Helper was a guide for the ID's, and interceded on behalf of the ID's several times. He sometimes appears to give the group hints.

He was killed by a rock that was flung on accident by Mason, and lost his hat when Mason ran off with it, ignorant of its significance. But he has since gotten the hat back.

He has a habit of calling us "adventurers" and giving circular answers under the assumption that we already know the answer, which prevents us from exploiting his helpful nature to fish for spoilers or otherwise learn information that the GMs do not wish for us to know at the time..

He was originally invoked by posting an image of the Postman's Hat from Majora's Mask until his death wherein he would appear randomly in the Skype chat.

A terminology entry on the Lunarchildren Site gives his real name as Auxiliatis, and describes him as a former servant of Luna who transgressed against Her, wishing to pleasure himself with the observable universe rather than being bound to Her service. In anger, Luna cursed him to servitude to mortal man.

The description given by the site discourages invoking his name unless in a desperate situation, or neither Patrem nor Tenebris Link can be called upon instead; in either case, the one invoking may only do so with the permission of an elder member and/or the group's pastor, Father Vincent.

Helper is played by Dawn of a New Day. Despite Dawn's Demon status, he is unanimously considered trustworthy.

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