This video is a fortune given to players by Rosa. It reuses Rosa's fortune from Jadusable's ARG and foreshadows many story elements that would appear in future arcs. The video is dense with hidden images.


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The video begins with a black screen. We hear one of Rosa's lines from Jadusable's ARG, but distorted.

Rosa: "You have been... no, no, you are going to-"

The audio stutters as two images of an airport flash on screen followed by a photo of Australia, referencing Tyler's eventual trip to Australia.

Rosa: "Why is he smiling?"

A shaky image of Tenebris appears followed by a very faint version of the same image. A symbol similar to Majora's Mask flashes on screen briefly followed by the letter 'B'.

Rosa: "The Father? Is it the Father behind him?"

A distorted image of the Happy Mask Salesman appears on screen with text flashing in and out.



"puppeteer holding the strings"


An image of the shadow man from 'The Weird Guy' appears with more text:

"waiting to take my true puppet"


The Rosa quotes continue.

Rosa: "You chased it for the one at the top of the city..."

'D.gif' appears faintly.

Rosa: "On the sea..."

'Thethirdgiant.webm' can be seen faintly.

Rosa: "Oh, underground..."

'Mask2willfindyou.webm' appears very faintly.

Rosa: "Ha, you found it... in the crypt, heh... it's open... hoh, he... it's open... oh god, oh god, run!"

A clip from 'Returning to fishery' plays showing Tyler knocking on the Fishery door. Doug opens the door and a static noise plays.

Rosa: "He's not who he says she is and it's going to burn."

Images of Patrem and the Happy Mask Salesman appear. What seems to be the interior of a house appears as well.

Rosa: "Dinosaurs?"

An image of Ifrit's avatar from appears with the text:

"he has already begun and it shall be him who ends the liar"

Rosa: "He's furious..."

Regiminis flashes on screen, followed by a clip of 'Accidental recording' of Tyler in the convenience store. This is shown:

"I have the damn trinket she gave him"

Rosa: "The man with the crest..."

Photos of the necklace Carla gave Tyler appear on screen.

Rosa: "The voice in the darkness, boss."

A photo of Jadusable is shown. Patrem can be heard whispering something in the background and brief clips of Tyler's voice cut in and out. 'Who's That Knocking' by The Genies begins playing as we see footage of a green hallway. We see someone approach a door and reach for the handle.

Rosa: "Don't open it."


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