calling me old psychic Jeremy now, hahaha."
Jeremy: "What do I know about old SilentDT? I know hes's Tyler."
Jeremy: "I know he's... also somewhat dangerous."
Jeremy: "Time in this small section of the story is... ripped quite asunder, and this is a Tyler that seems to have made a different decision in this life and has found himself there at the Orchard."
Jeremy: "...Not all that far a walk from where he lives, either. Amazing, not all that far of a walk where the traitors live. Amazing, hahaha..."
Jeremy: "Devine coincidence, as I generally spell it. Oh, that was asked at a point as well. Mr. Greth is one of the three prominents."
Jeremy: "I never quite got around to answering that one. Old Jeremy's got a little too famous to talk to all of his fans, haha..."
Jeremy: "Can't pass out signatures to everyone. All this fame's gone a bit too far to my head, hahaha."
Jeremy: I really wish I was still around int he world of the living. Or not... probably not. Most definitely not, hahahahah."
Jeremy: "However, I can say right now, before I depart and continue on my rounds - I will answer that old question Greth posed."
Jeremy: "What is divine vs devine?"
Jeremy: "But one might say it's a play on words... They always call it divine coincidence. Rosa always called it that, that video game - the one with her name."
Jeremy: "The number three and it's relevance... 423. 1111111111. Dividne coincidence and its relevance."
Jeremy: "However, I say devine. Devil. Evil."
Jeremy: "It's a bit of a play on words, but I never was much of a speller... Dropped out of high school to be in a, uh, cult."
Jeremy: "The next time we speak things might be a little... intense, hahaha. I just hope you all make the right choice."
Jeremy: "But either way, somebody's gotta suffer. Isn't that just how life works? Hahaha."
Jeremy: "Until then, have a safe night."
Jeremy: "And, uh... Don't, uh..." 
Jeremy: "Don't go outside."


[2016-12-29 11:39:43 PM] ARGdov: HEY HEREMY
[2016-12-29 11:39:43 PM] Jeremy J: Or now rather hahahaha
[2016-12-29 11:39:48 PM] Grey: ack
[2016-12-29 11:39:54 PM] 🎄ADULT_LINK [ID]🎄: hey jero
[2016-12-29 11:39:58 PM] Wolfcat: jey jeremy
[2016-12-29 11:40:02 PM] ARGdov: Jey, do you remember us?
[2016-12-29 11:40:16 PM | Edited 11:40:26 PM] ryann foxx: Jello.
[2016-12-29 11:40:16 PM] Jeremy J: Jes haha
[2016-12-29 11:40:42 PM] Purpleleven: I've been looking at these for awhile, and thought something was off, but it is true. Base64 doesn't contain any special characters like punctuation, but base85 does
[2016-12-29 11:40:59 PM] Jeremy J: It has been so long
[2016-12-29 11:41:03 PM] Leliel: Jeremy!
[2016-12-29 11:41:07 PM] ryann foxx: yes it has 8^(
[2016-12-29 11:41:22 PM] Leliel: I was looking at the skype group for awhile and then I looked a bit harder and then I was like "oh crap this guy's serious business"!
[2016-12-29 11:41:30 PM] Grey: which is hilarious by the way
[2016-12-29 11:41:33 PM] Leliel: I'm so happy! Welcome back man =D
[2016-12-29 11:41:45 PM] ARGdov: are you doing ok, Jeremy?
[2016-12-29 11:43:06 PM] Leliel: Are you doing well? Also, do you remember me? =D
[2016-12-29 11:43:50 PM] 🎄ADULT_LINK [ID]🎄: ... I found fuckin Saitama in a santa outfit in crosscode
[2016-12-29 11:44:07 PM] 🎄ADULT_LINK [ID]🎄: .-.
[2016-12-29 11:44:08 PM] Jeremy J: ryann foxx - Today 1:41 AM
> yes it has 8^(
Turn that frown upside down young one we have no time for sad faces. Soon is the time of action.
ARGdov - Today 1:41 AM
> are you doing ok, Jeremy?
8^ ) as good as I can be like this, same as always.
[2016-12-29 11:44:18 PM] 🎄ADULT_LINK [ID]🎄: 8^y
[2016-12-29 11:44:19 PM] Grey: Cross code has a full release now?
[2016-12-29 11:44:25 PM] 🎄ADULT_LINK [ID]🎄: nah not yet
[2016-12-29 11:44:30 PM] Leliel: 8^O
[2016-12-29 11:44:31 PM] 🎄ADULT_LINK [ID]🎄: still in early access
[2016-12-29 11:44:35 PM] 🎄ADULT_LINK [ID]🎄: john got it for me for xmas
[2016-12-29 11:44:37 PM] Jeremy J: Pay close attention
[2016-12-29 11:44:39 PM] 🎄ADULT_LINK [ID]🎄: (thank you john)
[2016-12-29 11:45:07 PM] ryann foxx: We will.
[2016-12-29 11:45:12 PM] Jeremy J: It has been so long no thanks to that wayward boy
[2016-12-29 11:45:33 PM] Leliel: Carry on my wayward son...
[2016-12-29 11:45:44 PM] Jeremy J: Insidea if I remember
[2016-12-29 11:45:52 PM] Jeremy J: I spoke of him before
[2016-12-29 11:45:59 PM] ryann foxx: Kevin.
[2016-12-29 11:45:59 PM] Leliel: Yeah, that's the name.
[2016-12-29 11:46:21 PM] Jeremy J: Kevin has held things in place
[2016-12-29 11:46:39 PM] Leliel: Like new years eve parties>
[2016-12-29 11:46:46 PM] Jeremy J: Im not sure what he hoped to gain from this
[2016-12-29 11:47:16 PM] Jeremy J: Maybe he thought he could bend the rules to his will
[2016-12-29 11:47:32 PM] Jeremy J: Get the outcome he wants all by himself
[2016-12-29 11:47:50 PM] Grey: I take it that this didn't work.
[2016-12-29 11:47:53 PM] Leliel: Ah, I see. Be on the side of only himself?
[2016-12-29 11:48:04 PM] ryann foxx: Hold on...
[2016-12-29 11:48:08 PM] Jeremy J: But even She cannot break the rules that hard
[2016-12-29 11:48:10 PM] ryann foxx: Nevermind, continue.
[2016-12-29 11:48:20 PM] Grey: She?
[2016-12-29 11:48:23 PM] ryann foxx: Luna.
[2016-12-29 11:48:25 PM] Leliel: What rule was he trying to break?
[2016-12-29 11:49:21 PM] Jeremy J: Take control of that which is behind the wall of truth
[2016-12-29 11:49:33 PM] Leliel: Oh man, that darn mystery.
[2016-12-29 11:49:38 PM] Jeremy J: But he is something like me now
[2016-12-29 11:49:44 PM] Jeremy J: We cannot do this
[2016-12-29 11:49:46 PM] Leliel: Oh no! ):
[2016-12-29 11:50:03 PM] Purpleleven: So he has been found  out as well?
[2016-12-29 11:50:18 PM] Leliel: Something like you? But not exactly?
[2016-12-29 11:51:06 PM] Jeremy J: The difference between me and him is he killed to last beyond his own life
[2016-12-29 11:51:09 PM] BKG CircleHunter: oh shit
[2016-12-29 11:51:16 PM] Jeremy J: I just worked for it hahaha
[2016-12-29 11:51:19 PM] Leliel: dark
[2016-12-29 11:51:20 PM] Grey: Do you happen to know a girl named Hope by any chance?
[2016-12-29 11:51:29 PM] BKG CircleHunter: i am late to the party
[2016-12-29 11:51:33 PM] Jeremy J: But you can see what that got me
[2016-12-29 11:51:52 PM] Jeremy J: Death by itself is truly a gift hahaha
[2016-12-29 11:52:33 PM] Jeremy J: I long now for only null and void
[2016-12-29 11:52:46 PM] Jeremy J: But enough of my problems hahahaha
[2016-12-29 11:53:11 PM] Leliel: We'll get you your rest, don't worry
[2016-12-29 11:53:25 PM] ryann foxx: So, Kevin tried to play both sides and betrayed all of them, but it backfired?
[2016-12-29 11:54:13 PM] Jeremy J: It is currently backfiring after a countless amount of trials and failures and loops back to day one
[2016-12-29 11:54:17 PM] Jeremy J: So many
[2016-12-29 11:54:55 PM] Grey: ....How amny times have you guys looped?!
[2016-12-29 11:55:06 PM] Leliel: Oh! Is Kevin responsible for the time loop?
[2016-12-29 11:55:08 PM] ryann foxx: wait wait what if when the title was cycling that was kevin
[2016-12-29 11:55:17 PM] Leliel: Hmm
[2016-12-29 11:55:20 PM] Leliel: There's too many cycles
[2016-12-29 11:55:23 PM] Jeremy J: The ones lost within this place have suffered and those he sought to govern now rebel against him
[2016-12-29 11:55:46 PM | Edited 11:55:56 PM] Grey: You mean Hope and the guy who held us at gunpoint?
[2016-12-29 11:57:12 PM] Jeremy J: Those events are but the screaming memories of lost moonchildren. Some stuck by association but not related to your own goal.
[2016-12-29 11:58:15 PM] Jeremy J: Im glad I died in peace
[2016-12-29 11:58:31 PM] Jeremy J: Stabbed in the neck by my own son hahaha
[2016-12-29 11:59:32 PM] BKG CircleHunter: so these people we heard from earlier are dead?
[12:00:12 AM] Jeremy J: But I was hardly awake while it happened so it was not of much a shock until later or earlier or something hahaha
[12:00:39 AM] Jeremy J: circle_hunter - Today 1:59 AM
> so these people we heard from earlier are dead?
To those who are "living"
[12:01:15 AM] Jeremy J: These terms get quite confusing once you are where I have been boy hahahaha
[12:01:32 AM] Grey: But we were talking to them, how could they be memories?
[12:01:43 AM] Leliel: Is the word conscious fair game?
[12:02:02 AM] ryann foxx: I think they're like...
[12:02:09 AM] Jeremy J: Leliel - Today 2:01 AM
> Is the word conscious fair game?
That covers it best I suppose haha
[12:02:30 AM] Leliel: Does conscious include the ability to think?
[12:02:41 AM] Jeremy J: Sometimes
[12:03:07 AM] Leliel: Hmm, then yeah, it does cover pretty well.
[12:03:25 AM] ARGdov: ugh, I’m tired
[12:03:29 AM] Jeremy J: When She cant take that much from you or chooses to give it
to you, yes one may think here haha.
[12:03:35 AM] ARGdov: I have to go to sleep, Im sorry, guys
[12:03:44 AM] ARGdov: I’ll read through the backlog or the doc tomorrow
[12:03:52 AM] ARGdov: best of luck to you
[12:03:59 AM] Leliel: Good night Dov
[12:04:27 AM] ryann foxx: So they're not like... data ghosts, so to speak? Echoes? They're actually sentient beings?
[12:04:36 AM] ryann foxx: Night, Dov.
[12:05:26 AM] Jeremy J: There is every manner of thing in this sudo universe
[12:05:32 AM] Leliel: Isn't Jeremy one of those people, whose sentient right now?
[12:05:39 AM] Jeremy J: This parody of your own reality
[12:05:58 AM] Leliel: Sounds like a fascinating world.
[12:09:03 AM] Grey: So why the run around with the glitch text
[12:11:16 AM] Jeremy J: You can see a little bit of everything from yesterday, today, tomorrow or sometimes more than one or all at once. Its a bit confusing and many things walk through this place besides me. Things from before your world came to be, before She participated in the process of what created it. But NOW I am certainly saying too much and will certainly bring trouble on myself hahahaha
[12:11:27 AM] Jeremy J: That can be a story for another time
[12:11:49 AM] ryann foxx: Right, that weird parallelos you're trapped in.
[12:12:24 AM] 女佣机器人: oh, hey Jeremy
[12:13:12 AM] Jeremy J: greyoutt2 - Today 2:09 AM
> So why the run around with the glitch text
She has an odd fascination,in what she is in control of, for arbitrary challenges since She cannot outright stop someone like me from going where I please.
[12:15:13 AM] Jeremy J: Most likely due to its fury in the arbitrary process, which prevents her access to what she desires until she may have it completed.
[12:17:13 AM] ryann foxx: Hmmm...
[12:17:24 AM] ryann foxx: Is there anything particularly pressing we need to discuss or go over?
[12:18:04 AM] Jeremy J: The process I just mentioned of course hahaha
[12:19:05 AM] Jeremy J: I have seen a lot of things
[12:19:32 AM] Leliel: Hmm, would you have a name for the pseudo reality you live in? It'd be helpful if we had something easy to refer to it to.
[12:20:18 AM] Jeremy J: Well I have heard a lot of things call it a lot of stuff
[12:20:36 AM] Leliel: A list of names might be more useful then one name, actually!
[12:20:46 AM] Grey: How about we call it "The Upside-Down"?
[12:21:20 AM] Jeremy J: My "religious group"  had a name for it too but that was, in a way, so long ago I have forgotten it.
[12:21:32 AM] ryann foxx: Wait, hold up, uh...
[12:21:38 AM] Leliel: Darn
[12:22:06 AM] Leliel: Maybe the undead world is a fitting name
[12:22:21 AM] ryann foxx: I might be able to dig it up...
[12:22:26 AM] ryann foxx: It's not the parallelos of the dead...
[12:22:41 AM] Leliel: For something temporary
[12:22:49 AM] Jeremy J: Many seem to just call it "fake" in disbelief of what they must experience
[12:22:52 AM] ryann foxx: Would you be considered 'ascended', whatever the requirements for that are?
[12:23:08 AM] Leliel: Then calling it the fake world will do
[12:23:35 AM] ryann foxx: Oh, hold up. Fakeworld, haha, that brings back memories of Janus...
[12:23:42 AM] Jeremy J: ryann foxx - Today 2:22 AM
> Would you be considered 'ascended', whatever the requirements for that are?
Probably hahaha
[12:23:44 AM] Leliel: Although whether we use it or not depends on how well it catches on with people here.
[12:23:56 AM] ryann foxx: Okay, you might be considered a 'finitor'.
[12:23:57 AM] 女佣机器人: dead world sounds kind of silly because it's hard to call them "dead" per se
[12:24:10 AM] ryann foxx: Or... hm.
[12:24:16 AM] 女佣机器人: also idk where we're at here but has anyone ever experienced this place without "dying"
[12:24:19 AM] ryann foxx: Parallelos of the Ascended, then, I suppose.
[12:24:20 AM] Leliel: I always felt ascension was a state similar to what Jeremy is in but "special".
[12:24:24 AM] 女佣机器人: forgive me if I'm late
[12:24:37 AM] ryann foxx:
[12:24:48 AM] ryann foxx: Well, powerful ascended people are like that
[12:24:51 AM] ryann foxx: "Special"
[12:24:57 AM] ryann foxx: There's also, like, botched ascensions
[12:26:20 AM] Leliel: Well, botched ascension could just be actual death
[12:26:38 AM] Leliel: I mean ascension involves electrocution and you mess that up...
[12:26:50 AM] ryann foxx: Nope nope
[12:26:51 AM] ryann foxx:
[12:26:59 AM] ryann foxx: More than just electrocution, drowning, bunch of other stuff
[12:27:21 AM] ryann foxx: If you're not trained properly, you can get trapped in 'portals' like, and presumably
[12:27:50 AM] Leliel: Hey Jeremy, what do you think of the stuff Ryann is linking?
[12:27:55 AM] ryann foxx: Anyway:
[12:18 AM] Jeremy J: 
<<< The process I just mentioned of course hahahaYou said we need to discuss this?
[12:29:11 AM] 女佣机器人: oh nevermind, I read that site Ryann linked and it answered my question
oh cool Scrying
[12:29:21 AM] 女佣机器人: I wonder if Scrying Mirrors will come of use in some way, shape, or form
[12:29:31 AM] ryann foxx: scrying?
[12:29:33 AM] 女佣机器人: inb4 MM specific Mirror shield
[12:29:45 AM] BKG CircleHunter: i almost bought an obsidian mirror a while back
[12:29:50 AM] BKG CircleHunter: still really want to
[12:30:18 AM] BKG CircleHunter: but that's because of an entirely different cult
[12:30:24 AM] BKG CircleHunter: of the colored shellfish variety
[12:30:28 AM] 女佣机器人: [12:29 AM] 女佣机器人: 
<<< oh cool Scrying
I wonder if Scrying Mirrors will come of use in some way, shape, or form
inb4 MM specific Mirror shieldI say this because it's the closest to the idea and there's no Mirror shield that is black, even though Scrying Mirrors are typically black.
[12:31:19 AM] 女佣机器人: basically the Scrying section on lunar children describes exactly what it is, but in various forms of witchcraft it uses a black mirror to see things within the reflection
[12:31:22 AM] 女佣机器人: or lack of one, whichever
[12:31:38 AM] ryann foxx: there's a scrying section on the lc site?
[12:31:48 AM] 女佣机器人: it's in Parallelos
[12:31:58 AM] Leliel: I'll probably start heading to bed after what Jeremy says next
[12:32:04 AM] 女佣机器人: Scrying: Looking into a parallelos to attain visions. One may also without having ascended to attain visions of past, present or future. Though it is possible to do this with various devices, Scrying can be done with the mind alone by those of the parallelos path teachings, and with much greater accuracy but at the high cost of mental vitality. It is thought that over use or misuse may cause blindness.
[12:32:56 AM] 女佣机器人: a crystal ball might also be considered Scrying
[12:33:14 AM] ryann foxx: [12:32 AM] 女佣机器人: 
<<< It is thought that over use or misuse may cause blindness.hey, didn't Jeremy's brother go blind in one eye or something
I know some guy's brother did
[12:33:25 AM] Jeremy J: Yes, there is a ceremony of sorts. One that requires the four giants, one who is living and the "mask" that is placed upon him.
[12:34:53 AM] Jeremy J: Kevin believes he shall gain much more power from causing this ceremony to unfold and bring about her time.
[12:35:12 AM] 女佣机器人: when scrying, do some go blind from seeing Her, as it has been said in the past mortals are not meant to do so?
[12:35:17 AM] Jeremy J: Ifrit, in a manner of speaking, still walks your earth.
[12:35:49 AM] Leliel: I have to sleep now
[12:35:53 AM] Leliel: Its nice seeing you again Jeremy
[12:36:03 AM] ryann foxx: Ifrit's... possessed, right? By something?
[12:36:08 AM] ryann foxx: Night, Leliel.
[12:36:17 AM] Leliel: Night, Ryann
[12:36:29 AM] 女佣机器人: I'm curious because we could be misinterpreting various lines about eyes being taken this entire time /shrug
[12:36:33 AM] Jeremy J: He believes he will make himself the one holding that "mask"
[12:37:14 AM] ryann foxx: Who does, Kevin?
[12:37:28 AM] Jeremy J: But in his state has been blinded from the truth
[12:37:36 AM] Jeremy J: ryann foxx - Today 2:37 AM
> Who does, Kevin?
[12:38:55 AM] Jeremy J: That one has already been chosen
[12:39:10 AM] Jeremy J: He was chosen then and he is chosen now
[12:39:42 AM] Jeremy J: He is chosen everytime no matter how many "times" it comes to pass
[12:40:11 AM] Jeremy J: And there is no "time" in which this changes
[12:40:35 AM] ryann foxx: What's with the quotes around "time"?
[12:41:10 AM] Jeremy J: That one is Tyler
[12:41:16 AM] 女佣机器人: idk if you guys have discussed Thoth yet, but there are some interesting things behind Thoth worth appreciated based on a character's username being such, whether relevant or not. such as Symbol  Moon disk, papyrus scroll, reed pens, writing palette, stylus, ibis, baboon, scales
[12:41:19 AM] Jeremy J: But I feel you knew this
[12:42:26 AM] Jeremy J: The ceremony has already occured partially
[12:43:22 AM] Jeremy J: Only due to the ignorance of those involved
[12:43:45 AM] Jeremy J: But the next part involves you all
[12:44:06 AM] 🎄ADULT_LINK [ID]🎄: binding of Isaac is an amazing and broken game
[12:44:09 AM] 🎄ADULT_LINK [ID]🎄: 100/10
[12:44:10 AM] ryann foxx: The Ceremony of the Three Elements?
[12:44:14 AM] Oceanstuck, Knight of Light (Lewis): yo lonk arg shit is happening
[12:44:16 AM] ryann foxx: Is that the ceremony?
[12:44:18 AM] 🎄ADULT_LINK [ID]🎄: o oops
[12:44:38 AM] 女佣机器人: I never thought having some fun facts due to enjoying various forms of neo-paganism would be of any (possible) relevance but I'm now interested in Thoth, the character.
[12:44:47 AM] ryann foxx: "Just as well, one of the most important ceremonies involving the return of mother, involves the gathering of 3 very important individuals representative of the three silver secrets. This ritual is known as the Ceremony of the three elements."
[12:45:47 AM] 女佣机器人: "The magical powers of Thoth were so great, that the Egyptians had tales of a 'Book of Thoth', which would allow a person who read the sacred book to become the most powerful magician in the world. The Book which "the god of wisdom wrote with his own hand" was, though, a deadly book that brought nothing but pain and tragedy to those that read it, despite finding out about the "secrets of the gods themselves" and "all that is hidden in the stars".
[12:46:08 AM] ryann foxx: Book.
[12:46:14 AM] ryann foxx: Book taken from the Lunars.
[12:46:20 AM] ryann foxx: I think we should let Jeremy finish typing now.
[12:46:27 AM] 女佣机器人: we should, yeah
[12:46:58 AM] 女佣机器人: and I wouldn't take everything from stories about Thoth, but there are some interesting parallels that are probably due to good research on GM's part, if nothing else
[12:47:15 AM] Jeremy J: Not exactly sure what three elements are supposed to be, I might have been at some point. But book reminds me, somone actually wrote a book a long time ago hahaha
[12:47:48 AM] Grey: Fascinating.
[12:48:31 AM] ryann foxx: The Libro Lunarus?
[12:48:34 AM] 女佣机器人: here's the story of Ra's curse (Nut being unable to have children) being broken by Thoth, a god who was in love with her.
[12:48:35 AM] Jeremy J: The book consisted of "whispers" from that evil thing
[12:49:57 AM] 女佣机器人: how old is this book, and where could we find it?
[12:50:20 AM] Jeremy J: The one copy of it was defaced by someone I used to be very friendly with and filled with many of his grief driven delusions.
[12:50:59 AM] 女佣机器人: was that someone Kelbris? I apologize, its been awhile so I cannot recall his true name at the moment.
[12:51:10 AM] Jeremy J: Delusions I mostly followed, if for nothing else, due to my fondness of him.
[12:51:34 AM] Jeremy J: He was a very good friend until the incident
[12:51:50 AM] Jeremy J: But that is not really relevant hahaha
[12:52:10 AM] ryann foxx: The three elements or secrets, would two of those be Power and Wisdom?
[12:55:42 AM] Jeremy J: insertcreativeusername - Today 2:50 AM
> was that someone Kelbris? I apologize, its been awhile so I cannot recall his true name at the moment.
Kelbris was a very good friend and it was quite a shame how he was treated by the "family". But naturally as soon as they realize he had some sort of power they go and pretend he was their saint and chase after any crumb they can get from him hahaha
[12:59:21 AM] Jeremy J: Yes Hank was the one who got his hands on that book. From where I cant be sure, but probably from that dark deed he went through with. As a father myself it was hard for me to be understanding. But I stuck by the old fool, guess that was a mistake hahaha
[1:00:03 AM] ryann foxx: The dark deed... is that referring to what he did to his son?
[1:00:14 AM] 🎄ADULT_LINK [ID]🎄: (psst hey scoot)
[1:00:41 AM] 女佣机器人: would you say he was possibly rewarded with this book, by another? Whether a "higher" power, or a normal person with similar beliefs
[1:01:11 AM] 女佣机器人: and if we can trace its origins, is it possible such knowledge could help us stop all of this?
[1:01:32 AM] ryann foxx: I think LiquidSaint/SKM/Alex has the book.
[1:02:25 AM] 女佣机器人: I wonder if there's a way to get it from them, in some sense, but given what Jeremy has said doing so would probably have some pretty dark implications on our part
[1:02:51 AM] 女佣机器人: if so I'm not sure everyone would be on board with what that would probably entail, depending.
[1:03:31 AM] 女佣机器人: But, it could be similar to TribeTwelve's journal situation
[1:07:35 AM] Jeremy J: No need to its use has passed at this point, the knowledge within is muddled with falsehoods. What is true would only make you like me in the end, I promise that is not something to give praise to hahaha. But the ritual occurred in the building where this whole mess started. Tyler has understood what he must do to escape. But I am here now to tell you something
[1:08:21 AM] Jeremy J: Something honestly I am a bit afraid to say, seeing as she can still see what she cant touch haha
[1:09:38 AM] Jeremy J: I told you before you will be given a choice and it is up to you, the ones involved. To finish this little legend.
[1:10:49 AM] Jeremy J: I am not going to go into detail I will be in enough trouble already
[1:11:04 AM] Jeremy J: But that choice will be
[1:11:43 AM] Jeremy J: Will you "turn off the power" so to speak
[1:12:36 AM] Jeremy J: Will you kill it?
[1:12:56 AM] ryann foxx: It?
[1:12:56 AM] Purpleleven: What exactly would we be shutting down?
[1:13:43 AM] Jeremy J: That poor amalgamation of a soul
[1:14:08 AM] Jeremy J: That sick creature trying to control it for her will
[1:14:16 AM] Grey: Amalgamation?
[1:14:20 AM] Purpleleven: We have the power to "turn off" Luna? How?
[1:14:30 AM] ryann foxx: Mr. D
[1:14:31 AM] Jeremy J: Ben
[1:14:32 AM] ryann foxx: I believe.
[1:14:36 AM] Jeremy J: Tyler
[1:14:39 AM] Jeremy J: BEN
[1:14:44 AM] Purpleleven: AH, whoops
[1:15:09 AM] Jeremy J: Mr.D also works
[1:15:23 AM] Jeremy J: It was one title it went under
[1:15:32 AM] 女佣机器人: [1:13 AM] Jeremy J: 
<<< That poor amalgamation of a soul
That sick creature trying to control it for her willBetter for the world as a whole Better for the tool being used, this implies, to be ended. I would say the answer is definitely to kill it.
[1:15:52 AM] Purpleleven: That seems all to simple a solution though. I suspect that would not actually get rid of the issue that is Luna, just the symptoms as we would have to deal with them.
[1:16:22 AM] ryann foxx: I don't know if Luna is an issue, per se, she seems at most neutral, not benevolent or malicious.
[1:16:52 AM] Jeremy J: ryann foxx - Today 3:16 AM
> I don't know if Luna is an issue, per se, she seems at most neutral, not benevolent or malicious.
I am afraid you are mistaken
[1:17:12 AM] Purpleleven: I think we've known for a bit that Luna basically eats souls
[1:17:36 AM] Jeremy J: That thing most certainly would love nothing more than to have you by the neck
[1:17:36 AM] 女佣机器人: If a god has no worshippers, is it a god? D E L E T  B O O K D E L E T C U L T
[1:17:54 AM] ryann foxx: Probably. Right, so Luna is an issue.
[1:18:04 AM] Jeremy J: Jeremy J - Today 3:17 AM
> That thing most certainly would love nothing more than to have you by the neck
This is a very laughable understatement hahaha
[1:18:19 AM] ryann foxx: And Mr. D gets her, or it, power?
[1:18:26 AM] Purpleleven: So, what would removing BEN do to efforts on stopping Luna?
[1:19:25 AM] ryann foxx: [1:11 AM] Jeremy J: 
<<< Will you "turn off the power" so to speak
[1:19:33 AM] ryann foxx: I believe it acts as a power source, or something?
[1:25:22 AM] Jeremy J: Tyler while under the control of the "mask" acts as a sort of way point for her from this world. The giants shall then make the way for her to enter(which is and always has been their only true purpose as the giants are not who they inhabbit but beings from long before your time). However those who granted this rite power made these conditions final.
[1:26:14 AM] ryann foxx: A waypoint. Like a link?
[1:26:23 AM] ryann foxx: Hence why he was called the Harbingers' Link.
[1:26:28 AM] 女佣机器人: Tyler becomes a vessel, perhaps?
[1:26:45 AM] Jeremy J: You could say he is a link if you like hahaha
[1:27:19 AM] Jeremy J: I need to get going
[1:27:42 AM] Jeremy J: I have put myself in danger for my loud mouth as usual
[1:28:01 AM] Jeremy J: Would not want the mess to spill over to you hahaha
[1:28:13 AM] ryann foxx: Good luck, Jeremy. Stay safe, if there's any semblance of that thing wherever you are.
[1:28:51 AM] Purpleleven: So we shut off BEN, completely removing Tyler, but we stop Luna from gaining any more power? Good luck with whatever goes on where you are.
[1:29:10 AM] ryann foxx: Or free Tyler from the mask, maybe?
[1:29:20 AM] 女佣机器人: idk, it might be too late for that.
[1:29:33 AM] 女佣机器人: However those who granted this rite power made these conditions final.
[1:30:08 AM] BKG CircleHunter: Are there others like you willing to help?
[1:30:13 AM] BKG CircleHunter: Able to give advice?
[1:30:54 AM] Jeremy J: If you can somehow at some point get to that nice young lady for me
[1:31:04 AM] Jeremy J: Tell her I said hello again


Jeremy: "You did it.  I knew you could."
Jeremy: "Not the best it could have went, but nothing’s perfect."
Jeremy: "Tell me, what will you do now that your game is over?"
Jeremy: "She is not dead, she’s only closed her entryway."
Jeremy: "She’s still out there, waiting."
Jeremy: "Waiting to claw into this reality."
Jeremy: "But when she does, it will be a long time after you all are dead."
Jeremy: "So that’s it, then."
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