Ascension is a ritual performed by both the Lunar Children and the Moon Children that involves the death of the participant in hopes of attaining a higher form of being. Not much is known about the entire process, only that the souls of the participants seem to become 'digitized' afterwards, able to travel through technology and be stored in websites.

Types of Ascension

The terminology pages on the Lunar Children website provide information on different types of ascension.


Devium is the lowest form of ascension, said to be barely classifiable as one on the Lunar Children site. It is not a status that is to be sought over, having very little power and control. It is also said that no Deviums have ever risen above the status of 'Devium', meaning that these souls are most likely stuck in this state forever. Deviums are said to suffer from 'novum ascensionem', or 'newly ascended syndrome', which causes unusual behavior. The numerous souls found on are all classified as Deviums.


A Eulogy is a slightly more powerful example of ascension, often seen as the 'preferred' level of ascension. Eulogies have the ability to communicate with our world. However, more capable Eulogies can briefly physically manifest in, and even manipulate our reality. They also have the ability to possess a willing host. It is said that most Eulogies have already reached their full potential as soon as they ascend, though, unable to obtain more power.

The term 'Eulogy' originates from a speech told by the overseer of the Orchard compound - "Though he may no longer be under total control of his own fate, in his short time he was a eulogy to his death. His sacrifice to Tenebris will prove to put us far beyond the harbingers."


A very high level of ascension, said to be very capable and powerful. Has the ability of travelling through time by traversing various parallelos. Finitors also have the power of travelling to any parallelos besides Luna's parallelos. It is said that one must work very closely with The Father order to become a Finitor.


Those who have transcended have ascended while keeping their physical bodies. It's said that only those who are chosen directly by Luna to perform specific tasks are transcended. Transcended have the ability to hear Luna directly via whispers. They also have powers very similar to those granted by studying the 'Parallelos Path', with slight deviations. In order to interact with the ascended paralleos, they must release their consciousness from their physical bodies. They also have some control over the energy of the ascended parallelos.

Transcended don't have complete control, however. They are unable to enter any location uninvited. They also enter a state of hibernation if they have no tasks to perform. They can only be awakened from this state with a special ceremony that is kept secret by the elder children.