A class of players with special knowledge about the game (also known as spoilers), known for using their knowledge to direct or, more sinister, misdirect the player-base as a whole. They were significantly active in the first arc of the game, but have had no major role in the second, and all known demons (at least for the time being) have since returned to the role of normal players.

Known demons include Dawn of a New Day, CircleHunter/Captain Desdinova, and Mando. The latter is infamous for helping to orchestrate a certain catastrophic failure by the players at the end of the first arc.


While they hold the secret knowledge of the game, half-demons do not have any special function within the game. While not an official phrasing, the misspelling "half-dempn" has been retained due to comedic purposes.

The only confirmed half-demon is Adult_Link, however Eve "Eevee" Sim has been suspected of the characteristics associated with half-Demon status.