Jacob is a former Internet Detective, and a prospective Lunar Children member. He was involved in the infamous incident at the fishery on 11/11/11. His whereabouts are currently unknown.


Mason & Doug Arc

Jacob first appeared during the Mason & Doug Arc by posting a comment on Doug's blog letschasethemouse. In the comment, Jacob asked if he could join the cult that Doug had blogged about. Doug referred Jacob to Mason (a recruiter for the Lunar Children), who had Jacob perform an introduction test video.  Doug tells Jacob that he is being introducted into the Lunar Children, but it will take a while, and that happens only for very important members.

Dead Arc

Jacob returns via the Dead Arc in a video posted by Silentdork titled: Jacob. Later, several conversations about Jacob were had between the Internet Detectives and Tyler.

In the video posted by Silentdork titled: Fishery, text flashes on the screen suggesting that Jacob was at the fishery during the ceremony on 11/11/11.


Official chant for recruits-000:40

Official chant for recruits-0

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