ARG Information
Launch Date Jan. 22nd, 2015
First GM The Man
Second GM The Guys

Johnisdead is an ongoing ARG that began in January of 2015, and has spanned across two Game Masters & Arcs.

The story began with the You Shouldn't Have Done That Arc, which followed a teenager named Douglas P. who had made contact with, and was being inducted into the Lunar Children cult. This first arc was cut short in it's production due to the GMs personal commitments, but served as an introduction to the main bulk of the ARG as a whole.

Following the end of YSHDT, the main players of the game: The Internet Detectives, discover that 3 of their players have vanished without a trace. Soon afterwards, the 2nd Arc begins: Johnisdead.

The story now follows the lives of a group of friends; Tyler, John, Jayckup, and Kevin. The first three being the members who vanished from the I.D.'s, have all met with unfortunate fates. Tyler has lost his memory and does not recall being an I.D. member, Jayckup and Kevin are completely missing, and John is presumed dead after a fire completely destroyed his home. The Lunar Children cult have obviously had a hand in the death of John, and are actively stalking Tyler. It is also assumed that they are also behind the strange disappearances of Jayckup and Kevin.


Johnisdead is inspired by the Haunted Majora's Mask Cartridge by Alex Hall (also known as "Ben Drowned", as well as an earlier fan-arg known as Remember.exe. It serves as an alternate continuation of the original ARG, with minor changes to the original story.  The first arc takes place before the Moon Children Arc of the original ARG, and the next three take place in the present day.

Affiliated  projects

In July 2016, the GMs of John is Dead brought back, a rather important website in the original ARG, while holding to the assertion that, though this is canon to John is Dead, it was not necessary for newcomers to know the history of this ARG in order to enjoy the newly-revived site.  With this, a large audience comprised of original ARG players came to play this new recreation of YSHDT.  This portion of the ARG has since ended with the dissolution of the Moon Children and Lunar Children taking place minutes into New Year's Day.