Greth records himself talking about the Internet Detectives on his way to work.


Details as of 9/14/18.






Greth Vlogs 4

Greth Vlogs 4


The video begins with Greth driving in his car.

Greth: "So this is just a quick update. Um... I'm getting ready for work... Or actually I'm driving to work. Uh, you can see I've got my sweet Secret of Mana sweater on. (Laughs) Um... I guess, as I had to explain in the actual ID, um... Part of the reason I'm doing this is because it helps me feel closer to you guys regardless- regardless of whether you actually watch them or not, I feel like... I'm kinda reminding myself that I need to... interact with ID more. (Coughs) The Internet Detectives more because it's a community that kinda adopted me post-Within Hubris and it's a community I like a lot, and uh... I've been put in a position recently where, uh... I should not take said community for granted and I should really just be around... And I know this really has nothing to do with Discord or, like, moderating or whatever- any of that. But it just kind of helps me stay focused and, you know, have an outlet and let you guys know I'm here, I guess. Um, this is the quickest of updates... Not the hardest button to button, kinda the easiest one... but it was worth saying... and I love you guys, and I appreciate you guys... and I think that despite some vitriol that the group can kinda have towards itself sometimes that we have a long time together still of good times ahead. And... my hair is very long so I'm sorry if it's in my eyes. That's it. Bye."

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