A guide to songs, masks, and other tools available.


This page has been an important place for gathering information during updates, as well as letting us know if we've gotten something wrong in the past. Updates often, especially during gameplay, and is always wiped clean shortly after discovery.

Also known as "K", this email account can be used to ask questions. It should be noted that there are an untold amount of entities that respond to emails sent to "K", it is difficult to get the same one twice, and not all entities posses information.

When in control of a Fairy Ocarina, song choices seem to be limited to MM or OOT.

Oath to Order

Oath to Order
First song used in the ARG, started the game. Presumably killed Doug

(represented as Deku Link dying in a .swf on Song of time was played by the GM to reset time.

Song of Storms

Used to make it start/stop raining.

Song of Time

Used to rewind time, allowing us to "start again."

Epona's Song

Used to stabilize Patrem's communication with us on Within Hubris. It also later let us contact Helper on the lunar children forums

Bolero of Fire

Used by BEN to set Tyler's work station on fire.

New Wave Bossa Nova

When used by the IDs, this song brought forth new characters in the game.

Masks can be used as a help tool, or to affect the characters in game

Mask of Truth

Mask of Truth
When used, it made Doug speak to us in a "trance like" state.

Bunny Hood

Bunny Hood
This mask allowed us to hear corrupted audios clearer.

Kamarao's Mask

Kamaros Mask
When used, it gave Mason a strong urge to dance.

Stone Mask

Stone Mask
When used, it made Doug invisible to his schoolmates.

Item Powers
Items are helpful tools when stuck

Lens of Truth

Lens of Truth
This item allowed us to see things hidden in images.