1/22/15 – 5/15/15
Arc 1
5/15/15 - Present
Arc 2

The first arc of the Johnisdead arg centers around a new recruit to the Moon Children, Douglas P, and his friend Mason who introduced him. The players, communicating across time from the present day to 2009, attempted to steer Doug away from involvement with the cult, to little success. Over the course of the arc, Doug and Mason developed an enmity that forced the players to take sides, which would have culminated in their deaths had the arc not been forced to end early due to scheduling problems on the part of the GM, then known as The Man.

The second arc of the ARG is currently ongoing, and centers around a group of friends, Tyler, John, Jacob, and Kevin. John, at the beginning of the arc, is revealed to have been killed violently (perhaps ascended), as the ARG title might suggest, while Jacob appears to have been forcibly integrated into the Lunar Children and Kevin is possibly an active member. All of them except Kevin were (and OOC still are) ID regulars.

The focus of the players has been to protect Tyler, who has had the memory of his involvement with the Internet Detectives wiped by /Patrem\. Unfortunately, he has been driven away from the group, by a failed attempt at telling him the truth.

Players have occasionally held contact with a fellow calling himself SKM, an infiltrator with inside knowledge of the LC seeking vengeance for the loss of his brother. They can also attempt to contact an email named K, to receive info from a random source.

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